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pH Meter
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pH Meter for Sale

Why pH is Important to the Health of your Kombucha Culture

The optimum pH for Kombucha is 3.5-2.8. When the pH of the sweet tea solution drops to 3.5 or lower, then you technically have Kombucha tea - this happens within the first 3 days of the fermentation process. The pH level is important for ensuring the health and protection of the Kombucha culture. At this pH, the growth of other microorganisms is inhibited.

However, pH does not indicate if the Kombucha tea is ready to drink. Although the pH is low, the amount of sugar consumed is not indicated by pH. Therefore it is important to taste test your Kombucha to find the right flavor for you. Too sweet, continue to let it ferment. Too sour, next time reduce your brewing cycle. Here is an article about pH for more reading --->

This item carries a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase - please calibrate it as soon as it arrives and test to make sure it is a working unit. Any repair issues after 30 days of purchase are not under warranty.

**Comes with 1 sachet of calibration solution. Watch the video below to see how to calibrate your meter before the first use.**



  • Easy to Use
  • Reliable Direct Readings
  • Calibration solution included
  • 700 Hour Life Battery Included

Milwaukee's economical testers are easy-to-use and low cost instruments to measure quick and reliable pH, EC or TDS values.

Measuring electrical conductivity is the best way of checking the amount of salt or dissolved solids (TDS) in water. Milwaukee provides you with a range of pocket testers that will allow you to measure from very low to very high conductivity solutions.

All EC/TDS testers compensate for the temperature variance automatically.

Returns:  All pH meters come with a 30 day warranty from date of receipt.  Items that have exceeded the warranty period will not be eligible for free replacement.  




0.0 - 14.0 pH


0.1 pH


±0.2 pH


Manual, 1 point

Battery Life

700 hours



150 x 30 x 24 mm


85 g


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mercy, 08/23/2017

I bought the pH meter more out of curiosity than concern. I liked the KT that I was brewing and I had done everything correctly so I wasn't worried about bad bacteria. But my nephews and niece were visiting and they were very curious about the whole pH thing and so I bought it so we could test stuff out! It is easy to use, relatively inexpensive and works.

Reviewed by Mark Sopkiw (Jacksonville, NC), 08/16/2017

Great price. Much easier than reading test strips and I know when my Kombucha is ready and not just sweet tea.

Reviewed by lexpapabear (Lexington, KY), 05/18/2017

The ph is important for safety. This meter is so easy to use that I can check any time in the brewing process and insure the flavor is what I want and not to worry about unpleasant bacteria.

Reviewed by Marilyn Eaves, 03/10/2017

I am glad that I purchased the pH Meter. It is easy to use, and gives me confidence with the safety of my brewing. I used up all the pH strips that I originally got with my brewer, and I now can test freely whenever I want, without being afraid of running out. The calibration solution lasts for a long time, I keep it in an 8 oz canning jar, and calibrate fairly frequently. Having the meter instead of strips gives me a more exact pH reading (gives readings to the nearest tenth, instead of only nearest 5 tenths,) and its one less supply to have to keep in stock.

Reviewed by Carmen, 04/24/2016

This is so easy to use and calibrate. I like being able to know for sure if my bootch is in a safe zone:)  I found that I was testing it often so when I saw this it was worth the price rather than using the PH strips. I will recommend kombuchakamp to all my friends interested I brewing their own:)

Reviewed by Michelle, Texas, 03/29/2016

This product is an inexpensive and more accurate alternative to the disposable strips. I have been making kombucha for a few months, however, I needed the pH meter for a chemistry experiment my children were conducting with the kombucha. It appears to be accurate, however, I have to calibrate it weekly despite keeping the tip immersed in water. Overall, I would recommend purchasing this product from Kombucha Kamp, as they include the calibration liquid and other companies do not.

Reviewed by Emily Dean, Seattle, Wa. 11/08/15, 11/08/2015

So easy! I'm so glad I got it from K-mama! I almost bought one at the brew store, and it was twice as much $! Thanks for all the instruction, too... makes it an easy process. 

Reviewed by Linda Howell(Somerville Tn), 08/20/2015

I am so glad that I ordered this. I was having so much trouble matching the colors on the ph strips. With this meter it is so easy, just pour up a little booch, turn it on and dip. Instant reading. So much worth the price.

Reviewed by Susan, 12/31/2013

I really like my PH meter. Testing is so easy. You should consider getting this item or test strips to check your kombucha. I love this because you just read the numbers and don't have to color match strips.

Reviewed by Tammy Parker (Pullman, WA), 11/20/2013

Takes the worry out of the process, but after using it for a while I realize I was just worrying to much. If it were to die tomorrow I'd be happy and at peace enough without it. But the device is easy to use and if you worry, it will alleviate that.

Reviewed by Lily Shanks, 11/06/2013

So glad to get my PH meter. No more worries. Perfect Kombucha. I'm one happy camper. It works great. Thanks for the email video on how to use it. I greatly appreciate all your helps.

Reviewed by Marietta Bricker, 10/01/2013

The PH meter is a godsend. I only wish I had gotten it when I ordered my brewing kit! It makes things so much simpler, and I don't have to worry about checking too much and using up all of the test strips. Being new at brewing, I probably test too often, but with a little more experience I will not need to. The meter is assurance and well worth the cost. By the way, it is easy to calibrate and use.

Reviewed by Karenina, Alberta, 09/14/2013

I liked that it was easy to calibrate, well explained and pretty accurate. Love KK service!

Reviewed by Louise L (WA), 05/27/2013

I have the heating system working well & tested the pH meter this morning. Both are working well & I am happy with them.

Reviewed by Beth Orsi, 05/13/2013

This works way better then strips. Make sure it's calibrated correctly. I calibrated again after using for a month and it did need to be adjusted just slightly.

Reviewed by Theresa Byrne, 03/17/2013

As a new brewer, I feel really so much better having this great little gadget. Hannah gives so much back up support, that I feel I can't fail. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Lynn J Woodley, Oregon, 10/17/2012

I love having this tool to know where my CB is in the process. It seems as the CB gets more 'aged' that my bottling time is a bit shorter than it was when it was new.

I also LOVE that on every packing slip there is a handwritten note personally to me! THAT is a very nice touch. KK is a wonderful place to shop!

Reviewed by Michael Gervasi, Boulder, 10/02/2012

Perfect- perfect price and easy to use. It is very satisfying to know the accurate pH level.