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Tea Saver - 4 Pack Mix & Match
Create your own unique blend with our organic teas and tisanes.
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Kombucha Tea Sampler Saver 4 Pack

Mix and match your organic teas and tisanes to create unique blends while saving by buying in bulk.  Select any 4 of the teas or tisanes listed below from the drop down menus.

Mix & Match Your Own Kombucha Tea Blend!

Organic Teas:

  • Assam 4oz
  • Darjeeling 4oz
  • Dragonwell 2oz
  • Green Goddess 4oz (+$3)
  • Gunpowder Green 4oz
  • Hannah's Special Tea Blend 4oz (+$3)
  • Jasmine Green 4oz
  • Se Chung Oolong 2oz
  • White Peony 2oz
  • Yin Yang 2oz

Organic Tisanes:

  • Brain Brew 2oz
  • Chamomile 2oz
  • Guardian Spirit 2oz
  • Rooibos 4oz
  • Yerba Mate 4oz

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa Veronica, 08/16/2021

Hannah's tea blend is perfect and Guardian Spirit is the elixir of Life! I am very pleased!

Reviewed by Patricia Ward, 06/15/2021

I love everything I have received from Kombucha Kamp. Their teas are fabulous. Makes great tasting Booch.

Reviewed by Lisa Veronica, 11/10/2020

I absolutely love making my kombucha with these fragrant and awesome teas! Such healthy fun! Great service too!!!

Reviewed by Margaret M. (Arizona), 04/20/2020

I love tinkering with fermented foods and always wanted to make kombucha I know better now than later I just turned 70 and my husband who will be 80 soon fell in love with kombucha!! I love your teas and tinctures the are the absolute best ever 100 stars if that is an option!! I am on my 7th batch and proud to say I have a wonderful SCOBYs hotel I love my kombucha- yes my bottles explode with flavor and lots of carbonation but have not broken a bottle yet!!!

I am just amazed how wonderful this tea is and what it turns into who never knew that a fizzy drink could taste soooo good. Your teas are wonderful I fill up the cloth bag I got from you with tea and pour in my hot water let it steep for several hours till cool add my dissolved sugar and SCOBY and wait till the magic appears!! I never let it go more than 10 days because it gets so hot here in AZ and it is the right taste with out too much vinegar and lots of flavor.

I have not figured out how to burp the bottles yet without getting the contents all over the kitchen I have added ground up berries they don't get a lot of carbonation but Asian pears do the taste is outstanding but those bottles even half gone get froth that doesn't quit!! I have to put them in the fridge after 3 days
and pray they turn out!!

So in closing I am thankful for your company being there for us so that we can get the supplies needed for us to have fun and enjoy the splendid taste of kombucha! God Bless take care of yourselves especially with this virus going around.

Reviewed by Amy Crump, 03/02/2018

(Cortland, NY) Great way to try out several different kinds! Tea stays fresh in the bags. Will definitely mix and match some more teas with our next order!

Reviewed by susan emerson, New Jersey, 08/18/2017, 08/18/2017

I love this tea saver. The flavors are dynamite. The best flavors.

Reviewed by Mark Sopkiw (Jacksonville, NC), 08/16/2017

Great price for bulk tea and the quality is phenomenal.

Reviewed by Susan Emerson (Morristown NJ), 07/11/2017

I love this family run business. Everything they make and do is 5 star. I'm so happy to do business with them.

Reviewed by Jeanne Bishop (Tucson, AZ), 06/15/2017

I like being able to order tea blends that I know will make great KT.  Thank you! 

Reviewed by Gretchen, 06/09/2017

I got White Peony, Dragonwell & 2 others that I haven't tried yet & can't remember as I'm currently away from home. All for kombucha batch brewing. I love the 2 I've tried & everything I've ordered from Kombucha Kamp, including info in general. Customer & group member for life!

Reviewed by Marcie Snyder (Berwick, PA), 05/23/2016

As a first time customer, this was a great way to try different teas to decide which I like the flavor of. I got Hannah's Speical Tea Blend, Green Goddess tea blend, Yin Yang tea blend and the Guardian Spirit Tisane. All the teas were fresh and tasted wonderful - much better for making k than any thing I've purchased from the bulk section of my natural foods store. I did find the Guardian Spirit Tisane to be a bit strong - I really could not use but a sprinkle in my tea before it over powered it.

Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY, 05/23/2016

This is a great way to try different tea's without being stuck with a huge bag yo aren't happy with. I purchased white peony which I unbelievable for my Jun, and I also got Hannah's blend, Assam, and green Goddess all four are great picks for making Jun or kombucha, or if you just want a good cup of tea. I'm looking at my next order and have a good idea of what I will get next. Thanks for giving your customers freedom of choice!

Reviewed by Patti Johnson, 07/14/2015

Wonderful value and delicious tea (as always). I decided to try my hand at making my very own "special blend" from Hannah's delicious teas! I purchased a 4 oz. Gunpowder Green, a 4 oz. Darjeeling, a 4 oz. Jasmine Green and a 4 oz. Green Goddess. NOTE: I also purchased a bag of Yerba Mate separaely to add to my "special blend." Bottom-line: These green teas are just delicious whether blended (or used individually). Personally, I prefer to blend them to get a bit of each in my daily pot of tea. Highly recommend these teas and this Tea Saver Mix-n-Match pack!