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Tea Saver - 4 Pack Mix & Match
Create your own unique blend with our organic teas and tisanes.
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Kombucha Tea Sampler Saver 4 Pack

Mix and match your organic teas and tisanes to create unique blends while saving by buying in bulk.  Select any 4 of the teas or tisanes listed below from the drop down menus.

Mix & Match Your Own Kombucha Tea Blend!

Organic Teas:

  • Assam 4oz
  • Darjeeling 4oz
  • Dragonwell 2oz
  • Green Goddess 4oz (+$2)
  • Gunpowder Green 4oz
  • Hannah's Special Tea Blend 4oz (+$2)
  • Jasmine Green 4oz
  • Se Chung Oolong 2oz
  • White Peony 2oz
  • Yin Yang 2oz

Organic Tisanes:

  • Brain Brew 2oz
  • Chamomile 2oz
  • Guardian Spirit 2oz
  • Rooibos 4oz
  • Yerba Mate 4oz

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by susan emerson, New Jersey, 08/18/2017, 08/18/2017

I love this tea saver. The flavors are dynamite. The best flavors.

Reviewed by Mark Sopkiw (Jacksonville, NC), 08/16/2017

Great price for bulk tea and the quality is phenomenal.

Reviewed by Susan Emerson (Morristown NJ), 07/11/2017

I love this family run business. Everything they make and do is 5 star. I'm so happy to do business with them.

Reviewed by Jeanne Bishop (Tucson, AZ), 06/15/2017

I like being able to order tea blends that I know will make great KT.  Thank you! 

Reviewed by Gretchen, 06/09/2017

I got White Peony, Dragonwell & 2 others that I haven't tried yet & can't remember as I'm currently away from home. All for kombucha batch brewing. I love the 2 I've tried & everything I've ordered from Kombucha Kamp, including info in general. Customer & group member for life!

Reviewed by Marcie Snyder (Berwick, PA), 05/23/2016

As a first time customer, this was a great way to try different teas to decide which I like the flavor of. I got Hannah's Speical Tea Blend, Green Goddess tea blend, Yin Yang tea blend and the Guardian Spirit Tisane. All the teas were fresh and tasted wonderful - much better for making k than any thing I've purchased from the bulk section of my natural foods store. I did find the Guardian Spirit Tisane to be a bit strong - I really could not use but a sprinkle in my tea before it over powered it.

Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY, 05/23/2016

This is a great way to try different tea's without being stuck with a huge bag yo aren't happy with. I purchased white peony which I unbelievable for my Jun, and I also got Hannah's blend, Assam, and green Goddess all four are great picks for making Jun or kombucha, or if you just want a good cup of tea. I'm looking at my next order and have a good idea of what I will get next. Thanks for giving your customers freedom of choice!

Reviewed by Patti Johnson, 07/14/2015

Wonderful value and delicious tea (as always). I decided to try my hand at making my very own "special blend" from Hannah's delicious teas! I purchased a 4 oz. Gunpowder Green, a 4 oz. Darjeeling, a 4 oz. Jasmine Green and a 4 oz. Green Goddess. NOTE: I also purchased a bag of Yerba Mate separaely to add to my "special blend." Bottom-line: These green teas are just delicious whether blended (or used individually). Personally, I prefer to blend them to get a bit of each in my daily pot of tea. Highly recommend these teas and this Tea Saver Mix-n-Match pack!