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Stainless Steel Straws
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Reusable Stainless Steel Straws


  • 4 straws per pack
  • 8.5 inches in length (21.25cm)
  • 5mm opening
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Carrying your own utensils was probably viewed as kind of weird until not too long ago. The rare person who pulled a fork or spoon out of their jacket pocket was more of a comedy routine than an everyday occurrence. But no longer! More and more people are starting to do their part by carrying reusable drinking straws.

Did you know: Americans throw away 500 million plastic drinking straws everyday. 500 million! One great way to make a positive impact on our environment is making the switch to reusable stainless steel. Considering the growing concerns about the harmful effects of plastics being found everwhere, it's a no-brainer!

Safe for Kombucha, JUN, Kefir and Other Ferments

High grade stainless steel such as these straws are made from are the only kind of metal safe for using with Kombucha. These straws will never break or stain, they are easy clean and are dishwasher safe. They come in packs of four, with three design options: 4 straight, 4 bent, or 2 of each. They are 100% BPA free. All packs have a complimentary cleaning brush included.

You can also add the optional cloth bag for a stylish and convenient way of carrying them around. Handy to use on the go, in the kitchen, as party favors, at BBQs, or even just around the house!



  • CARRY THEM ANYWHERE: A set of four stainless steel straws. Choose between four straight, four bent, or two of each. Measures 8.5 inches long each with a 5mm opening. Fits most tumblers. Cloth bag optional.
  • REUSABLE and RECYCLABLE: Our Stainless Steel Straws are perfect for any occasion and can be recycled and reused indefinitely; Kombucha never tasted better than through a stainless steel straw, try it for yourself and find out!
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Reduce the amount of plastic waste on our planet by using these 8.5 inch long, polished stainless steel drinking straws. Many areas are now banning plastic straws as well - stay ahead of the curve with these stainless steel options.
  • GREAT QUALITY: Made of superior quality 304 Food Grade stainless steel that is durable, scratch and rust-resistant, unbendable and unbreakable.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Our straws are dishwasher safe but for a more thorough cleaning use the brush that comes with the straws and clean with soap and water.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Beth Bois, 10/21/2019

I love these stainless steel straws. I too never knew they existed until I saw them on Kombucha Kamp. These are way better than throw away plastic ones. Beth Bois (Fairfield, ME).

Reviewed by Diane Sass-Ginther, 02/26/2019

I thought it was my time to do something for our environment by getting these straws.

Reviewed by Holly Muise, Nova Scotia, Canada, 01/20/2019

These straws are great! I never even realized they had stainless steel straws until I came across them on Kombucha Kamp! I wasn't long recycling the plastic ones and so anxious to use these. Thank you for such wonderful reusable straws.
Holly, Nova Scotia, Canada