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Lavender is known for its relaxing qualities
The Lavender Fairy by Mary Cicely Barker
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Organic Lavender for Flavoring

Lavender is associated with calming and relaxation.  These organic flowers may also be used for potpourri and as an herbal infusion for those needing additional relaxation.


Recipe Idea:
I use it in my "Love Potion 99" blend with blueberry and rose petals for a romantic and soothing Kombucha that is not only pleasing to the palate but also the eye.



  • Organic
  • Calming & relaxing
  • Soothes the tummy
  • .6 oz per package, 40-50 servings


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by J Huffman, MI, 03/19/2018

I love the Lavender- I used it to make Christmas presents; Eye Stress-relievers!

Reviewed by VickiMarie, 03/28/2017

My favorite flavor. I add fresh lemon juice.

Reviewed by Donna J (St.Louis MO), 11/12/2016

New to live culture ways so far lavender ginger our favorite kombucha and water kefir flavor. Also very refreshing tossed over salads:) peace

Reviewed by Debora, 11/13/2015

Very relaxing!!! I now have sweet sleep better than before!!

Reviewed by Doug Bedard (BC Canada), 10/11/2015

This flavour combined with the rose petals and the hibiscus is very nice and has become the wife's favourite for flavouring the kombuche and Kefir water.

Reviewed by Drew, 06/27/2014

This lavender tasted as good if not better than the fresh lavender in my garden. Also helped attain a nice fizz similar to ginger. I think this is my favorite kombucha flavor.

Reviewed by Sheila Riggs, Payson AZ, 06/23/2014

I just had my fresh dried organic lavender booch & is such an awesome taste to raw booch.