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Rose hips are an old folk remedy
Rose Hip Fairy by Cecily Marie Barker
Put the roses in their cheeks
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Organic Rosehips for Flavoring

Rosehips possess significantly higher levels of Vitamin C than citrus fruits. They also contain Vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B-3, E, K, P, organic antioxidant bioflavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, lycopene, rutin, potassium, calcium, iron and pectin. They have been used medicinally for for centuries to alleviate colds, nausea and the like.  May also be enjoyed on their own as a tisane and has a tart, crisp taste similar to unsweetened cranberry juice.



Recipe Idea:
Pair with rose petals, hibiscus or elderberries for maximum benefits and flavor.




  • Organic
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Boosts immunity
  • 1.5 oz per package, 30-40 servings



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by veronica Iturbe Guerrero, 04/13/2018

(Atlanta,GA) my daughter loves rose hips because she says that it gives her energy especially if she combines her Kombucha with strawberries and rose hips 

Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY, 05/23/2016

These rose hips are the perfect addition to my hibiscus Kombucha i make regularly. I like the flavor it gives and the extra kick of vitamin c is great to keep colds at bay, but also great for the complexion, too. I love i am able to purchase organic, free trade items from Kombucha Kamp, this the place I turn to for all my brewing needs, I trust you guys, you've been helpful with all my questions, and I have never been disappointed with an order.

Reviewed by Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl), 08/26/2014

Loved it with the hibiscus. Beautiful color and flavoring.

Reviewed by Drew, 06/27/2014

All my flavors shipped fast with my great new caps. I just bottled a batch with these rose hips so I haven't tasted the finished product yet, but the rose hips were so good themselves that I ate 2 or 3 while bottling. They tasted fresh and quality.

Reviewed by Micah Cole - Corpus Christi, TX, 03/04/2014

The Rose hips we ordered shipped quickly, and were high quality. Mixed them with the Hibiscus straight in the bottles. It was great!

Reviewed by Susan R (Michigan), 08/04/2013

Second fermentation with rosehips and blueberry produced an excellent tasting bottle of Kombucha!

Reviewed by Alicia G., 07/25/2013

These are delightful to work with. They have a slightly different taste to them but they are super good mixed with elderberries. I can't wait to experiment with them more!