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Kombucha Culture - SCOBY
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Kombucha SCOBY for Sale

Every Live Kombucha SCOBY for sale is available for Worldwide Shipping!

1 SCOBY plus Starter Liquid brews 1 Gallon of Kombucha Tea

Only Kombucha Kamp offers genuine
TRUST YOUR GUT™ Living Cultures!


Kombucha SCOBY for sale from Kombucha Kamp is the largest, freshest and best


Large, Fresh Kombucha SCOBY for Sale

Just getting started with Kombucha and want to try a single gallon Batch Brew? This is the world famous Kombucha SCOBY for sale from KKamp, often imitated but never duplicated, the best culture available and guaranteed to brew. You can also choose to add a second SCOBY to your order, which is great for larger batches or sharing with friends. Each KKamp Kombucha SCOBY is large, 6 inches across, and packed in very strong starter liquid, ready to brew on arrival. Accept no substitutes!


  • 1 SCOBY Kombucha Culture - makes 1 gallon of Kombucha in the first batch, if you'd like to make more than 1 gallon right away, consider adding a second SCOBY
  • Strong Starter Liquid - at least 1 cup, packed with the SCOBY and vital for a healthy start to the brew
  • FREE SHIPPING! (in the US)
  • Short-cut Kombucha Tea Recipe, Tips & DIY Guide
  • Web & Client preferred support - Facebook, KommUnity, Forums, E-mail: pick your preferred way to get answers and we'll be there to provide them!


  • Add a 2nd SCOBY Kombucha Culture for only $15! - Why two SCOBYS? Each culture is for a 1-Gallon Batch the first time. So if you want to make a 2-Gallon Batch right away, or make Two 1-Gallon Batches right away, or want to start a SCOBY Hotel and a Batch Brew, or if you want one for a friend/family member...there are so many reasons to want 2 SCOBYs!!
  • Add a USA Made 1 Gallon Glass Jar...or Two! FREE Thermometer Strip(s) ($4.95 value each!) make this a great value, all with FREE SHIPPING! (in the USA) - If you need a high quality glass vessel for Batch Brewing or even a Hotel, we've got you covered. The included thermometer strip(s) offer convenience and accuracy and will stay attached once applied, even through the dishwasher. The strips let you know if the brew is in the right temperature range for brewing success, or if a heating solution (click for more info) may be needed. 75-85°F (24-29°C) is the best range, 80°F (27°C) is ideal. 
  • Add The Big Book of Kombucha or our 100 page Digital Guide pdf - Choose between Paperback or Hardcover for the 400 page full-color Big Book, the #1 Kombucha resource in the world with instructions for mastering Batch or Continuous Brew plus flavoring, troubleshooting, history and everything else you could ever want to know, offered at a discount! Or go with digital only, a pdf with all the instructions for Batch and Continuous Brew, basically a mini version of the book on your tablet, computer or phone!
  • Add Hannah's Special Tea Blend for Perfect Kombucha - The Kombucha Mamma herself perfected this bestselling blend, our House Specialty all organic mix of black, green and white teas plus selected herbals for the best tasting Kombucha or a delicious cup of tea, hot or cold, anytime; available in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz upgrades, each packaged in resealable 4oz bags for long term freshness even after months on your shelf, so stock up and save!


Quick Culture FAQ

Why does dehydrated matter?

While dehydrated SCOBYs may produce a safe batch of Kombucha, they are VERY SUSCEPTIBLE TO MOLD. The living culture at the center of a dehydrated SCOBY cannot properly protect itself early in the brewing cycle without the full power of the culture and starter liquid (included with your Kombucha Kamp SCOBY). Water is the source of all life on Earth. Why begin your quest for a healthy LIVING beverage with a bone dry culture?

Test tube size? That's a joke right?

Unfortunately, no. There are test tube size SCOBYs and even SCOBYs the size of a half dollar, requiring multiple batches to get up to full brewing potential. Unsuspecting consumers are duped everyday by these sellers. The worst part is that many new brewers give up, thinking they have done something wrong. It's not you, it's your starter culture!

What's a "Fresh Kombucha Culture" mean?

Every Kombucha Kamp culture is grown in it's very own jar till it's thick and creamy, then harvested to a SCOBY Hotel and stored for shipment in strong starter liquid. There is no wait for a SCOBY to grow, it's never been dehydrated, nor has your SCOBY been sealed in a box for weeks. Fresh means your culture is ready to brew on arrival, that's the Kombucha Kamp guarantee.


Ask the above questions of any Kombucha culture seller online
before investing your money in their product.

Or just order high quality Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs
and you'll already have the answers! :)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ann S (Nevada), 07/02/2019

I recently bought a KK SCOBY and brewed my first batch with it. The SCOBY arrived, looking fresh and healthy, with enough starter liquid to get it going. The batch produced one fat, healthy new SCOBY and some really nice-tasting booch. Soooo much better than store-bought! My 2nd batch is currently a few days in, and already has a nice new SCOBY forming on top, and I expect another happy brew. Also received a packet of Hannah's Tea Blend, enough for my first brew. It was good quality tea and made for a tasty batch. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Reviewed by Tim Stumpf, 06/26/2019

I recently purchased a Scoby culture for my first attempt at Kombucha, and had outstanding results with the Kombucha Kamp mother culture. This is a great product and came with easy to follow instructions. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Lindsay Bond, 06/25/2019

I just wished I bought the cultures here the first time and not somewhere else. I could have saved money. Now I don’t buy kefir and kombucha at the store which is cost a lot. My husband loves pretty much everything I make surprisingly. Thank you kombuchakamp I’m a customer for life. The only thing that I wish you sell is sourdough starter. - Lindsay (Richmond, CA)

Reviewed by Carla, 06/05/2019

Excellent healthy large scoby. Clear directions for use. Thanks!

Reviewed by Tara L (Brooklyn, NYC, USA), 05/28/2019

My large SCOBY and starter liquid arrived extremely quickly to the bowels of NYC through the worst Post Office in the country (proudly standing over 20 years I do believe!) and so I was impressed from the start. A hand-written note assured me that my order was taken care of by a responsible individual and the instructions included in the package & online for how to begin my brew process have been massively helpful on my new boocha journey. It's apparent Kombucha Kamp cares about the brewing process and wants their customers to succeed & excel with brewing. They even included a sample of their kombucha tea blend to start my first batch off. I will absolutely be a repeat customer - my only mistake was forgetting to add the stick on thermometer to my order. Next time!

Reviewed by Terri Gasparini, 05/27/2019

So happy with the Kombucha Kamp Scoby. Arrived in a timely manner. Always a bit concerned since I live in Phoenix area but all was well. I will use your cultures since I trust your products. Considering a heating mat as well. Our winters can be very chilly like this years. Thank you for the great products. Terri Gasparini

Reviewed by Marjorie Boggess, 05/06/2019

I've brewed kombucha for a while now, using a SCOBY I grew from a commercially packaged bottle. Over the fall/winter, life got overwhelming, and I stopped being able to maintain it, mostly because I was getting frustrated with it. It was always "just okay" and toward the end, it was going very acidic very rapidly. I'm all for acid, but I could've pickled veggies with that booch. I didn't have time to troubleshoot or even look up why, so I cleaned everything up and dealt with life.

Then spring hit. I wanted my booch back :D I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding a bottle with a baby SCOBY in it, hoping the SCOBY grew, and waiting and waiting and hoping everything turned out all right, so I went to Kombucha Kamp for my SCOBY. Wow- what a difference that made. So this might sound weird, but the Kombucha Kamp SCOBY produced a brew that has a lot more subtle flavors to it using the same type of tea, and not as much acidity as experienced using the homemade SCOBY. It's also gently effervescing, which I didn't get before until I did a secondary fermentation.

On the practical side, SCOBY was shipped promptly via USPS priority mail. Packaging was appropriate, and appeared to be strong enough to withstand most postal mishaps.

Thanks again :)

Reviewed by Debbie Bergman, 04/02/2019

Such a lovely SCOBY received. Service was great and shipping was quick! Thank you!

Reviewed by Linda, 03/26/2019

Just poured my 7-day brewed kombucha into my bottles. I have been brewing the tea for a few years and had to discard the scoby over a year ago. I asked around from friends for a scoby and no one had one

I was careful about the ones for sale online and just was not convinced. I wanted a scoby from a company whose main business was kombucha. Glad I found Kombucha Kamp.

My scoby looked so healthy when I received it. Now my gut will thank you for this amazing batch of tea. I plan to never go that long without my daily kombucha.

Thank you again. I am a satisfied customer.

Reviewed by E (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), 03/18/2019

Thank you do much. Of course 5 stars *****. I love kombucha but it is not available in Mongolia. So when i visited in the states, i ordered Scooby from your store after careful research. I did not immediately used the scooby due to travel etc.but now i am brewing on my second batch. I attached my first and second one. You can see baby scooby in the second photo. From the first batch, i made ginger and green apple, and seabuckthorn. But my seabuckthorn kombucha was not carbonated unfortunately but it tasted great. Probably not enough sugar i think. I will trial and error to get my own favorite recipes. Btw, I am considering a continous brewing, probably in near future :)


Reviewed by Robert Rembert, 03/11/2019

Was very impressed how simple and informative Hana makes this process! The Scooby was in great shape and now i just have to wait for my own brew to be ready! Thanks!

Reviewed by Richard N DeLiberty, 03/05/2019

I've not been making Kombucha for long. I've been doing other ferments, and was gifted a Kombucha starter kit through another vendor. That worked, but the SCOBY was an amorphous looking thing that never looked the least bit appetizing. I knew it would be a long time before it got strong and big enough to split or have babies. The NOMA Guide to Fermentation recommended Kombucha Kamp, and I'm so glad. The SCOBY from here was healthy looking and after a couple of batches was so thick I divided it. Now I have a healthy SCOBY hotel.

Reviewed by Sheree Foruria, 03/05/2019

I ordered this to start my kombucha journey. I will say I was NOT disappointed! The scoby shipped very quickly. When it arrived it was beautiful and looked so healthy. I immediately began my first brew. It grew amazingly and I had a delicious first batch of kombucha in 7 days that the whole family loves. The scoby is still going strong and brewing delicious kombucha. I will continue to use these guys for all of my kombucha supply needs. 

Reviewed by Shelley Jo Graham, 03/01/2019

Excellent scobies and amazing support❣️❌⭕️Thanks so much❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Reviewed by Keisha Maurer, 02/16/2019

I’m pretty new to brewing at home. I got a SCOBY from a friend, my second batch with it didn’t look quite right. I found Kombucha Kamp while researching kombucha, and emailed to ask if it was mold on my brew. Hannah responsed within hours and helped me. So I ordered a new SCOBY from her and I’m on my third batch with it. It came in a couple of days, was beautiful and my kombucha has been so good. I’m so happy I found this site. There is so much helpful info on here, and the customer service is amazing. Thank you!! 

Reviewed by Pete Burkindine, 02/04/2019

This is the best-tasting kombucha I've had in many years! I was unhappy with the flavor of latest one grown from bottled K, so I decided to get one from a real mother. The difference is night and day! Funky note I had forgotten is there and so essential!

Reviewed by Eva W- Alberta,canada, 02/01/2019

i Recieved a beautiful thick and healthy scoby with clear and easy instructions to follow. I just finished my first batch and it turned out great! Thank you Hannah😊

Reviewed by Alyssa Bjornson, 01/31/2019

I am now making delicious kombucha! I previously ordered a dehydrated SCOBY from another site that did not work-or I wasn’t patient enough having tried several batches but still appeared to have no growth and no new scoby formation. I am so happy to have great kombucha after my first batch and now I have two SCOBYs in my hotel! This site is also great for everything kombucha and things are explained so plainly!! I was hesitant to order from here, I saw this website before I got the dehydrated one but was scepticle because the page didn’t look as “official” as other sites so I thought it wouldn’t be trustworthy but when I saw another blog that I read link to this page as a great place to get a scoby I felt confident!! 
Alyssa (Missouri) 

Reviewed by Evangeline Childress, 01/08/2019

I am so impressed with the quality of these scobies. I have ordered multiple scobies here and they are perfect! Healthy, thick, and consistent quality. The customer  service is outstanding. I appreciated getting help troubleshooting when I had a mold problem and was looking to restart everything. I will always recommend and return to Kombucha Kamp. (Evangeline Childress Bakersfield, CA)

Reviewed by Kimberly Humiston, 12/23/2018

Reviewed by Kim Humiston 12/23/18. This kombucha culture starter and the instructions helped me start brewing . I had absolutely no trouble, and even have new baby cultures for my scoby hotel!

Reviewed by Paula Mankin, 11/30/2018

I guess you don't really need my 5 star rating as everyone agrees these cultures are fantastic. I have been doing kombucha for a while, but gave all my scobies to my friend's chickens and ordered one here after seeing my Jun culture. Wow! So healthy and have produced amazing results. Now I have a Jun and Kombucha hotel going, so will have lots to come. Thanks for your information that helped even a seasoned kombucha maker.

Reviewed by Robbie L. (Chehalis, WA), 11/29/2018

I have purchased SCOBYs here before, and they package these babies in a nice, tidy, leakproof manner. I appreciate the extra tea bag with the Hannah's Special Blend in it, too. I REALLY appreciate the customer service that has always been quick and wonderful with their responses. This is a really great company that sells good quality products. I also purchased the "BIG BOOK OF KOMBUCHA", and it's an amazing book with fabulous information and wonderful color. Thank you Kombucha Kamp.

Reviewed by Mary C. Cates, 11/20/2018

Thankyou for the wonderful healthy and productive Kombucha SCOBY and starter tea. The Scoby has already produced several bountiful and delicious brews in The month since  it arrived. I am so glad I ordered from you instead of a cheaper option online as this culture is so good. If I had tried brewing my own kombucha with a lesser product I might have been discouraged if there had been problems. It has helped me regain strength and energy after taking 9 different antibiotics for UTI and sepsis. I think it is a wonder beverage! Liked it so much I ordered the Jun culture and have been equally pleased and successful with it. Thank you again!

Reviewed by Kate Hinner, 11/19/2018

I love my scoby! It showed up thick and swimming in starter liquid. We have had 8 batches of delicious kombucha, and have split the scoby twice now. I had tried a dehydrated scoby, and that resulted in mold. This is the only scoby I would recommend. No mold issues at all. It is fun to handle the scoby too. I admit I talk to it when I handle it.

Reviewed by Ardena, 10/24/2018

So thankful to finally have a steady supply of Kombucha brewing in my home. I’m saving so much money, and I have Hannah to thank! The SCOBYs I received we’re huge! 

Reviewed by Liliana Barrera (Bound Brook, NJ), 10/23/2018

Excellent quality. Packaged securely. The SCOBY is very healthy and comes along with a good amount of starter liquid. KK Customer Service is also very helpful and answer your questions and/or concerns in a timely fashion. This is your Kombucha-Go-To place.

Reviewed by Melody S Beus, 10/19/2018

After using SCOBYs from a friend and getting mold on the second batches (twice) I emailed Kombucha Kamp and then decided to give it one more try with one of their SCOBYs and starter tea. Not only am I mold free, but my CB has fermentation bubbles! This hadn’t happened before. Very pleased with the high quality and the customer service. I almost gave up! (Melody B. Brevard, NC)

Reviewed by garden2001, 10/18/2018

I bought the SCOBY and starter kit. So far I have made 2 batches, I had a few questions and they were answered quickly . The customer service people are very helpful and I am glad I chose to use this company to get started brewing. I am still learning about the process but am enjoying the kombucha I have made. Much better that store bought. So I would recommend you to others starting out. A 5 star rating.

Reviewed by William Skirbunt-Kozabo, 10/04/2018

OK, so I am a little OCD and did a lot of research on SCOBY's once I decided I was going to try my hand at brewing kombucha. The SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast in case you're wondering, because I was) that Kombucha Kamp delivers checks off all the boxes you want when buying a SCOBY. It's healthy, good sized, and comes packed in enough fluid for your first brew and to keep the SCOBY healthy on its way to you. It also doesn't have any of the things you definitely don't want: refrigerated, dry/dried, small, etc. This is a great SCOBY to get you started and made my first brew come out great!

Reviewed by Emmanuel (Los Angeles, CA), 10/03/2018

What can I say, I'm a repeat customer for the past 6 years after attending Hannah's in-home groupon training class. Her scoby's are obviously the freshest I can find locally, her instructions are totally simple and clear, and shipment is nearly instant. Also appreciate the tasty free teabag and tea blend she includes, a nice touch. Absolutely recommend Kombuchakamp to anyone curious about home brewing- I went from not liking it at all to becoming an addict after her class. Thank you so much Kombucha Mamma!

Reviewed by Faith Williams, 09/05/2018

First time kombucha brewer here. I have had no problems with my scoby, was huge when it got here and I'm on my second batch. Trying to figure out the second fermentation to get it right. The instructions included are awesome. Thanks so much.

Reviewed by Katherine Madden, 09/04/2018

My new SCOBY was shipped to me very quickly and packaged very securely! It has been such a nice experience dealing with you guys! I still keep the instruction sheet on the refrigerator for quick reference. Everything I need to know is on there! Thank you!

Reviewed by Julie Moore, 08/31/2018

So I bought from KK because of all the great info online and support.  I had purchased from another company, NOT KK, and my second batch grew out mold.  I don't blame the company, I think it was a fault...and since I'm a newbie, I needed another scoby.  This batch made the best bucha yet!  Love it!  My hubby who does not like store bought kombucha LOVES homemade, especially the batch made from KK scoby.  Very happy!

Reviewed by Lisa Treleaven, 08/29/2018

I purchased a SCOBY and milk kefir grains from Kombucha Kamp and I was able to start brewing kombucha and making milk kefir immediately using the enclosed instructions. Both processes are working great! I love being able to look up additional information as I go in the online guides, the website or the FB group (like what to do with curds and whey and how to make kefir cheese). I've seen significant improvements in my metabolism and overall health since I started making kombucha and kefir at home- much more noticeable benefits than I was gleaning from purchasing pre-made kefir and kombucha from the store.

Reviewed by Heidi Morton (Tumwater WA), 08/17/2018

I have ordered a couple times for you: a mother and flavorings. I love the Big Book of Kombucha (I got it on Amazon to study before I found you) and enjoy my Kombucha and the many different flavors. I will be a life long customer of yours. You are absolutely wonderful and a perfect resource. Thank you for being there!

Reviewed by Ken and Hazel Fox, Missouri, 08/06/2018

My husband Ken ordered your Scoby we made our first batch it is a success! Thanks for a great product. Now to try some flavored booch.

Reviewed by Anna Sanson Barrera, 08/05/2018

Excellent product! We are newbies with kombucha and felt very supported with all the tips and information found on the website and emails.
And... kombucha tastes really good!

Reviewed by Beth (CT), 07/23/2018

I bought my fist scoby in 2014 and loved it. I heard of Kombucha Kamp in the Wellness Mama website. I love the quality. Since then I have bought 4-5 more for friends and family and they love the quality and the support the website offers. 

Reviewed by Linda-Lee Malone, 07/20/2018

I had tried to brew with 2 Scobys from other places .They did not look as good as the one I ordered from Kombucha Kamp nor did they work. With my Scoby and the Hannah's Special Tea Blend from Kombucha Kamp I am now brewing my 4th batch of Kombucha.

Reviewed by Bold Baljmaa (Rensselaer, NY), 07/02/2018

I am very happy that I bought SCOBY and stainless steel spigot from Hannah. This SCOBY was huge, healthy and beautiful and incomparable in every way to the tiny one I bought from a separate online service. I just started my CB after 3 brewing. The one I bought from the other seller would not grow much. I started my hotel even. Shipping was fast and well packaged. I am very pleased with all the products I purchased and will come back again when I need anything.

Reviewed by Lianne Perkins (Nashville TN), 07/02/2018

After reading "The Big Book of Kombucha" I decided to order my SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp. I called and spoke with a customer service rep who was so helpful answering the couple of questions I had. My SCOBY, starter liquid, gallon jar and free thermometer arrived just as I was told it would. The SCOBY was beautiful and I had a super delicious and successful first batch of Kombucha!!! I am so excited to now be brewing my own instead of buying $$$$! I had fun flavoring my first batch and my new little baby SCOBY was just perfect! Mother and baby are now working on my second batch as I type this review. I couldn't be happier with the wonderful information in the book, and the step by step directions (and delicious free tea for my first batch) I received with my order. You guys have made things so easy for me! Thank you!!

Reviewed by Nathan Bennett, 06/25/2018

I was honestly concerned if I could do this. Today my 2 cultures arrived. And vs ones that came from another vendor these things are huge. And the printed instructions left zero questions in my mind. Heck they even threw in a free tea bag to make one gallon. Online shopping is sketchy at best and we all know that these guys go over the top.

Reviewed by Shelley D., Bozeman, MT, 06/22/2018

I am so happy I found Kombucha Kamp!!! I was initially hesitant to try to make my own Kombucha because everyone I talked to said how hard it was. After some research I stumbled upon Kombucha Kamp. Hannah's website is awesome and makes the process of learning not only easy, but fun!!! The SCOBY I ordered was perfect and has produced excellent Kombucha even at colder/high altitude in Montana. Thank you so much!!!

Reviewed by Debra Janda, 06/19/2018

I am new to Kombucha. I purchased a SCOBY and tea mix after researching and finding all of the positive reviews for Kombucha Kamp. My SCOBY arrived within a few days in perfect shape. I have successfully made 2 batches and am brewing my 3rd. I have 2 babies and am starting a hotel to save them for future use. I am very pleased with this purchase !

Reviewed by Kathi Anderson, 06/13/2018

I bought a SCOBY from another seller previously, but didn’t know what I was doing and it didn’t come with good instructions!  So I wasn’t even sure if what I made could be considered true Kombucha, so I threw it out!  Then I found Kombucha Kamp and the SCOBY even looked better!  The instructions were very detailed and they are always available if I have any questions!  I am just finishing the bottling of my second batch and have a third batch brewing!  Love Kombucha Kamp! 

Reviewed by Ellen Green (Leicester NC), 06/11/2018

I am giving you 5 stars! I am not a newbie to kombucha but I did murder my original SCOBY after giving away all my babies. I had not brewed in quite a while so it was time to start again! We are up and running and on my 3rd brew. Oh how I have missed that taste! I also put a tablespoon in my chickens' water rather than apple cider vinegar. Helps keep their pH balanced especially in summer. Thanks for the big beautiful SCOBY!

Reviewed by Sarah Davis, Philadelphia, PA, 06/05/2018

My SCOBY arrived as advertised in great condition with enough starter liquid to brew my first batch of 'buch. I'm now on my third batch and the SCOBY continues to abundantly share its symbiotic goodness! Many thanks to the brewmaster Hannah!

Reviewed by Gabriella Culberson, 05/17/2018

(Albuquerque, NM) Kombucha Kamp is wonderful! They respond quickly to all my questions even before I made a purchase. I would highly recommend buying whatever you need from here. The SCOBY arrived quickly and looked great! I followed the instructions and used the starter tea for 1 gallon enclosed and it was a quick and easy process. I am excited to have a continuous brew going.

Reviewed by Belinda Kaleugher, 05/09/2018

The SCOBY was great! Just as described and came safely packaged. I'm new on the home brewing but looking forward to lots of healing and experimenting

Reviewed by Sarah Haug, 05/07/2018

I received my SCOBY quickly and was able to begin brewing! Very large and my first batch turned out great.  Presented my brew at a microbiology luncheon and everyone loved trying it! Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Cecelia Dillman, 05/06/2018

I am new to the Kombucha family of brewers. I didn't know what to expect, but I like learning new ways to improve my health. I am pleasantly surprised to be enjoying the great taste and it's also good for me. Hannah you have made this process so easy. My big healthy SCOBY arrived super fast and was ready to brew my tea. Thanks

Reviewed by Kevin McCabe, 04/24/2018

Received both of my new SCOBY. Healthy and birthing new babies and making great bucha!!!! Great source to order all your supplies from.

Reviewed by Anthony S from Michigan, 04/18/2018

Excellent quality. Awesome!!!

Reviewed by Steven L Hinsch, 04/16/2018

1. Researched "Making Kombucha." 2. More research. 3. Found Kombucha Kamp. Noted the web address. Locked on. 4. Read, & kept reading. 5. Felt like I was talking to my sister. Re-read what I previously read. 6. Ordered my SCOBY. 7. Arrived quickly, as expected, in perfect condition. 8. Followed the KK instructions. 9. Felt safe, secure, and confident all would turn out right. 10. Shared my experience with Kombucha Kamp with no less than ten people...that day. Once I posted my own wife-approved corner of our kitchen and progress of batch #1 on Facebook & Instagram, I was then peppered with questions/comments! Thank you, Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Song Boucree, 04/02/2018

The mother came in a very sturdy sealed bag.  Instructions were very easy to follow.  I didn’t realize how easy and quick it was to start my first brew.  Can’t believe I waited so long to start (10 years!). The mother was very healthy.  We can’t keep up with the consumption and now looking into doing a continuous brew.  Hannah has such great information on anything and everything there is to know about Kombucha brewing.

Reviewed by Candace H (Benton Ar), 03/20/2018

What an excellent find! My first scoby and I was thrilled, it is healthy and robust with plenty of starter for my first batch which I just recently finished and is now flavoring. There was plenty of starter liquid and there was even a small gift in the box that I was very thankful for. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Gina Robello, 03/18/2018

Love Kkamp, all products I have purchased have been outstanding!
Gina, Hilo,HI

Reviewed by Lynn B Chami, 03/06/2018

I am on my 5th batch of kombucha. The scoby I received was healthy and huge, I used it to make a whole gallon. Now I am brewing a gallon and a half and trying different flavors. My husband and I feel great and are loving our booth. I would highly recommend getting a scoby from this company!

Reviewed by Rod B (Wernersville, PA), 03/02/2018

Doing MUCH better then the first bought refrigerated dehydrated scoby... thought I'd try cheap first...I did get 5 bottles after 2 mos before mold took over....since purchasing Kombucha Kamp Scoby ...2 gallons and 8 bottles so far in 2 weeks...Thank You...luv it.

Reviewed by Rose Mary Sheldon (Buena Vista VA), 02/26/2018

Excellent service, excellent products. 5 stars all the way. I'm drinking a cup of the tea I made with your special mix right now. YUM!

Reviewed by Marco Fernandez Cruz, 02/20/2018

Great SCOBY, arrived in perfect condition and with plenty of starter liquid. I have just bottled my first batch and it looks and tastes delicious plus it has created a healthy baby SCOBY :-) Thanks K-Kamp PS: The staff are awesome too. It was a pleasure buying from this store.

Reviewed by Teresa Moland, 02/18/2018

Twice, I purchased a dried scoby from another company to start brewing my own kombucha. I had no success. My brew kept molding. When my sister recommended I start with a fresh scoby from Kombucha Kamp, I quickly purchased one from Kombucha Kamp. The scoby I received was a very large, thick, healthy scoby. This was a year ago, and I have had success ever since! I love my kombucha! Thank you Kombucha kamp!

Reviewed by Meg (Davenport IA), 02/15/2018

I ordered one of your Kombucha culture SCOBYs on 01/11/2018. I would like to give this item 5 stars. My scoby arrived very healthy and large, with plenty of starter liquid to get my first batch going. It is happily growing and has made a couple of very tasty batches, so far. I also received a bonus bag of loose leaf tea to use for my first batch. I could not be happier.

Reviewed by Mary Krigbaum, Cottonwood AZ, 01/27/2018

A couple of years ago I purchased a dehydrated SCOBY, but it never produced a baby SCOBY. Then someone said to make one from a commercial product which I did. A good friend purchased The Big Book of Kombucha and my life changed forever. I purchased 2 SCOBYS and although the flavor is great still no fizz. I’m fine with no fizz but my 1 customer is not.

Reviewed by Katrina B, 01/26/2018

I received beautiful, healthy, happy SCOBY that has already multiplied like crazy since I started brewing (with Hannah's Special blend tea). The customer support and informative links provided by Hannah are excellent and provided me enough information to be confident in diving into this adventure. Thank you! I will be forwarding (and highly recommending) your website to any and all friends interested in any extra SCOBY's I end up with.

Reviewed by Dave & Lisa Torres - Joliet, IL, 01/14/2018

What a Nice Thick Scoby. Made our first batch of Komboucha & it was Success! Best Booch ever!!!

Reviewed by Kelly, 01/10/2018

The scoby was healthy and provided a great brew that will last a lifetime. I recommend their book as well. It is filled with a vast source of information.

Reviewed by James, 01/05/2018

Going on my third batch!
Scobys have paid for them selves and my bottles. Get ready to expand my brew on as I getting quite the booch habit and would like to share more of this deliciousness with others

Reviewed by Shirley Cinti-Bible (Vallejo, CA), 01/02/2018

Everything looks great. The SCOBY are doing very well and I will be starting the Vallejo branch of Scoby Hotel soon!!

Reviewed by Lidija, 12/27/2017

Beautiful scoby! I was worried about shipment because I live in a very small town in Northern Ontario, but the scoby arrived happy and healthy! I've so far produced one delicious batch using Kombucha Kamp's brewing tea. Very happy that I found Kombucha Kamp.  

Reviewed by Clint Hollingsworth, Belleville, IL, 12/25/2017

I could not believe how big and healthy the SCOBY was on arrival. I have brewed four 1 gallon batches and have had no issues. Top notch customer service will keep me coming back for supplies.

Reviewed by Maureen O'S (El Reno, OK), 12/21/2017

You won't find a healthier, thicker SCOBY than at KKamp and the customer service is outstanding. I'm getting ready to start a 2nd brew because I love the stuff. I've bought from KKamp before and have never been disappointed.

Reviewed by Laurel Ashcroft (Lees Summit MO), 12/20/2017

I am now ready to bottle my 4th batch and it all started with that "so ugly it's beautiful" SCOBY I received from Kombucha Kamp. Thanks to a healthy culture and good instruction received from you, I am brewing Booch like a Boss! I love love love it and can't begin to adequately express my appreciation for your integrity in delivering on every promise you make! Though I'm only allowed 5 stars for rating your company, I'm sure there are an infinite number of stars in your heavenly crown. 👑 Many thanks and blessings to all of you!

Reviewed by Donna (Montgomery IL), 12/19/2017

I've been brewing kombucha for more than 3 years, receiving a scoby from a friend. Through a misshap, I lost the Scoby several months ago. I bought a dehydrated Scoby from an online company, but was not satisfied with the quality. It never made kombucha or produced a baby scoby. I found your website and ordered the Scoby with the starter tea. It arrived a few days ago and what a difference in your Scoby! It is so nice and thick and I can't wait to drink kombucha from it. The information you provided along with the Scoby was very informative. I would recommend your company to others. Thank you!

Reviewed by Tina (Austin TX), 12/15/2017

5 Stars. Great SCOBY, fresh.

Reviewed by Salam (Amman, Jordan), 12/14/2017

I can't describe my gratitude to finding this great website and being able to purchase kombucha from the U.S. to all the way to Jordan. When I first received their package I was so excited to start brewing. It's been almost a year of enjoying the benefits of this elixir. Great customer service, they are more than ready to help with any question, very friendly and helpful. I also bought their book, enjoyed every page I read.

Reviewed by Lisa Dessenberger, 12/13/2017

Best scoby on the market! I made the mistake of purchasing from another vendor BEFORE I learned about Kombucha Kamp and it was sub-par at best! I ordered one from KK and not only was it a FULL size scoby, it is producing superior kombucha. So happy I've found KK! I will continue to be a long time customer. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Sarah (Rockwood PA), 12/13/2017

This SCOBY is incredible! It arrived fast, and well packaged in a strong tea as promised. This momma SCOBY is hard at work making great tea AND a big baby. My whole family is getting a kick out of watching the SCOBY swim in the container. I pulled enough tea for one bottle (because I can be impatient) and it was a bit sweet but delicious. I’m currently developing a stronger tea but know my experience is going to continue to be great. This really is the best SCOBY on the market. Trust KKamp and order it, you won’t regret it!

Reviewed by Bernita M. (Igo, CA), 12/13/2017

My scoby arrived healthy and happy in less than a week. My first brew was a success!!

Reviewed by Chris Brown, 12/11/2017

This is the second scoby I've purchased here and I am extremely happy with the quality, fast shipping and overall great experience both times.  The scoby is super thick and all the batches I have made taste excellent! Thanks for a great company and service to the community! I also highly recommend the Kombucha book as well - what a fantastic resource!

Reviewed by Kenneth Stuber (Glenmont OH), 12/11/2017

We really like the kombucha tea, will be giving a starter to my wife's sister. Thanks again for a great product!

Reviewed by Greg Lennon (Los Angeles, CA), 12/05/2017

Kombucha Kamp has made me into a fermentation believer! I was always hesitant to start fermenting my own foods at home. I Knew of the health benefits but thought it was too much of an investment in time and effort to produce Kombucha and Kefir....I was like all those suckers out there that will pay the exorbitant price for something so simple. Then I discovered your website and have not looked back. I started with your SCOBY and the instant I took it out of the package I was thrilled how healthy it was. Six months later its still going strong.

Reviewed by Ignacio Aguirre (Chile), 12/05/2017

I'm very happy with the product :)
I had problems before making kombucha from a dried SCOBY, I wasn't able to brew proper kombucha and I didn´t get a baby SCOBY (after 6 batches), so I decided to purchase a new SCOBY. I already made kombucha with my new SCOBYS from Kombucha Kamp and the difference is clear, it is way more active and I got baby SCOBYs in my first batch :D Buying a SCOBY from kombuchakamp was the best decision ever! I couldn't be happier :D Recommended!

Reviewed by Hunter Baldwin, 12/04/2017

SCOBY showed up in perfect shape and was put right to work following the simple directions provided. Now on my 3rd batch and still going strong. Looking forward to expanding using my baby SCOBYS.

Reviewed by Peggy S, 11/27/2017

What a journey!! Best purchase for my health EVER! Thrilled with the SCOBY and remarkable Kombucha brewing adventure. My gut has never been as normal and problem-free as when I'm regularly drinking my fermented tea. I've not been too eager to branch out into flavoring and second ferments because the tea tastes so good after the initial fermentation. Thank you for the quality product that helped me start this journey!

Reviewed by Kate, 11/20/2017

I purchased SCOBY and the item came very fast. I used it for my first kombucha and successfully have created delicious kombucha !!! I will recommend this website to everybody who would like to start their own kombucha !! 

Reviewed by LaurieA, 11/09/2017

I've ordered SCOBY twice from Kombucha Kamp and it is always in excellent form and ready to roll out of the pkg. Definitely my go-to source for fermented products.

Reviewed by Abigail (No Georgia), 11/08/2017

5 STARS FOR KKAMP! Having read so much about kombucha tea, I was anxious and equally hesitant to learn how to brew it, thus began my online learning campaign. I was blessed to encounter Kombucha Kamp. KK website is delightful and informative; interesting reading. I placed my order for my first SCOBY and received it within days, packaged perfectly and safely. Clear brewing instructions were included. Through my first brewing experience I have emailed KK several questions, and they have responded quickly and given me the information I need to be successful. KK products and customer service is absolutely perfect; I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Gabriela Moreira (Brazil-SP), 10/25/2017

I received my 2 SCOBY in perfect shape, well packed, instructions and a tea bag blend.
My kombucha culture arrived healthy, big and with a strong starter liquid. Thanks Hannah

Reviewed by sheri in falcon,co, 10/25/2017

This is the best scoby ever, makes the kombucha taste so good, and it is so huge ,and healthy, unlike the one I ordered from a different company that was the size of a dime. Kombucha Momma has the best scobys! Thanks!

Reviewed by Amy Crump - (NY), 10/23/2017

After reading Hannah's book, I knew a quality scoby was important and she sure delivered! Scoby was nice and thick and creamy with strong starter liquid to get my brew going. Hannah's customer service team is very helpful with questions especially when it's your first time brewing and you're feeling unsure! Don't get a scoby anywhere else!

Reviewed by Rico SLC,UT, 10/18/2017

I received the SCOBY and immediately brewed it worked amazingly well. Definitely will be coming back for more products.

Reviewed by Karly (Sisters, OR), 10/16/2017

Love my products, love the Facebook group, love the general, got a 'booch crush on y'all!! Best regards, Karly

Reviewed by Diana, 10/16/2017

I am so happy with the SCOBY I bought from Hannah...Tried another company's SCOBY and starter set up and it failed miserably....But with Kombucha Momma 1st time was a charm!

Reviewed by Alvina Gul, 10/10/2017

This is my first experience of fermentation process. I found the culture live and healthy and could make tea successfully in the first round. I did have a couple of questions which were answered immediately and nicely which was quite helpful. I would recommend this website to my friends and I did have an enjoyable experience.

Reviewed by Melanie, 10/02/2017

My SCOBY arrived in excellent shape and with starter liquid. It was thick, healthy and ready for action. I have brewed 3 cycles with it and had no problems. 

Reviewed by Betsy Smith (Warminster, PA), 09/21/2017

I received my scoby and it was well packaged.  It came with clear instructions and plenty of starter liquid.  In a little over two weeks, I had over 5 bottles of my own Kombucha.  It was fun and rewarding to make my own healthy Kombucha.  It tastes better than the bought Kombucha, which is a wonderful bonus.

Reviewed by Casey Bueche (New York, NY), 09/20/2017

A superior SCOBY that far exceeded my expectations. I've purchased SCOBYs from other retailers that were small, slow to activate, and poor starter liquid. Kombucha Kamp's SCOBYs are mature and reliable - definitely worth the purchase.

Reviewed by Uli (Irvine, CA), 09/13/2017

This SCOBY is gorgeous, big and thick! It arrived securely packaged with a generous (!!!) amount of starter liquid. Before I finally purchased this one I used a SCOBY from another source that I purchased on Amazon and the flavor of the kombucha didn't even come close to my Kombucha Kamp brew. The extra expense is definitely justified and worth it. Thank you, Kombucha Kamp, I should have purchased from you to begin with!!!

Reviewed by Tracey (New Jersey), 09/09/2017

You might think it suspicious that there are so many 5-star reviews, but suspect no more...this is legit.
What a wonderful source of not only top-quality products but also a slew of videos and online information. Customer service was great, even a few emails back and forth were quickly and kindly responded to. I also HIGHLY recommend you buy Hannah's "The Big Book of Kombucha." Full of information, tips, and recipes, and so well presented and researched--the history of kombucha is fascinating! I'm on my third batch and am so thrilled (as is my family). The scoby arrived in perfect shape, thick and clean and has produced amazing kombucha. Delicious, creative, and fun way to help our bodies get/stay healthy. Five stars, indeed!

Reviewed by Barbie in Austin, 09/06/2017

******** + infinity stars! First kombucha SCOBY I ordered from another company just didn't quite make the cut. Am on my third batch with my Kombucha Kamp SCOBY and so far so good! Thank you!

Reviewed by Karen, 09/02/2017

I just finished my first brew and started the second. It was very easy - I'm so happy that I can now have kombucha permanently! thanks so much for a great product.

Reviewed by Ashley, 09/02/2017

WOW! This SCOBY isn't big, it's TEXAS big! Fast service, a personal note from Hannah on the invoice, and a gorgeous SCOBY. This is my first experience with making kombucha and the materials included with my order, and all of the resources available through this website, gave me the confidence to dive right into my strange new world of...floating bacteria and yeast. :) I've made dozens and dozens of bottles by now, all sorts of flavors, and am feeling quite confident about the whole thing. My three favorite flavors (so far) are tart cherry (using store bought juice), orange mango (using store bought juice), and blueberry (using fresh blueberries). Plain is surprisingly refreshing, too. I've got the fizz down to a science - I just had to get over my fear of the potential for exploding bottles. Once I do the second fermentation, I move the bottles from the kitchen to the laundry room and keep them in a box set inside the utility sink for 2 - 5 days. One day, I'll be confident enough to keep them in the kitchen (or cupboard) during the second fermentation, but until then, utility sink it is! Also, I now have two fully grown "baby" SCOBY's that have grown from the original Kombucha Kamp mother, allowing me to greatly expand my kombucha activities and experiments. I use saved GT's bottles, Twinning's English Breakfast tea, and Domino's sugar. Later, I'll get fancy. For now, I'm still learning. I will be ordering the GT replacement lids and the PH strips soon, and will move on to the fancy bottles and heating pad when I'm ready to move all operations back to the kitchen. Thanks for a great site and a wonderful SCOBY, Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Kim Barnes (Pilot Point, Tx), 08/24/2017

I received my healthy scoby very quickly & well packaged.  I was impressed with the great customer service.  I received a tea sample in a reusable bag which was a nice surprise!  I'm glad to be making Kombucha again:)  Thank you Hannah!

Reviewed by Sylvia, 08/22/2017

Got my scoby back in February or March.  Totally did not know what I was doing!  Emailed and had great support.  Got a beautiful scoby, well packaged in plenty of starter liquid.  I now have started three 2 gallon jugs and am about to try an extra scoby in coffee.  Love KK products and support!

Reviewed by Barbara Peretti, 08/20/2017

I'd never made Kombucha before and found Komucha Kamp a great learning and supply website.  I ordered my first SCOBY from KK and it arrived FAST and safely packaged - not only that - it made fantastic Kombucha.  My first brew was delicious and I'm now on to my 3rd brew.  Thanks for being there Kombucha Kamp!  Barbara Peretti - Coeur d Alene, Idaho. 08/20/2017

Reviewed by Patricia C (East Walpole MA), 08/17/2017

The SCOBY I got from you last year is still going strong, I have three hotels and have spread the joy. Thank you Hannah, I LOVE Kombucha Kamp!!!

Reviewed by Julia Phillips (Chuluota, FL), 08/15/2017

The scoby worked and I am making delicious kombucha. When I had questions about it, Kombucha Kamp was very helpful and replied immediately.

Reviewed by Tanya A. (Arizona), 08/08/2017

This product is amazing! My scoby arrived on schedule and was well packaged with no leakage. The scoby was big and healthy looking, and it has made some great kombucha and new babies! I also received clear instructions that were easy to follow, and I joined the facebook group for additional support. I would highly recommend Kombucha Kamp to anyone wanting to get started making KT or needing a quality source for scobies!

Reviewed by Suzanne, 08/04/2017

I love the scoby I got from Kombucha Kamp!!! This company has the best customer service. I have had so many questions, they give me the answers I need and are so patient with me. The scoby I received was big and beautiful. It came fast.

Reviewed by Rebecca Rothfuss, 07/30/2017

The SCOBY was delivered very fast. The product was very fresh and ready to use. I'm new to making kombucha. I've been very happy with the product and support that Kombucha Kamp has provided  

Reviewed by Brittaney York (Snohomish, WA), 07/27/2017

As a new brewer I wanted to make sure I was starting out right with a legit SCOBY. If you treat your culture right it should be the one and only you ever need to buy! This huge beautiful SCOBY is making me some delicious tea:) Thank you

Reviewed by Jessica Pollet (Norco LA), 07/17/2017

I was debating whether to get my first scoby from Amazon or this website. Yes, amazon is cheaper but sometimes quality is better than quantity. I decided to go with Kombucha Kamps scoby because I knew where it was coming from, a trusted, passionate kombucha brewer. I am on my third batch of kombucha, already brewing with new baby scoby s and loving it. Highly recommend. No issues with my scoby.

Reviewed by Pat R. (Washington, NJ, USA), 07/14/2017

My SCOBY arrived promptly and was received in excellent condition with instruction sheets. It fits perfectly in my gallon brewing jar. My first batch of kombucha with this SCOBY was wonderful! I am now on my third batch of kombucha with this SCOBY. I also have my two daughters hooked on kombucha now. My older daughter might even look to brew her own.

Reviewed by Wanda Henson, 07/10/2017

5 stars all the way around!!!!! Love your tea and the best scoby ever!!!!! Thank you.

Reviewed by Lisa F. (Estes Park, CO), 07/07/2017

Excellent product and wonderful support! Thank you for sending such a great product and for the great service and fast shipping. I also have "The Big Book of Kombucha" which I also highly recommend!

Reviewed by Chelsea Machado, 06/30/2017

My first SCOBY ever came from Kombucha Kamp and made very successful kombucha with the SCOBY, starter liquid, and step-by-step instructions which were included. Thank you for helping to make my first kombucha brewing experience so great!

Reviewed by Sharon Griffin (Newton, MS), 06/19/2017

I am totally thrilled with my purchase from Kombucha Kamp! My order arrived promptly and was packaged very well. Second, I was really relieved to read (on the enclosed instruction sheet) that the SCOBY would be okay if I didn't start it right away because things got a little chaotic about the time it arrived. Once I was finally started my first batch the whole process went smooth as silk thanks to the easy to follow instructions that came in the box! Third, while my first batch was brewing I thought of a few questions about bottling the finished "booch" so I contacted customer service and was blown away with the response I got. They not only replied, they went into great detail about the different options I had and also gave me some really good suggestions/tips. Needless to say, this gets 5 stars from me and I am definitely a customer for life!

Reviewed by Judy Badgley (Barnesville, MD), 06/18/2017

I ordered my first scoby starter kit years ago and started brewing right away. It was awesome. I am now brewing JUN and love it.
Kombucha Kamp provides a superior product and great customer service. I trust them completely. Thank you

Reviewed by Juanita, 06/18/2017

I purchased a SCOBY years ago and it produced many gallons of yummy kombucha and hundreds of thick babies I have been so impressed with I wanted to e-mail to family and friends but know they would have looked at me like I was really weird. I am back for another Kombucha Kamp SCOBY now (life got crazy and I neglected my brews for months and had no hotels) *sad-face* but I know the new one will last for years and I am excited about getting restarted!

Reviewed by Tassie Masters, 06/17/2017

Saw Hannah give a talk at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville NC. Made the whole experience very do-able. Very fast and safe delivery. The SCOBY was large and healthy. Made an excellent first batch. Got 6- 16 oz bottles out of it. Awesome flavor. Made with Hannah's special blend tea. I have the Big Book of Kombucha, so this helped with the process as well. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Jens Buad, 06/11/2017

Really thick, and survived quite well. Although it's a shame you can't grow your own mother from a store bought kombucha, it's nice that we at least have this option!

Came with a lot of directions, so that was convenient. I didn't have to print anything out, and now I have some instructions on the fridge!

Reviewed by Katherine Goble (Hammond N.Y.), 06/01/2017

Thank you Kombucha Mama for this wonderful product. I started brewing the day I received my scoby, with the excellent free tea sample you sent.  It was so delicious. I am sharing with anyone interested! Thank you again for a healthy "scoby"
Happy brewing and happy healthy gut!

Reviewed by Alexis Johnson (Houston Texas), 05/30/2017

Absolutely fantastic product. We got our scoby in quickly and in great shape! First time brewing and it was a huge success! Cant say enough about this company and this product!

Reviewed by Jaimie-Little Rock, Arkansas, 05/27/2017

I am new to brewing but am well on my way to becoming a Kombucha pro! The KK scoby and the wealth of info available from KK is great. I am on my fifth brew and each one is better than the last! Highly recommend Hanna and crew for all of your Booch needs!

Reviewed by Tammy (Fontana, CA), 05/22/2017

wonderful service and info on the website... my Scoby arrived perfectly and as described. I am on my second batch of brew. I only let my first one sit for 2 weeks before bottling, and ended up being sweeter then I like, so this batch I am going to let sit 3 to 4 weeks before bottling. I went out and bought two gallon pickle jars so when this batch is done I can start 2 batches :) I am very happy with this purchase. thank you so much!!

Reviewed by Clayton Karr (Autaugaville, AL), 05/22/2017

I have ordered three cultures from Kkamp and they have all been very large and thick. I am very satisfied. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Tatyana Belous, 05/16/2017

This scoby produced right away. Delicious!!! The shipping was fast, packaging is clean and neat, and instructions are included-written in a simple and clear format. Thank you KombuchaKamp for providing this pure organic product with integrity. LEGENDARY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Best wishes to your business! Thank you. ❤️

Reviewed by Amy (Louisville KY), 05/09/2017

I am very happy with the SCOBY! You deserve a 5 star rating.The SCOBY I bought from you has produced some of the best kombucha I've ever had. I am already brewing four gallons at a time. The SCOBY was so large and has produced several babies already. The instructions you sent were so clear and easy! Thanks so much for your knowledge and efforts! Sending good vibes and intentions your way!

Reviewed by Jessica C., England, 05/08/2017

100 stars out 5 :-) Before even ordering a SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp, you know it's going to be a superior product compared to other SCOBYs out there. If you read their incredibly informative book "The Big Book of Kombucha," it is clear to see why this is so. They know their stuff and are producing high quality fermentation products. Even living in the UK, the SCOBY made it safe in sound from California and is happily brewing away. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

Reviewed by Julie Hawkins (Athens, Ga), 05/07/2017

I love my Scoby!!! I was incredibly impressed by how fast my order was shipped (2 days cross country!), how big and beautiful my scoby was, the costumer service, quality, attention to detail with all the helpful information, AND a free tea sample to start with! This has been one of the best online shopping experiences I've had. My son (who is 5) can't get enough kombucha. We have fun experimenting with flavors and making the batches together. I am recommending your site to anyone who is interested. Best wishes, happy scoby!

Reviewed by Tim Peters (Bakersfield, CA), 05/05/2017

The SCOBY came well-packaged and looking healthy and fresh. I have been brewing with the starter for 1 month now and and am very pleased. I appreciate that the SCOBY is full-sized (~6 in. diameter) compared to other starter kits I have purchased in the past which only included a small piece of SCOBY that--unbeknownst to me at the time--were old. I am thankful for KK's commitment to providing a quality product. Good work and thank you!

Reviewed by Joanna Pinney Buell, The Dowsing Deva at Light Heart Retreat, 05/02/2017

I am happily on my second batch of Kombucha thanks to Kombucha Kamp. I am not a newbie to this healthy and fun practice, but it's been a fair number of years since my last period of brewing. I couldn't find a starter in any of the health food stores and friends who had been brewing Kombucha had stopped. I've been delighted with the service, products and information that Kombucha Kamp has provided.

Reviewed by Sandy (Pittsburgh, PA), 04/21/2017

I read so much about the health benefits of Kombucha that I decided to make some for my daughter who has chronic digestive issues. The first batch needed to turn out perfect or I knew she'd refuse to drink it. And...thanks to your very clear instructions and very healthy scoby, it did turn out perfect! Not only did my daughter love it, so did the rest of the family. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Sam (Temple, NH), 04/20/2017

All the 5 stars are for a reason. My mother came in extremely healthy condition in a good strong starter liquid. My first batch came out great!

Reviewed by Susan Desmond, Massachusetts, 04/10/2017

I bought a scoby from Kombucha Kamp. They delivered the scoby quickly, and with it came the starter tea, which I didn't realize was to be included. I truly had all I needed to start fresh. My first batch with the new scoby was a success, and my first scoby baby developed. Kombucha Kamp customer service has been very responsive to any questions I've had. I will continue to purchase things I need for my kombucha through them.

Reviewed by Chad W, 04/05/2017

Fantastic scoby. Making delicious kombucha right away.

Reviewed by Bridget, 03/31/2017

Great product! I was a little intimidated starting my journey of kombucha brewing, but all the information provided by Kombucha Kamp gave me the confidence to start. I ordered a single SCOBY but after my first batch I had already grown a very healthy baby SCOBY. I had a few questions along the way and quickly found all my answers on the website. I would also highly recommend purchasing the book that contains a lot of information as well. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Linda S.(Maple Lake, MN), 03/29/2017

The Scoby worked and came with easy to follow directions.

Reviewed by Sherri Ruiz, 03/29/2017

Received my SCOBY and the tea quickly and in great shape. I love Hannah's Special Blend. I have been steadily brewing since I received it. I have even shared a SCOBY. I will be ordering again as I want to try the Kefir. Need to have an easier way to find the review button. All in all loved the product and have recommended it to others.

Reviewed by Mary Beth Knapp (Schenectady, NY), 03/27/2017

Love your products - I'd used a dehydrated culture in the past but it never made a SCOBY like the one from Kombucha Kamp did. It is delicious! - 5 stars -

Reviewed by Cherri (Cleveland GA), 03/17/2017

I would give 10 stars if possible! I have your book, heating mat, scobys and tea, everything is exceptional! Thank you for such excellent products and also super fast shipping!

Reviewed by Kieran Glenbockie (Austin TX), 03/10/2017

I bought this as a gift to my boyfriend because he wanted to start making his own kombucha. I am so happy I decided to purchase this and from Kombucha Kamp. The shipping was fast and the quality of the Scoby was awesome!! Our kombucha is coming along great and it's growing new baby scoby's!! Well worth every single penny and highly recommend!

Reviewed by Cherie P (Stockton CA), 03/06/2017

Thank you for the SCOBY. I have made wonderful kombucha. I had tried 2 different scobies from another company and they were not a big or beautiful as the once I got from you. It makes me very yummy kombucha!

Reviewed by Lisa Childs (Boise Idaho), 03/05/2017

We moved to a new state and in the process of our packing my previous kombucha scoby went bad from neglect and contamination. When we moved and we're settled our kids were anxious for me to start making kombucha again. Still not knowing the area or people around I didn't know how I'd find a new friend who also brews to get a new scoby. I was hesitant to order online but after a lot of research into various company's, I landed on this one as safe enough to give them a chance. I ordered the kombucha scoby and I use raw honey for a lot of my baking and cooking and so I was curious to also try the JUN. both scobys came in great time and they were absolutely beautiful and healthy scobys!! I made each batch and I've already been able to share scobys with others (I made friends!!). Since I'm brewing two different kombuchas I thought I'd have too much tea around, but our family goes through this stuff like it's their life line!! I'm very glad I gave this company a chance! 

Reviewed by Bellieswtpea, 03/03/2017

Received both of my new scoby's. Healthy and birthing new babies and making great bucha!!!! Great source to order all your supplies from.

Reviewed by Darcie, 02/28/2017

Excellent products! My Scoby is great! The instructions on how to care for your Scoby and how to make Kombucha were incredibly helpful. I am on my third batch.

Reviewed by Sherri Field elmhurst il, 02/26/2017

Bought a scoby and water Kefir grains. Love, love , them! I had been buying kombucha at the stores but the cost was out of control. Have been making my own now for about a year and it has been great. There are endless flavors you can create and ways you can use the booch. I have given so many scoby's to friends and family and everyone loves it. We don't drink soda at all anymore and this is such a healthier alternative. The service and products from KK are the best! Stop thinking about it and just do it! you won't be sorry.

Reviewed by Pete D, 02/24/2017

This is the only way to get started making Kombucha!  Had first batch in about 8 days.  Tried using not one but 2 of those dehydrated Scobys.  It was a complete waste of time and money!

Reviewed by Meachelle Lawhorne (Newport VA), 02/23/2017

I purchased a scoby from this lovely lady. I have made a couple of brews. We like it so much that now I am contemplating a continuous brew. The flavor is very lovely. I think my 2 favorites are mandarin orange pineapple & pineapple mango. The scoby was thick & hardy. Thank you so much for all of your info that came with it and also what you offer on the site. I give it a 5 star rating :)

Reviewed by Nuala, 02/15/2017

Excellent customer service

Reviewed by Jennifer Huffman (IN-USA), 02/14/2017

I am delighted with my recent purchase of a SCOBY & flavor kit. ***** 5 star recommendation!

Reviewed by Sandi D, 02/10/2017

I was so pleased with the SCOBY I received. It was a fair price for a very substantial culture. It just looked very healthy from the start and has since given me a couple healthy babies for my Scoby Hotel and several very tasty batches of KT to flavor as I wish. I have since emailed with a question and I was answered right away with an easy to understand answer. I am really having fun with this hobby/lifestyle and glad I have Kombucha Kamp as a go-to advisor and source for supplies!

Reviewed by Jennie Lyra (Brownsville TX), 02/10/2017

I love the culture I got from yall, I already have 3 babies and one on the way.

Reviewed by Jennie Lyra, Brownsville TX., 02/10/2017

Already had my SCOBY for over a month now, so fun and better than my first cheap-test-tube-get-what-you-pay-for "SCOBY". The taste is so much better as well. I already have 3 babies and one more on the way. I am also trying my hand at Koumbucha sourdough.

Reviewed by Jude Stover, 02/04/2017

Yummy yummy, she came in great shape and went right into the crock kombucha maker grew to a gigantic size now and making the good stuff!!!

Reviewed by Dean K. (Duluth,MN), 02/01/2017

Scoby is great! I received it quickly and packaged very well. It produced wonderful Kombucha right away and is growing nicely in my continuous brew system. This is a great place to buy your Kombucha supplies, customer service and follow up are great.

Reviewed by deebeern, 01/31/2017

I am joining the ranks of people who rate your products 5 stars, and I am sharing with friends who are getting started with brewing kombucha. Your site had the most info and the best advice, as well as the most hearty product. (I tried others which were probably fine, but grew mold, which I have avoided this time probably through education from your site.) I am very pleased, and I am loving my home made Kombucha !

Reviewed by Julie (La Jara, CO), 01/27/2017

My SCOBY arrived during a very cold time in Southern Colorado, yet it was well packaged and in excellent condition. What a healthy SCOBY too! I have also emailed Hannah twice for guidance and she has gone above and beyond to answer my questions and educate me. THANKS!!!

Reviewed by Rika (West Perth, Australia), 01/25/2017

We are very happy with the scoby, thanks, you deserve a 5 star rating.

Reviewed by Rick Fike, 01/13/2017

We have now ordered Scobys twice from KK and the experience has always been great. High quality, delicious kombucha, and great customer service!

Reviewed by Diana Watkins (Elizabeth, WV), 01/04/2017

six batches later, still going strong

Reviewed by Patti, 12/29/2016

I have been brewing Kombucha for a few years and after having a few problems, I bought a new scoby from Kombucha Mamma. It was perfect! I am once again brewing several batches at a time. Thanks so much. The tea bags were also great.

Reviewed by Tom Barthel (Lansing, MI), 12/28/2016

This SCOBY showed up ready to do work! Thick and juicy and two batches in, I have an equally thick and juicy baby SCOBY! I'm super excited that it seems so healthy and I'm already getting such high quality brews out of it! I've fumbled with dehydrated SCOBYs before ... This is the real deal! 

Reviewed by Michelle C, 12/16/2016

SO SO SO happy with my SCOBY! Bought her about 3 months ago, and have been making amazing brews ever since. I had to pay a bit extra to ship her to Canada, but it arrived on time, packaged extremely carefully, and was well worth the shipping cost. I have struggled with hand-me-down SCOBYs in the past, and finally decided it wasn't worth it. So happy I did! Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by Tricia Fee (Potwin KS), 12/12/2016

I am so pleased with my purchase of a SCOBY from Kombucha and the email support I have received. Also really enjoyed Hannah's presentation at the Mother Earth News Fair.

Reviewed by Erinn M., 12/11/2016

I brewed kombucha for a few years before moving overseas and was trying to figure out a way to be able to make it again. I brought a dehydrated scoby with me bought from another company and after several batches failed to work, I was disheartened. I was so excited to find Kombucha Kamp. My scoby arrived in perfect condition and I was impressed by what a healthy, large scoby it was. In the very first batch it grew another (large, healthy) scoby. I'm so excited to be able to brew here and it's all thanks to Kombucha Kamp! Great customer service too, they answered all my questions in a very detailed response. 

Reviewed by Amy W (Pelham, MA), 12/08/2016

after borrowing their book (and subsequently purchasing) and learning about kombucha, i HAD to buy my SCOBY here. i had already bought a dehydrated one that did not successfully make multiple batches. this SCOBY is what you want. it brews perfect kombucha everytime and has no problem making babies and subsequent batches. i'm now swimming in SCOBYs. I also want to add that customer service is superior!! Hannah is a passionate and knowledgeable on the phone as she is in her videos!!

Reviewed by Amy V. from Denver, CO, 11/30/2016

I purchased a scoby with starter liquid to get our booch batch going! 5/5 stars! It arrived faster than amazon prime shipping ;) and came with detailed instructions on how to get started and even a bonus starter tea blend! What a great bonus! Our first batch was extremely successful, with the help of Kombucha Kamp! I had a couple questions as my brew was underway and they replied to my emails very promptly. You really can't get any better customer service and products!

Reviewed by Pam, Ogallala, NE, 11/29/2016

I'm new to kombucha brewing but KK has made it incredibly easy. My scoby arrived within a weeks time and very healthy. The instructions were easy and very complete. I was very delighted with my first batch. It tasted wonderful and even my skeptical husband loved it. TOTALLY recommend this site and it's products! Thank you KK!

Reviewed by Bonnie Martin (Michigan), 11/29/2016

I received my scooby a few weeks ago. I will be starting the third brew this week. A friend and her boyfriend want to learn how to brew. I will pass my knowledge on along with a big baby scooby :) I am blessed to have found your site and loving the healthy benefits of Kombucha. Thank you :)

Reviewed by Kathleen Reynolds (Delavan, WI), 11/15/2016

Rec'd super quick, great scoby, percolating perfectly. Very happy with service, product. And I appreciate not continually being contacted.

Reviewed by Sarah G. - Silicon Valley (CA), 11/10/2016

I got my SCOBY as a birthday present to myself. I'm glad I did! 
It came packed on the side of my package which caused it to fold over like a taco. But it bounced back to it's normal shape and has been growin ever since. I love this product and the customer service is outstanding!
My emails get answered quickly and I even got a personal call from the Kombucha Mama herself. :) 
Definitely recommend buying from Kombucha Kamp. 

Reviewed by Lisa Lotze, 11/08/2016

 I purchased a scoby and the water kiefer grains. Since my house is on the  cool side i knew it would  take longer than 10 days  for the kombucha. The kiefer water takes only 2-3 days so between the 2 I am never without my 'elixir of life'. My order arrived promptly and was in perfect condition. I have made several batches that have all turned out well.

Reviewed by Carol Siebke Grand Mound, IA, 11/06/2016

I'm so glad I got my first SCOBY form KombuchaKamp! I was a little afraid I would mess up making kombucha, so I decided to go with the highest quality possible to start this process. The culture came in great shape and I started  brewing right away. I followed the very clear directions and everything went great. It formed a baby SCOBY and the beverage tastes great! I'm glad I started my kombucha journey here and have great support for the future.

Reviewed by Stephanie McDowell, 11/06/2016

Very healthy scoby. Ready to use with no rehydrating Have had many successful batches with this scoby! 

Reviewed by Barbara, 11/02/2016

I ordered and received the SCOBY very quickly, began making kombucha with no problems at all and have been making lots of Kombucha and sharing with family members.

Reviewed by Erika (Deer Creek,OK), 11/01/2016

I ordered my first SCOBY from here it arrived in 2 days and got my first kombucha started. I was excited to even get a free sample of tea with my purchase! Even better is the amazing customer service and support I have gotten. Loved my package even included detailed instructions to help me get started off right and brewing easily!!

Reviewed by Lisa Petrillo, 10/27/2016

Fantastic!! In the midst of moving my SCOBY pooped out(sad face!) and I ordered a new one from a "reputable" on-line company. It was this sad little dehydrated thing, took me a month and a half of coddling to get going and ended up never doing anything. I threw it out in disgust. I ordered another from you... WOW!!! A beautful, happy, healthy MOIST and LIVING SCOBY, in beautiful juice. It is happily brewing away and I am happily sipping! Thank you so much for your wonderful product and great service. I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

Reviewed by Penny Lee, 10/22/2016

I've been around awhile, and cannot believe this is the first year I have learned about Kombucha. My youngest daughter shared her bottle with me in August and I could not wait to find my next bottle. Now I am on my fourth brewing batch.

I looked around at different ways to make it, and saw an offer for a free dehydrated scoby from a website that sells a lot of natural and organic items. Turns out that nutritional site signs you up for their website plan,which includes a monthly or yearly charge. Ugh!.....

I am so glad I went with a KKamp culture. It shipped quickly, looked great and well cared for. Every batch I've made with it tastes as good (most of them better) than the bottles I've bought in the stores.

Reviewed by Jen (Mesa, AZ), 10/20/2016

My first batch, with Hannah's Tea and a beautiful SCOBY, was an instant success! The included instructions were easy to follow (the book is also enthralling) and I have been gifted with the magic of brewing with a living thing. I am so grateful for the support and products found here. One week on regular Kombucha and I have had no coffee or sugar, my complexion is amazing and I have already lost weight. These were not my intentions, but I'll take it! I think the natural Vitamin B boost has lifted my spirits, too! I'm definitely a believer and this website and quality products have made it so easy for me!

Reviewed by Terry L., 10/13/2016

Started my kombucha brewing with KK SCOBY. Love KK products and all the good advice.

Reviewed by Hayon (Somerville, MA), 10/11/2016

Got this with the brewing starter kit! this was the first SCOBY i ever tried, but I had no problems with it and it got to work right away! Really healthy looking still and working away! Definitely recommend :)

Reviewed by Lee Ashford (Klamath Falls, Oregon), 10/09/2016

We are new to brewing our own booch, so after reading up on what I needed to do, I decided this was THE place to buy my SCOBY. It came very well protected, with clear instructions, and the results are excellent. I am now a confirmed Continuous Batch brewer, with an ample supply of healthful, delicious kombucha. I am very happy I went with a quality supplier, instead of the lower priced supplier of questionable quality! I heartily recommend Kombucha Kamp, and plan to buy more items as I explore the options offered by KK.

Reviewed by Basil, 10/06/2016

3 Batches in the scoby is producing at least as good as store bought kamboucha and has grown to cover my 2 gallon continuous brew container (even though I batch brew). Couldn't be happier with it.

Reviewed by Kendra, 10/01/2016

This was my very first kombucha brewing on my own. The scoby arrived fairly quickly, alive and well. I was referred to KK by a friend whom is a well seasoned kombucha brewer. I am so glad that she recommended KK!! Tons of knowledge can be found here. I also sent an email inquiring about my first batch and brew, my email was answered swiftly and promptly. I find now, that I too, will be recommending KK to all my friends and those who inquire about brewing their very own kt :)

Reviewed by Spencer Thornton (Laguna Niguel, CA), 09/27/2016

At first I bought a Scoby from a different website. It ended up being very small and weak, and didn't make good kombucha. Then I bought a Scoby from kombucha camp, and it was much larger and made much better kombucha. Thanks!!

Reviewed by Phil Bartosik (Birmingham, Mi.), 09/22/2016

I researched brewing Kombucha right here on Kombucha Kamp even before I ordered my SCOBY. Got all of my supplies ready and came back and ordered it,I received it quickly along with a tea sample (enough to brew a gallon) Thank you for that. It has been brewing for 20 days and I just had a sample and I think it is ready. My house is air conditioned so it may of been a little cool but after 10 days I saw a new SCOBY forming at the top, now I have two!!! I am going to draw off only a jar full and replace it with another jar of tea. On my way to a continuous brew. I may get a heater to help it along because my home is a little cool inside. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!!

Reviewed by Barbara Livingston, 09/17/2016

Excellent packaging and excellent product!

Reviewed by Scott, 09/12/2016

Excellent product, shipping and customer service. Top Notch!

Reviewed by Morgan Ruiz (North Dighton, MA), 09/12/2016

I could not be more pleased with what i received. Everything was excellent from the packaging, the SCOBY, to the directions that came with it. I've already told everyone who was just a little bit interested about how awesome my experience was. My first batch was AMAZING and i am just about ready to get my second batch done today as well, again i could not be more pleased. I know who i will be coming to for any future needs and where to point for anyone who is interested.
Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Luna (Columbia, MO), 09/11/2016

I ordered the Kombucha scoby and Hannah's Special Tea blend and I am now drinking the most delicious Kombucha I have ever tasted!! ...made in my very own home. The scoby was healthy and happy when it arrived and following the directions it was easy to get started. Wonderful product and wonderful service!

Reviewed by Amy (Savannah, GA), 09/08/2016

Great service and product. Love making kombucha and kids are enjoying making different flavors by adding fruit to the second fermenting.Thanks for providing this product. :)

Reviewed by Peter (Minnesota), 08/23/2016

I discovered Kombucha Kamp while researching how to brew my own KT, and another blog gave the Kamp a glowing review, so I ordered one scoby to try my hand at it. When the scoby arrived, I could hardly believe how huge and healthy it was! I'm still getting the hang of brewing, but my scoby family is growing and I quickly created a scoby hotel to keep my extras in a safe environment. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to brew their own booch at home. Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by Kate Borenz (Belleville WI), 08/23/2016

Yes! I am very happy with my order, the SCOBY, tea, and heater arrived same day. I am in the middle of my second brew, it is going well. My first batch bottled on day 12, I will brew second batch longer to make it less sweet. First batch is good- tastes like apple and grapefruit juice, tangy and refreshing. In the future I would like to try continuous brewing.

Reviewed by Linda Anderson (White Bear Lake MN), 08/23/2016

I'm very happy with your product. It worked well and tastes great. Thank you. 5 stars!!

Reviewed by Barbara Rachel (Bar Mills, ME), 08/22/2016

Great stuff! The packaging was secure and compact, the instructions clear and it worked fabulous the first time I brewed! So yummy! Plus the customer service was personal! An actually person was there to help me with a delivery glitch! Resolved quick and easy! Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by Karen S. in Santa Fe, 08/22/2016

I'd heard about brewing Kombucha from friends around the country and wanted to try, but none of them were close enough to share a scoby.  I ordered one here and am so glad I did.  Fermenting is different from other things I do in the kitchen and Hannah does a great job of guiding and  encouraging you as you get started. (Helpful periodic emails over the first few weeks).  Now after 3 months, I have a good supply of healthy backup scobys and the confidence to experiement.  My husband, who thought it was a little odd and pronounce it an "acquired taste" is now not only drinking kombucha, but is offering critique and tasting notes on each batch almost like a wine review!  :-)  I'm very happy with this purchase and considering expanding into kefir and other ferments.

Reviewed by Cindy Belanger (Weston, WI), 08/16/2016

I would give this product a five star rating! It came within a week, and was a beautiful looking scoby. I followed the directions included, and started making kombucha right away. Everything worked out well and I am an avid Kombucha brewer now. I absolutely love everything about it, from the process, to the taste, to all of the health benefits that Kombucha provides! I am completely sold out on it! I also am thankful for the KombuchaKamp website! It has the most knowledgeable and helpful and complete information about Kombucha. I also appreciate that I can email with questions and get them answered. I want to continue to learn about Kombucha and increase my brewing. I am very thankful for KombuchaKamp!

Reviewed by Will MacDonald (Bethesda, MD), 08/16/2016

Scoby came quickly and looked very healthy. I am just starting my third batch and am really enjoying brewing so far. I've been using Hannah's special blend tea as well and my kombucha tastes amazing. Thanks!

Reviewed by Jeneale, 08/15/2016

I bought a SCOBY, and started my first kombucha brew. Everything is going well, even though I live is the tropics where it is 31 degree Celsius.

Reviewed by Kenna C (Conneaut, OH), 8/15/2016, 08/15/2016

We love our Kambucha culture almost as much as we love out Jun culture. It is thriving, and working on our second batch of booch, as we speak.

Reviewed by Patrick McGinn (Westford, MA), 08/09/2016

It all starts with the SCOBY! I've just started brewing and after reading the book (which is excellent!), started with the basics and have now made several batches with success. Great products, great help, great service resulting in great Kombucha! Thank you!

Reviewed by L***a, ISRAEL, 08/09/2016

After worrying how the scoby would reach this hot, international destination, I was very pleased to see it arrived in perfect shape. Brewed my beautiful first batch of kombucha with no troubles, just that I have to ration it cause everybody loves it! Thanks for a high quality product!

Reviewed by Noelle Tirapelli (Valley Springs CA), 08/08/2016

I am happy about the actually scoby we ordered, we are on our third batch (processing to day) very healthy growing like crazy! I would definitely recommend your company. It came with a tea bag sample. Made a fabulous tea. We plan to order that tea for our Kombucha.

Reviewed by Cindy, 08/06/2016

Excellent scoby and service. My old scoby, purchased from another business, finally kicked the bucket. It was a blessing as it was time to purchase a KombuchaKamp scoby and what a difference. No more struggle getting babies. The scoby babies are healthy and numerous from the very start. A small adjustment to a different flavor in the kombucha but very nice. In fact test tasting at day 14 I found it still very drinkable something that was never possible with the old scoby. Definitely a superior scoby give it a try!!! Thanks.

Reviewed by Rebecca (Boca Raton FL), 08/02/2016

The scoby arrived on time, was healthy, and came with instructions and even a free sample of tea. The first batch of kombucha tea I made came out excellently, as has every batch since. I grew a nice sized baby scoby after my first batch, and am very pleased with the quality of the scoby and starter liquid I purchased.

Reviewed by carolyn comeau, 07/31/2016

The SCOBY thrived and I successfully made by first delicious batch. A second hearty mother formed as well. With Kombucha Kamp's support I feel confident going forward with a second/continuous brew process.

Reviewed by Winter Harvey (San Diego CA), 07/27/2016

Kombucha Kamp will always be our go-to resource for booch brewing knowledge and supplies. They provide fast, responsive service and it's obvious they are THE experts in this industry. Thanks!

Reviewed by John (Apple Valley CA), 07/27/2016

I ordered my first SCOBY from kombucha kamp and haven't stopped making batches since. Now I have more SCOBYs then I know what to do with and have given some away to friends to make their own kombucha. Thanks to kombucha kamp for getting me into making my own brew. Very delicious hobby.

Reviewed by CarolG, Chesapeake, 07/26/2016

Excellent Scoby - It has been growing for a little over a month and the baby is now larger than the substantially-sized mother I started with. I love it! Probiotics all around!

Reviewed by Jason Burk, 07/25/2016

Yep, a great product. This culture has a really nice blend of microorganisms. It produces a delightful aroma and complex taste. The culture I received is growing robustly. I have made Kombucha for about 15 years. I lost my cultures during a move and am pleased to finally have an excellent replacement. 

Reviewed by Pauline Troxell, 07/21/2016

I am new to making Kombutcha but have been buying it at my local health food store and love it. The Gingeraide one so I decided to start making my own. I purchased your tea blend and love it, and also purchased the crystalized cane sugar and a heater. I have made three batches of 2 gallons each and so far it's all perfect. I am adding dried ginger and pomegranate juice to the bottles and everyone who tries it loves it. I have started a scoby hotel so I can share with family and friends and recommended they get their products from you.

Reviewed by Monica O (Fayetville NC), 07/19/2016

I've been brewing kombucha for almost 10 years but from a grown GT bottle with no issues. About a month or so ago I finally got one from you to see if I could tell a difference. While I always had good brews from my previous scoby it just seemed some benefits was lacking. After I got your brew going well let just say I got the results I was looking for. I'm very happy with my purchase. I have beautifully brewed kombucha. Nice and fizzy and carbonated and that's before 2nd fermentation. Actually not even really needed unless I'm craving a flavor. I have since gotten rid of the GT scoby and already have a hotel set up with yours ready to make some scoby candy. Very satisfied customer!!

Reviewed by Karina Gusenkov (Bay Area CA), 07/19/2016

I'm so happy that I finally found where to get a scoby. Thankful that Wellness Mama recommended this website. I bought two and now will have four baby scobies:) I grew up drinking kombucha from small age and for years thinking where to get this scoby. Thank you for selling them!

Reviewed by Heather, 07/19/2016

I received a good sized scoby and I started brewing right away.  The directions included were clear and easy to understand for a first time brewer.  I am now on my 3rd batch and loving it!  I plan to start continuous brewing soon because my family and I are loving our Kombucha!  Thanks for a great culture and good instructions!

Reviewed by Amandyne G (Redwood City CA), 07/11/2016

Hannah's Scoby is just perfect. It is wide, sturdy and thick, and above all it makes great kombucha. Kombucha Kamp goes way beyond supplying scoby and supplies: they're prompt to reply to any questions a novice may have and they've proved very helpful so far. Thanks again :) I'll try to take good care of my scoby, but should I fail I'll definitely get my next one from you guys.

Reviewed by Anthony S., 07/10/2016

First time brewer here. My SCOBYs were in excellent condition upon arrival. Extremely easy brewing and care instructions. After 7 days of reading through The Big Book of Kombucha, I took the plunge. I am now brewing my third batch and could not be more excited writing this review. Thank you Hannah.

Reviewed by Kristin, 07/10/2016

I am so happy with Kombucha Kamp. My SCOBY arrived very quickly, and the directions could not have been simpler! I absolutely loved the reusable tea bag too- that was an invaluable addition. I'm on my second batch of booch and I've already had some new babies growing. Thank you so much for your amazing resources!

Reviewed by Cheryl, 07/10/2016

Back in 2009 I watched YouTube videos that Hannah Crum had at the time kombucha Kamp I loved everything about the videos and was so intrigued I began to make kombucha. Back then I started my kombucha scoby from a bottled brand of Kombucha. I stopped making it after a while because I wasn't sure I was doing it correctly. Here we are in 2016 and I wanted to give it a try again unfortunately using the bottle brand was no longer an option so I looked up Hannah and found that she sold the scoby online here at kombucha Kamp. I ordered my scoby and it was here within 3 days and I live in Massachusetts it was fresh it was well packaged and it was healthy. I was so eager to get started that I tracked it with the tracking number and had my tea ready when my scoby arrived that morning. I think I was a little too excited because I added too much tea and sugar I made 2 gallons of nutrient solution to the one scoby and one cup starter fluid. I thought surely I had ruined it but in fact the scoby I purchased from kombucha Kamp was so healthy it was able to catch up I did have to wait a tad bit longer but it worked perfectly with a little bit of patience. Now I am on my third batch of Kombucha with a total of two and a half gallon and with Hannah's perfect tea blend it is amazing. Thank you Hannah and kombucha Kamp for a wonderful product and giving me the confidence to give this wonderful beverage a try again.

Reviewed by Olga Goldberger (Newtonville MA), 07/08/2016

I am very happy with my Scoby, it makes great tea and produces new scobies non-stop! The tea I bought works great for me too. Thank you for wonderful products!

Reviewed by Rita Korsen (Mesquite, NV), 07/06/2016

I received my scoby in a timely matter and it has been making excellent Kombucha tea!! It was like 110 degrees outside when it was shipped to me here in NV and I didn't think it would be viable but it's perfect!! 

Customer service (via email) has been exceptional too! 

Reviewed by Len Bunce, 06/30/2016

Extremely happy with my Kombucha culture. It was big and squishy and although for my first brew I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, I followed the simple instructions that came with my purchase and ended up making a delicious fizzy batch of tea. I have only ever had store bought Kombucha and I'd say mine is just as if not more delicious.

Reviewed by Denise Kennedy (Rock Hill SC), 06/29/2016

I ordered 1 Kombucha Scoby and it arrived in timely fashion and is just great. Believe it or not I am a fermentation specialist - fermenting vegetables, young coconut water, dairy (cow & goat), other. BUT I have never made kombucha! So this was my first experience. I ordered a "dehydrated" scoby from another place. AND I ordered a live scoby from Kombucha Kamp. The dehydrated scoby did not work. Yours has worked great (and I'm still learning!). Would totally recommend your products! And your customer service has been so helpful - they've answered my questions when I reached out for help. Thanks!

Reviewed by Stacy Lundquist (Henderson NV), 06/29/2016

I bought this as a first timer, and boy is it the best idea I ever The scoby and starter tea quickly became the beginning of the best Kombucha Ive ever drank. And in the short time I've been brewing, I've gotten 2 new, healthy baby scabies to start new batches. I love this store!!!

Reviewed by Nic, Tijeras, NM, 06/26/2016

Shipping was a bit problematic, but not fault of seller. They were actually responded right away, were supportive and correct. The SCOBY did eventually arrive and I'm on my 3rd batch. Kombucha is turning out great. The bonus tea included made a really really good batch. Instructions very helpful. Would and probably will buy again from Kombucha Mama!

Reviewed by Guy Aul (Hot Springs SD), 06/23/2016

This is the first time I purchased a SCOBY and have made our first gallon of Kombucha and it worked just fine. Now brewing the second gallon. I liked the way the product was packaged and the attention to detail such as the instructions given. I highly recommend KampKombucha to anyone planning on starting this program. By the way, the Kombucha tastes great!

Reviewed by Jacqueline Morimoto (Prosser WA), 06/23/2016

Thank you for all your help and patience! I really appreciate the Kombucha Kamp website, the Big Book of Kombucha, and your customer service team. You've all been a big help to me as I learn about kombucha. It's so refreshing to deal with a company that cares about people and their health. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and scobies!

Reviewed by Jason F (Olney MD), 06/21/2016

The kombucha Scoby I received from Kombucha Kamp was exactly what you would expect a Scoby to look like, very healthy. So far, it has been awesome in the continuous brew system I also purchased from kk. I have been enjoying homemade kombucha tea everyday.

Reviewed by Tara, Kansas, 06/20/2016

Everything I've purchased from KK has been of great quality. I sent a photo in twice with questions and they were answered quickly!  This is my kombucha and Jun go-to. 

Reviewed by Deb Bauer, 06/19/2016

ordered a culture after a scoby from a friend failed. Tried Kombucha Scoby and it produced wonderful tea! Easy to follow instructions as well!! Thanks so much!!
great packing too!

Reviewed by Jonathan Bartlett, 06/16/2016

Previously I had tried Kombucha with a dehydrated SCOBY purchased at a local brewing store. It took forever to rehydrate, and brewed a few batches, then died, and never produced a baby.

The SCOBY I got here produced a baby SCOBY within *days*. I now have multiple kombucha fermentations going. Anyway, I'm very pleased with the SCOBY I purchased here.

Reviewed by Julianna (New Orleans LA), 06/16/2016

Have been brewing for a month now and already have a decent scoby baby! It was my first time brew and I used the KK instructions to get started. Loving the process! Great price, comes packaged really nicely, and ships quickly. Pays for itself after the first brew :)

Reviewed by Amy Harbison (Cocoa, FL), 06/15/2016

I wish I had found Kombucha Kamp first! I purchased a dehydrated scoby and babies it along for over 2 months before it finally started growing a baby. In the meantime, I purchased a live healthy one here and had kombucha within a week and it's been growing from the beginning. No comparison, this is the good stuff!

Reviewed by Gayle B. (Pataskala, OH), 06/14/2016

Excellent product! I ordered a SCOBY this past April and it arrived fast and was way more than expected! Very healthy and thick with plenty of starter liquid included. I have made multiple batches and every batch has been beyond expectations! I also received free organic tea and free cotton tea bag (love this..want to order more). I also purchased 3 of the organic teas (Jasmine, Oolong and Darjeeling) and love them all! I am particularly fond of the Darjeeling and have even started drinking it on its own though I have never been much of a tea drinker.
I was one who had tried a dehydrated SCOBY from another company first to save money and really regretted that decision because the teas were weak and it molded after only a few batches. I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra $ for these live SCOBYs (with free shipping..yay!) and avoiding the dehydrated for the reasons stated on this website. Not worth it! I do highly recommend Kombucha Kamp and their products! Customer service is beyond expectation as well. Quick and very knowledgeable and helpful. 5 stars to Hannah and her team! Thanks!!

Reviewed by Laura Kelly (kasilof AK), 06/12/2016

Amazing! Showed up quick, healthy and beautiful. I really appreciate that the free shipping also included Alaska, usually we are left out of the good deals:) I could not have asked for a better experience, and the support for newbies is so wonderful! I am a customer for life!

Reviewed by Sydney, 06/11/2016

I'm already making my second batch, drinking the first. It tastes great and it was so easy. Seriously, thank you for helping me have kombucha every day without going broke!

Reviewed by Megan Ludwig (IL), 06/10/2016

I purchased my scoby through Amazon (but directly from KK), and it does not disappoint. The scoby is very big and thick! I just bottled my third batch and the first two were delicious! I plan on ordering a second scoby to start brewing another gallon!

Reviewed by Sarah Smith (Poulsbo, WA), 06/07/2016

I originally started my own SCOBY from a purchased kombucha beverage... it looked fine, but I wanted some more assurance that it would last and I wouldn't have any issues. I found Kombucha Kamp in my research and so glad I did!! I am now on my third brew of kombucha and I'm obsessed! The SCOBY arrived very quickly and was perfect with plenty of started liquid--and some loose tea for my first batch! It was such a pleasant surprise! I am already considering a continuous brew set up... thanks so much!!

Reviewed by Angela Morris, 06/07/2016, 06/07/2016

Woot! Thanks, Hannah. My SCOBY arrived in perfect condition and I'm now on my third batch of delicious boocha. 

Reviewed by Kato, 06/05/2016

I tried to get my continuous brewer going by using a dehydrated SCOBY from another site. I wasted 3 months trying to get that one going. Fail. The SCOBY I bought from KK had me up and running in 10 days. Absolutely perfect. If you need a SCOBY, buy one from KK. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Mary Davidson (Philadelphia, Pa), 06/02/2016

I did a lot of research before I bought a scoby and I am glad I didn't go with just the cheapest one I found. The price is worth it just for the customer service! The scoby was a nice good sized one and the startup directions were clear. I have started my continuous brew jar and things are going great. I had a question and they replied promptly and assured me that everything was going fine. Great company and great product!

Reviewed by Lori Carlblom, 05/31/2016

I'm new to kombucha and KombuchaKamp has made it an easy start-up. The SCOBY that I ordered was in great condition and came in record time. I'd suggest buying their book for a complete guide to the whole process and social tips for flavorings. I wrote Hannah with a "hotel" question and got a response in less than 24 hrs. Can't be happier!

Reviewed by Cheryl Collins (British Columbia, Canada), 05/31/2016

The scoby arrived in quickly and in safe and sturdy packaging. It was healthy and I have already made my first batch This batch is bottled and we are just waiting to try it. The scoby has a baby forming and is now working on the second batch. This is an easy process and doesn't require a great deal of time. Most importantly, the scoby from KK is as claimed. It has been well cared for prior to shipping out to customers.

Reviewed by Rosario Riveros, 05/28/2016

I want to thanks to Kombucha kamp for the wonderful customer service! My first batch of kombucha did not get the desired taste, so I contacted customer service through an email and they helped me with a lots of information how to brewing success kombucha next time and not only that, they sent me a new scoby with the starter to try again and I am very thankful because I got a delicious and tasty kombucha tea and  a healthy baby scoby.Kombucha Kamp thank you very much for your great customer service!

Reviewed by Angie C, 05/22/2016

This purchase was for my daughter who had expressed and interest in brewing Kombucha.  She is thrilled with the results and has already bottled her 1st batch!  The Scoby arrived quickly and in excellent condition.  

Reviewed by Sue Pfeiffer (Pittsburgh, PA), 05/20/2016

Purchased my first Scoby ever.  I'm very new to Kombucha, this scoby was huge.  It's working well and seems to be an excellent product.  I look forward to many, many more fantastic brews.  Thank you!

Reviewed by Jessica, 05/20/2016

I am so glad I purchased from Kombucha Kamp!  The service alone was outstanding, and my scoby is beautiful, and producing lovely tea.  I have been, and will continue to recommend Kombucha Kamp to everyone!  Thank you!! 

Reviewed by Teresa Draper, Albany, OR, 05/19/2016

I was looking on the internet to buy a Scoby and ran across Kombucha Kamp. I read the excellent reviews and placed my order. The Scoby was health and a very nice size and also packaged very well. I used it immediately and before long I had a baby Scoby growing. I am highly impressed with the quality and performance of my Scoby and would highly recommend Kombucha Kamp. I also bought a stainless steel spigot. I have not used it, but have it in reserve in case anything goes wrong with my current one. I give Kombucha Kamp 5 stars.

Reviewed by Dawn Tippett, 05/18/2016

ALWAYS excellent quality and service!!  I got my continuous brewer 3 years ago and I ALWAYS order from KK!!

Reviewed by Debbie Lux, Santa Barbara, CA, 05/17/2016

This company is fantastic!  I purchased two scoby's and the heater with the thermostat and have successfully brewed my first batch of kombucha.  It was a very easy process because of all of the detailed and easy to understand literature and videos from Kombucha Mama.  I would highly recommend any and all products from this company.  They are high quality and the customer service is impeccable.  

Reviewed by Alison Nystrom (St. Paul, MN), 05/10/2016

High quality SCOBY. Arrived quickly in only 2 days and shipping was FREE! The best place to get your SCOBY!

Reviewed by C. Blanzy (Michigan), 05/05/2016

I recently purchased a SCOBY. I'm still a novice at this brewing stuff, but the SCOBY is excellent! I'm on my second batch and I have another baby! The first batch made one, also, and I'll eventually give some to our chickens. 5 stars. I doubt I'll ever look elsewhere for my Kombucha home brewing needs. Thank you for your commitment to quality.

Reviewed by W Cardell, 05/05/2016

If you want the best Kombucha - you want a quality scoby.  I have ordered over the years at least 3 from Kombucha Kamp and they have all been excellent.  The one I just bought developed a VERY solid baby on the first batch - amazing!  I also use Hannah's Green Goddess Tea - it tastes so good, no second fermentation is required - amazing.  I highly recommend Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Angela (New Orleans, LA), 05/04/2016

Excellent SCOBY! This is my first attempt at brewing. My husband tried with a SCOBY from a neighbor and we never really got a good Kombucha brewed. With the combo of an excellent starter SCOBY as well as terrific, simple and easy to follow instructions, I am now brewing FANTASTIC kombucha! Thanks so much - I recommend your shop to everyone.

Reviewed by Josh, 05/03/2016

I ordered a whole package to get started.  I was worried about buying a SCOBY online, but after the reviews I decided to give it a chance and I was overly joyed.  The order came very quickly with detailed instructions.  I just tasted my first batch and think I am ready for bottling.  I love this.  So much fun and can't wait for the next batch.

Reviewed by Kathleen Smith (Hamilton, OH), 04/29/2016

I purchased a SCOBY several months ago and she's been growing strong ever since. It arrived in just a few days and it was so big and thick and ready to start a jar of Kombucha. I just wish I would have purchased two so I could have been drinking and sharing more tea sooner. Thank you, Hannah.

Reviewed by Jessica Barker (Dushore PA), 04/27/2016

You guys ROCK! I can't believe how fast my order processed, and my scoby shipped! I got my scoby today, and within a couple of hours I had it hanging in some tea. I completely overlooked the special blend of tea that came in the package, as I was so excited to get started.....looking forward to using it for the next batch. I would/have recommended your company, and will definitely order from you again in the future!

Reviewed by Haleigh, 04/25/2016

I purchased my living SCOBY over a year ago and my kombucha has been better than ever! Making new SCOBYs all the time! I love Kombucha Kamp and all their customer support!

Reviewed by Cindy Mattix (Hudson, FL), 04/24/2016

I want to thank you for by perfectly healthy large SCOBY. it was delivered quickly and in great shape. I have made several batches and love the Kombucha. I have already shared 1 SCOBY with a friend and she is also enjoying it. She was so excited by the gift. I have tried different flavoring options and so far really love mixing in a little organic dark cherry juice for my second ferment. It is my favorite.

Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY, 04/23/2016

Bought this as a second SCOBY, because the first one I purchased was from someone else and I grew mold on it. 
When I purchased my kombucha SCOBY from kombucha Kamp, they provided me with so much information..especially theit Facebook page which is monitored closely for whack jobs who give crazy information out..Kombucha Kamp cultures are very prolific, I've given so many SCOBYs away, and sadly I lost a gallon jar filled with SCOBYs, but it was OK since I had another gallon of kombucha SCOBYs. I am a bit protective of my SCOBYs as they are living and I have assisted them in their life span... I wonder how long will a SCOBY live? I'm sure it's in the Big Book of Kombucha!!!

Reviewed by Joan Reed (Grand Lake Colorado), 04/19/2016

Great healthy Scoby. Perfect brew the first time. I am spreading the word!

Reviewed by Laura Cuthbertson (Calgary, Alberta Canada), 04/19/2016

Just wanted to let you know that my brewing is going well. I received the SCOBY in absolute perfect condition. I have brewed my first batch and am about to begin my second. My SCOBY has a wonderful baby as well. The directions that you provided were easy to follow and resulted in a great Kombucha batch. Thanks for the free tea and your personal touch!!

Reviewed by Sarah Mangat (Toronto, Canada), 04/14/2016

I ordered one SCOBY and it arrived in good time and I was happy to see it was exactly as described, approximately 4-5 inches wide and it came with a nice starter tea and instructions on how to brew. I bottled my first batch of Kombucha last night after letting it ferment for 2 weeks and it turned out GREAT! My SCOBY grew to the size of my gallon jar and there is a baby SCOBY growing on top! The flavour was pretty good for my first batch I think and I immediately bottled and flavoured it and then started batch number two! I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase from Kombucha Kamp and would definitely recommend ordering from them. Their customer service is also great as they replied to a couple inquiries I had at time of order very quickly.

Reviewed by Anne (Pinellas Park FL), 04/14/2016

In love with my Scooby... So easy to brew. Thank you Kombucha Mamma! I am very happy with my Scooby and my teas. still learning and experimenting with flavors. I will take good care of him for ever. My husband like it so much as well. My sister wants me to start one for her and my friend as well wants to start one and his friend as well. So my Scooby will have kids all over Pinellas Park.

Reviewed by Brandon Miller (Union Mills IN), 04/14/2016

This was a beautiful, thick and healthy scoby!!! Have been using this for over 2 weeks with great success :) I'm looking forward to my CB system really taking off. Hannah's book has been invaluable to me during this new process. Thanks ☺️

Reviewed by Brandon Miller (Union Mills IN), 04/14/2016

This was a beautiful, thick and healthy scoby!!! Have been using this for over 2 weeks with great success :) I'm looking forward to my CB system really taking off. Hannah's book has been invaluable to me during this new process. Thanks ☺️

Reviewed by Sue Allen, 04/11/2016

I'm really enjoying making kombucha.  It took about 2 weeks for the fermentation to get into full gear, but now I can take off a quart every day to drink and it turns out great.  I also really appreciate your prompt and thorough answer to the question I sent you about what organisms are in your SCOBY.  Thanks for all you do!!!  

Reviewed by Mary (Roseville, CA), 04/08/2016

Excellent SCOBYs! I've ordered SCOBYs for myself two different times about a year apart and both times received a wonderful SCOBY that produced excellent kombucha and reproduced healthy baby SCOBYs. I love the quality! The SCOBY comes with straightforward directions that make it easy for first time brewers. AND I received a sample of Hannah's "special blend" tea which I immediately used. Delicious! 

Reviewed by Pat Dean (Zionsville PA), 04/01/2016

I've been using a Kombucha SCOBYs from KK for over a year now. I've gotten a great brew every time. I also appreciate the fact that there are detailed instructions that come with each culture that makes the process easy to follow.

Reviewed by Kari G, 03/30/2016

Great product!! Very quick shipping.  Have brewed 2 batches already and both turned out great!  Also, very quick customer service response for my questions. 

Reviewed by Debbie Rice (Hernando Beach, Fl), 03/27/2016

So happy with the scoby. Should have purchased 2, but didn't. I felt one scoby was too small for my wide continuous brew vessel. I've now made 3 individual batches and feel the baby and mother scobys are large enough for my continuous brew vessel.

Reviewed by Kate M., 03/25/2016

I ordered this for my first-ever batch of KT. The culture was large and healthy, and arrived on time. I appreciate all of the extra online resources from KK - including various emails, manuals, and videos. Thanks!

Reviewed by Page Dettor (Pinehurst NC), 03/10/2016

Thanks so much for your scoby. I am on my 3rd batch and it is delicious ! I will refer you to others.

Reviewed by Carolina Laudon, 03/09/2016

I anxiously received my JUN culture and SCOBY culture after three weeks, so I was quite nervous that they would have taken damage from the traveling in ice cold weather in Scandinavia.
But I must say that I am really IMPRESSED with the QUALITY of your cultures. They are amazing. 
Within a few days they produced a baby JUN and SCOBY. The JUN KT (8-day-brew) and the SCOBY KT (12-day-brew) were the best tasting KT ever.  I have a previous sad brown mistreated SCOBY (from brown sugar) which I have adopted, which now can take a long recovering session in a SCOBY hospital (a hotel with extra service :-)). Thank you Hannah! And thank you for all your generous information at Kombucha Kamps Site. 

Reviewed by Celestia t., 03/08/2016

First time brewer. I was scared but thought I spend a lot of $$ buying kombucha.  So I thought what can I lose. So very happy with the second I ordered. It was beautiful. I began my first batch right away. Am now on third batch. The Scobey has grown and will be splitting very soon to put in hotel. Thank you for helping me on my journey to wellness. . :)

Reviewed by Candy Radford, 03/05/2016

Love my SCOBY!  It was delivered promptly and arrived in perfect condition!  Thank you Hannah!

Reviewed by Myriam Morris (Culver City CA), 03/01/2016

I will rate this product 5 stars. This is day 30 and I just poured delicious kombucha into several bottles. To think that I used to buy kombucha from the store. This is a more delicious kombucha and your culture made it very easy. I even got a second SCOBY; I can't wait to start experimenting with a second batch.

Reviewed by Drew Landis (Danville IL), 02/24/2016

I received my SCOBY very quickly after ordering, and it was the most beautiful SCOBY I had ever seen. Very healthy! This was a replacement after mine got mold, so I was already familiar with brewing. I brewed up my first batch a day or so after I got the SCOBY in the mail. Fermented wonderfully and tasted great! I immediately brewed another batch, which also fermented well. Just from those two brews, I was able to split the SCOBY and get two batches going at once. Those have just finished fermenting and everything is humming right along. Excellent product from people who clearly know and are passionate about kombucha!

Reviewed by Joan Harrison (Canandaigua NY), 02/18/2016

 I do want to let you know, though, that I very much enjoy my fermented tea. I am 84, gave up alcohol many years ago, don't care for soft drinks, and tried kombucha tea at the recommendation of one of my granddaughters, who makes it a lot. I tried a commercial product first, to see if I liked it and I really do! I made my first batch a couple of weeks ago and was very pleased with it. The scoby you sent was very vigorous and did a fine job. My granddaughter lives in New York city and came to visit in time to taste it before I had finished it all. She said it was delicious and I certainly agree. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have carbonation but was too nervous about the process to try it. I have decided I will try it with some tea this time. (I have another container in process) I have also decided to let it brew for two weeks instead of one. My granddaughter lets hers work for three weeks. It's really a great drink! As a Canadian born person who drank only tea until I'd been in the US for a decade or so, it is a great pleasure to be able to use a tea based drink that I really like. I also highly approve of the tea mix that came with the scoby. So thanks for everything, Hannah. I've enjoyed my purchase and my helpful interactions with Kombucha Kamp.

Reviewed by Jeanette, 02/16/2016

I purchased the scoby and wanted to try out home made"kombacha. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It is now my favorite drink and so easy to make!!!!!. The product arrived quick and was packaged very well. So happy to be a return customer!!

Reviewed by Kathryn Park (Gresham OR), 02/03/2016

I would like to thank-you for all of the information and knowledge that you share on your website regarding the Kombucha tea brewing process and science behind the creation. So, I have been brewing for about one year now and didn't realize that you are not supposed to put the SCOBY in the refrigerator when going on vacation. It didn't look so great when I went to brew again so I ordered a SCOBY last month from you and received a healthy beautiful new SCOBY! I always give my tea REIKI when brewing. This particular time, I held my new SCOBY still in its package and gave it REIKI before placing it in the jar and was amazed at what I saw when I took it out of its container! A heart shape in the SCOBY ❤️ Besides the fact that I'm a heart shape anything fanatic, I couldn't believe my eyes! It almost looks like it has a sweet face!  Well, it's a happy SCOBY at any rate and has been brewing great tea! Thanks also for the sample of loose tea, it's fantastic! I will definitely be ordering more of your blend again. Fresh ginger juice added for the second ferment is fabulous with that blend. My husband thought it was my best brew yet!  Thanks again for all your hard work and the knowledge that you share! I appreciate your hard work!

Reviewed by Andy H (Scottsdale, AZ), 02/03/2016

I am new to making kombucha and I'm really glad I started here. The Scoby purchase came with a great starter kit, everything I needed including instructs to get the process started. Customer support was prompt when responding to my questions. It's obvious that KombuchaKamp loves what they do and want you to be successful and love it too. This Scoby kit is as described and worth the price. 

Reviewed by Dixie Schantz, 01/28/2016

Just a note to say I'm new to the "Kombucha movement" ... my son shared the benefits w/ me & I decided to start making my own! I purchased your Scoby several weeks ago, & even though it was pricier than others, I was hoping to get what I paid for, & boy, did I!! After 12 days, I have my first batch... it's delicious, & I'm starting my 2nd. The new scoby is nice & big & I'm excited about my new hobby! A note of thanks for an awesome website for questions I may have, & tips for the next batch. I'm telling friends, & many of them already drink Kombucha, although they've never considered making their own. What a great, healthy business you operate, from one of your oldy, not moldy new customers! :)

Reviewed by Jasmine LeMaster (Timonium MD), 01/27/2016

I'd like to give a 5 star review for my SCOBY. The SCOBY arrived quickly and was very healthy. 

Reviewed by Joanne Lepp, Saskatchewan, Canada, 01/25/2016

My Scoby arrived healthy and moist. I was so excited I got Kombucha going that day, following Mama's instructions.  It has done great!

Reviewed by Mary Summa (Hunstville MO), 01/15/2016

I was very impressed with your site and education. I had been brewing Kombucha for several years but would run into legitimate mold issues in the wintertime especially. Our home is wood heated and the temp can fluctuate. Also, from the beginning of my Kombucha journey I had set up my Scoby hotel in the fridge! Yikes. So, needless to say I was having acidity problems no doubt. All my babies were then fed to my chickens, and I bought a good one from you. I was even getting ready to hand out my mold infected, low acidity babies to others. Glad I learned more. I jumped from beginner to more advanced just like that. My system is now brewing on a specific heat mat, not purchased thru you, however. I hope to one day have continuous brew. My 3 year old had a good time starting my brand new healthy brew with me and blessing it's journey. 

Reviewed by Steve (San Francisco CA), 01/14/2016

My kombucha SCOBY arrived well packed and on making my first batch, grew another baby SCOBY right away. The first batch tasted excellent, and Hannah has been very helpful in steering me to the proper technique. Highly recommended :)

Reviewed by Londin Winters, 01/14/2016

LOVE this company, LOVE my Scoby and LOVE my Booch. I've tried to make my own in the past with other companies and failed. This time it was impossible to fail with the quality product, directions and support. I'm a huge fan!!!

Reviewed by Veronica Tabares, 01/13/2016

I'd tried to grow my own from store bought kombucha but failed horribly. The scoby I got from KK was very healthy and easy to get going. Success!

Reviewed by Stella (Forest Hills NY), 01/07/2016

I really love Kombucha Kamp and love how thick the scoby arrived :D I'm fermenting a 2 gallon kombucha now and can't wait to start drinking it.

Reviewed by Loren Laughlin (Parker CO), 01/05/2016

Great SCOBY, as well as advice on how to go from batch brewing to continuous brewing. I was a little afraid to give it a try, not know exactly how to transition, but Hannah was great in quickly explaining the process and it was less daunting than I thought. Good to get advice from someone who has done it before, for sure. It’s taken off well and I also took Hannah's advice and started using half black tea and half green tea or oolong. I like the combination and I think the SCOBY likes it a little bit better also. 

Reviewed by Laura Schaeffer (St. Louis, MO), 01/04/2016

I ordered a kombucha scoby from Kombucha Kamp, in December 2015.  It appears to be a nice thick healthy scoby. It seems to be doing fine, and I am on my 3rd brewing cycle.  I began doing the continuous brew cycle, on 12-30-15, and it appears that the new baby scoby that is growing on top, is thicker than the two new scobys, from the last two batches.  (I've started keeping it warmer than I did before, so I think that is helping.)  I want to develop a one that is big enough to give away to a friend.  I hope to be  able to do that, soon.

Reviewed by Diane Uhler (Springfield TN), 12/22/2015

I ordered a SCOBY from another website and it never grew and got moldy after a couple of brews. The SCOBY I ordered from the Kombucha Mamma has been great. It increases and fermments as desired. I also order another brew belt from Kombuchas Mamma too, so between the 2 items I now have a successful brew going at all times. Thanks Kombucha Mamma for setting me up and for checking back in case I need help. You've been great!

Reviewed by Dawn(Wales WI), 12/11/2015

Love this product.  I am having great fun making Kombucha.  Directions are very easy to follow.

Reviewed by T Weber, San Francisco, CA, 12/01/2015

Fast shipping and an incredibly great looking SCOBY...working on my third brew now...still working on getting the fizz right on 2nd fermentation but contacted customer service and they quickly sent some ideas! The support alone is worth the price of this great SCOBY...take the time to explore the site...lots of fun stuff! Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Joy, 11/29/2015

SCOCBY was delivered fast and on time as promised. I have referred this site to friends and will order again. Thank you!

Reviewed by Stevann Hamilton (Escondido, CA), 11/29/2015

I bought two beautiful Scobys from Kombucha Kamp three months ago and have been harvesting my “booch” regularly. I fill the bottles (old GT bottles with Hannah’s replacement bottle caps) as we use them – two bottles/day for two of us.  I even bought those beautiful beer bottles that make for great gifts. 

Hannah’s instructions have been flawless and any issues/questions I’ve had are answered in less than a day. Her knowledge of the organisms involved, the ecology of the brew and biochemistry of the booch have eliminated any insecurity I had as I began. I’ m still reaping the benefits of my first Scoby which appears to be in perfect health.  What a relief it was to hear Hannah’s podcast through talk radio; I felt reassured that there was no contamination in my Scobey after having it for 3 months. I’m sure her coming book will do the same – can’t wait to see that! 

Reviewed by Pat Quinn, 11/27/2015

I was so worried about my 1st try at fermenting Kombucha and it worked - wahoooo! This was a nice big fat juicy scoby - I followed the directions that came with it and 2 weeks later had 6 bottles of the most delicious kombucha ever and a beautiful new scoby - our 2nd batch is brewing right now. THANK YOU!

Reviewed by Chelle N (Orange County CA), 11/25/2015

Great quality Kombucha SCOBY with clear cut instructions & free tea samples. Fast shipping too! My husband has been fighting a Peptic ulcer for over a year. He's tried all the Doctor prescribed drugs with little relief. The pain got so bad that every morning for months he would be doubled over in pain, sweating, moaning, & sometimes crying.  After making our very first batch of Kombucha his pain started to subside after only 3 days!!!!! Now after 3 months he feels great, he is off medications, and can even eat some foods that he could never eat before.  INCREDIBLE CURE & natural!!!! Can't thank you enough Kombucha Kamp. 

Reviewed by Aly Boily (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), 11/25/2015

I am very happy with my purchase. I received the item promptly and the SCOBY received was very thick and healthy. I really appreciated the free tea leaves that was included with the package. I have tried in the past using a dehydrated SCOBY that I bought at my local health food store, but I was never successful in producing a good batch of Kombucha tea. The SCOBY I purchased through Kombucha Kamp is working great and I am really enjoying the process of experimenting and learning the art of making a tasty Kombucha beverage. I also really appreciate the support I receive through the Kombucha Kommunity. 5 out of 5 stars!

Reviewed by Nydawi Jai (Stockton CA), 11/24/2015

I'm on my second batch of bootch. It's freakin delicious! !!! I like it tart, so I'm trying to make myself wait it out. It's hard. I bought some Roobios to mix with the green for my next batch.
I really really really love kombucha. I'm on a fixed income, so I'm going to have to save up so I can invest in a much larger brewing vessel. Anyway, very good quality scoby. And it came sealed, within a sealed package, with clear instructions, & starter brew. A +++ I'm extremely pleased. Cheers.

Reviewed by Anne, 11/23/2015

Beautiful healthy culture arrived within 3 days of order! I'm on my second batch and it's doing great. Love the replacement caps as well. They create a great seal on my used gt bottles.  Thanks!

Reviewed by Bill Healey, 11/23/2015

This is the second SCOBY I've purchased, and it is wonderful, very fast shipment and i needed the instructions as a reminder. I had gotten away from brewing my own. Thank you, Kombucha Mamma.

Reviewed by Renae Arnold, 11/22/2015

I bought my SCOBY from Amazon and it came quick! I am making kombucha and can't wait to make recipes I know my family will love. I have a large family with 7 children at home so I will need to make a lot, but I will most likely have to flavor it. I am bought my swing cap bottles and am excited about making some fruity "soda." Maybe I can even get my husband to give it a try! Thanks so much!

Reviewed by Rebecca Rainwater, 11/21/2015

Excellent product. Order came really fast, and the scoby was so healthy! I'm on my second batch now and totally love it. Thank you all so much!

Reviewed by Theresa B (Tulsa Ok), 11/20/2015

New to kombucha tea, I searched the web for the perfect SCOBY and am so glad I made this purchase!!  It arrived very quickly and I've now made several batches of tea with plenty of success! I've tried homemade teas from friends and the flavor from this scoby is superior.  I'm so happy with how this is going I'll be moving to a continuous brew soon!! Very pleased customer!

Reviewed by S.S., 11/20/2015

Kombucha Kamp provides great service. The scoby arrived in a few short days and that night I was brewing my first Kombucha Tea with the sample tea that was included with the order. I'm very satisfied.

Reviewed by Kurt Bender, 11/18/2015

I purchased this SCOBY and it arrived very quickly! It was packaged really nicely and I even let it stay in the package for two weeks before starting to brew and it works perfectly. The instructions and care taken in packaging it make this product extra special.

Reviewed by Virginia Salas (Mesa AZ), 11/17/2015

I will give Kombucha Kamp 5 stars for quality of product and speedy delivery. I felt especially privileged to receive a Scoby from a company that tells its customers to play music and and speak kindly to it, it tells me that the one I received was given the same loving care! I too believe they are alive and intelligent beings that are here to heal and help us. I liked the instructions, they were not only simple to follow but made the cooling process so much faster.

Reviewed by Bob Curran (Belmont CA), 11/06/2015

Kombucha Scoby came in 2 days. Established vitally by day 10. Perfect! All FIVE STARS all the way!

Reviewed by Connie Waters Bentonville, Arkansas, 11/05/2015

The product came in excellent condition and has been so easy to brew and so yummy!!! Totally happy with my purchase!

Reviewed by Raymond M, 11/02/2015

Fantastic product and superb support! You could NOT ask for a better company to do business with! Hannah is amazing and I appreciate her products and how they helped my health!

Reviewed by Kathy Brown, 11/02/2015

I was thrilled with the Scoby I received from Hannah. She was beautiful, healthy, big (appr. 6")and thick (at least 3/8 of an inch). She also sends a muslin tea bag and some starter tea. I was worried when I had read reviews on Amazon so I ordered directly from KK. I did not think anyone gave you service like this anymore, prompt, helpful. I called but, didn't leave a message or number. She called me back anyway within 15 minutes and answered my questions. That is what sold me. Tip: get and read the handbook too. It makes it all real simple.

Reviewed by Michele Zeck (Greenville NC), 11/02/2015

LOVED the tea blend for the kombucha! Going on my 2nd batch of Kombucha! =)  Thanks again for your help and awesome tea!

Reviewed by Robert Crossman (Craig,CO), 10/31/2015

Awesome product, great and prompt help when I made inquiries,. I started out making 1 gallon. it's so easy, after a couple of batches I moved up to a 2 gallon. I'm a huge fan, Thank You

Reviewed by Joanie Funderburk (Parker, CO), 10/30/2015

I have been brewing my own Kombucha off and on for about 3 years.  I've purchased three different SCOBYs online during that time and this was BY FAR the highest quality product I've ever worked with.  I received my SCOBY quickly and also got a wonderful step-by-step guide that has helped me brew my best batches ever.  A special shout out for the yummy tea sample - my first batch required water and 1 cup of sugar from my kitchen!  I can't wait to expand my brewing and knowledge with Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Shara F, 10/24/2015

I started making kombucha with the continuous brew method in September, it is so easy and fun to make. The directions were very easy to follow. Tastes great and there are so many different flavors you can make!

Reviewed by GLM, 10/11/2015

Very pleased to find a "bucha" at a great price.
Kept putting it off and you made me break down and get one. Glad I did. Great tea sample too, btw. Made my first batch with it, very refreshing.
Thank you

Reviewed by Mia Sargent, 10/06/2015

I absolutely love all the products I have received from Kombucha Kamp! I have been brewing with Hannah's SCOBYs for just over a month and I can tell they are very healthy. I love the continuous batch method, and I am so grateful for all of Hannah's support! I have recommended her products to many of my friends.

Reviewed by Dallas, 09/30/2015

Recently I ordered from Kombucha Kama. My Experience has been very positive, quick phone support and product arrival. However, the most enjoyable aspect has been starting our own brew. I started this project with my 2nd grade son, he was so excited he wrote his own "how to" book. It is fun and easy to brew at home.
Dallas, Menlo Park

Reviewed by Kathy Riggio, 09/29/2015

Absolutely beautiful scoby. Love this product. All the support that Hannah gives is wonderful as well.

Reviewed by Kathy McArthur, 09/28/2015

This culture was really great. I had ordered one from Amazon, but it didn't look very good. The one I received from here looked great and produced an awesome batch of KT. I was able to divide this culture and now have several spares sitting in a "hotel". Thank you for having such quality goods and for having an easy process to follow!

Reviewed by ROS (Midwest City OK), 09/23/2015

I am happy to recommend the products I've purchased from KombuchaKamp. Delivery was quick and products came well packaged. My first order was the Kombucha Scoby. I have had beautiful results with brewing my own kombucha and now regularly supply some members of my family who can't get it fast enough.

Reviewed by Kimberly E (San Diego CA), 09/23/2015

I am very satisfied with my purchase of a Scoby from the Kombucha Mama! It was much larger than I expected it to be and arrived safely packaged in a perfect amount of starter tea for my first batch! As long as you can get over the grossness factor of seeing and touching a live Scoby for the first time, you will be happy with this purchase : ) My first batch of Kombucha tasted amazing, and the directions that came with the Scoby were so clear and easy to follow. I am now brewing my third batch and still using the original Scoby I purchased from Kombucha Kamp. I would highly recommend this product and found Kombucha Kamp to be a reliable source with good quality ingredients for perfect Kombucha.

Reviewed by Jenessa McIntyre (Casa Grande, AZ), 09/22/2015

The SCOBY arrived quickly and even though I was nervous about the hot AZ sun hurting it, I had no reason to be. It was warm when I pulled it out of the mail box but it was well sealed and of substantial size. During the first brew it quickly produced a baby and the tea was better than any store bought I had tasted. The directions were great and made me feel confident in this new adventure. Thanks!

Reviewed by Molly, 09/19/2015

I just finished my first (ever) kombucha batch with Kombucha Kamp's scooby & it turned out perfectly!! I received great instructions & the site's overall customer support is great. Love!

Reviewed by Mike Kiessling (Black Lick, PA ), 09/18/2015

The best thing I ever did was buy a scoby from Kombucha Kamp. I purchased one from another site first (that was before I heard of Kombucha Kamp) and the first batch I made took over 3 weeks and never tasted quite like what I had bought at the store. It was thin and weak. The next batch got grey fuzzy mold all over it. I got one here and it made the most awesome kombucha ever! I'm on my 3rd batch and the baby scoby is growing larger every time. The original was very thick and healthy. Wish I would have started here.

Reviewed by Ann (Grass Valley CA), 09/17/2015

I would rate your service with 5 stars. Everything was perfect from your easy ordering, very clear instructions for brewing, your lovely tea for my first brewing to the perfect condition of the scoby. Thrilled with the process and the results! I am on my 3rd brew and all is so good. Many thanks.

Reviewed by Jack Landis (Austin TX), 09/16/2015

I can't believe it's been close to 8 months now that I have been brewing.
Product was perfect and has been have had great results for many months now.

Reviewed by Robb Packer piledriver, 09/09/2015

Super great packaging, super simple to make Kombucha with! I'll be sending all friends to this site if they want to purchase a scoby. perfect party!

Reviewed by Shannon Colorado Springs, CO, 09/07/2015

I am successfully brewing my third batch. SCOBY arrived quickly. Any question I could have possibly asked was answered with the included instructions. I highly recommend!

Reviewed by Paige, 08/19/2015

I am brand new to kombucha brewing, and so I bought a Kombucha Kamp scoby because they had great online reviews. It came with easy to follow instructions, and even a free tea bag with her special tea blend! I have been brewing for several weeks now, and have created new baby scobys and made lots of delicious kombucha. Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Monya, 08/09/2015

I love my SCOBY!!! I was nervous when I started but I just followed the directions that came with my SCOBY and it has worked like a charm. Now I have many baby SCOBies! Yay!

Reviewed by Jeanne Miller, 07/20/2015

I have purchased a few scoby's. First for my one gallon brewer & then two more for my CB. They get the brew off the right way by folowing Hannah's instructions. I am so happy to have found kombucha kamp & buy Hannah's products!!! Thank you! I have delicious kombucha because of Hannah!

Reviewed by slcresie, 07/15/2015

You sent my kombucha baby about a month ago. It arrived safe and sound in excellent packaging. I jumped right in to continuous brewing and had my first batch mature a few days ago. Delicious! Excellent service and products.

Reviewed by Eva Lindquist (South Park CO), 07/14/2015

5/5 stars!!! Extremely healthy culture that was delivered super fast and has provided us with many gallons of delicious kombucha!!! I would recommend this purchase to anyone!

Reviewed by Craig Volesky (Swisher IA), 07/13/2015

I got a scoby from you about 8 months ago and it has been a wonderful success!

Reviewed by Amy Edwards (Bristow, VA), 07/08/2015

Just bottled my third batch and started my SCOBY Hotel. The SCOBY that I was mailed was perfect and the clarity of the instructions could not have been better! All my questions (is it too hot? how do I start, how do I get answers to so many of my questions?)were right there with the order. I love this product and recommend it to everyone to use. I had never made Kombucha and did not have anyone to encourage me, but emails, website and material provided did it all! Best product ever! Thank you!

Reviewed by Gabby Bryant, 06/24/2015

Love this product! I became obsessed with kombucha on my recent trip to Bali and Kombucha Kamp made it SO easy to get started with my own brewing! The SCOBY I received was nice and healthy and the directions in the package were so easy to follow. I'm currently on my second wonderful batch and loving it. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Yana B (New York NY), 06/20/2015

I am overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you so much for showing us a wonderful world of kombucha. First time i tried GT’s brand of kombucha about half a year ago when it was introduced by local Target. Yes, we get everything late here in NY. That was the love from the first sight! I knew right away that i have to start making it myself, but you made it so much easier! I jumped right into continuous brewing and i can’t get enough of it. I passed your information to all my friends and family around the world! Personally, i think it is a life savior! I was always fit, but since i started consuming kombucha every day i’ve lost 4 pounds. I just never get hungry anymore. I completely stopped snacking after 4PM (you know, these cravings for something sweet). I feel blessed that i can share it with everyone around me. If i could give you a thousand stars - that wouldn’t be enough. If maximum is 5 - so be it. THANK YOU!

Reviewed by Jason Seremet, 06/19/2015

Top quality SCOBY! Great instructions included, well packaged, quick shipping, and BONUS - a sample of KK's favorite loose-leaf blend. My first batch turned out amazing and produced an offspring of similar size. 5 Stars all the way!

Reviewed by George Janis, 06/11/2015

I needed a fresh scoby to increase my production and after some research, ordered from KK - arrived very quickly and was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect condition and has provided multiple batches of delicious Kombucha - and babies!

Reviewed by Juli Maher, 06/11/2015

Great product! On my fourth batch nd gearing up for continuous brew

Reviewed by Allyson, 06/01/2015

First time kombucha brewer and couldn't be happier with the SCOBY i received! My order was delivered fast and a handwritten note made it even more special :) I brewed about a week after delivery with no problems. After 3 weeks of fermenting (i like it bubbly!) a super healthy daughter had already formed. Awesome specimen, awesome and easy brewing directions and lots of TLC included. A definite recommendation!

Reviewed by dixiedld, 05/26/2015

Purchased the single SCOBY to get started. Fast shipping with all the details to get started, even a bag of Hannah's special tea blend. My wife and I are hooked!

Reviewed by Karen Parker, Ct., 05/25/2015

I was gifted a scoby 2 years ago from a friend. It worked well and tasted quite good, but became tired and I decided it was time to buy a Kombucha Kamp scoby. It is without a doubt the best kombucha I have ever had! I would recommend this product to anyone starting out or needing a new scoby. You have a wonderful site, filled with great information. I appreciate the "personal touch" given to us, the costumers. A big hug and thank you to Hannah and her team :-)

Reviewed by Sara Law, 05/12/2015

I purchased this during the winter, and it still arrived safe and sound - just a little cold. I was a concerned that the SCOBY would freeze, but Hannah assured me that it would be fine, just to leave the package sitting at room temperature for a day or so before brewing. Her instructions were clear and very easy to follow, and the KT turned out wonderfully. I also purchased the Essential Heating Strip since it is usually cold in my apartment. I'm really happy with my purchase. After over a year of brewing consistently, I'm still using the baby SCOBYs from the first mother. Great product, and the customer service is fantastic. Thanks, Hannah!

Reviewed by Jen Bator (Oakland, Ca), 05/10/2015

I love my scoby and I love making Kombucha! It took a bit of practice but now I'm brewing like a pro! I really appreciate how quickly it came to me and all of your helpful videos! Thanks so much for all that you do.

Reviewed by Dana (Virginia Beach VA), 05/07/2015

My kombucha tea is delicious. I have 2 [SCOBY] now. Love [my] products. Keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Mary, 05/05/2015

Fantastic experience with Kombucha Kamp. The Scoby arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I've made several brews with it and it's created great kombucha. Hanna, your business is a model of efficiency. Thanks!

Reviewed by Katey, 05/04/2015

I ordered a dehydrated SCOBY online for around $15 about a month ago. It arrived tiny and brittle to the touch with no starter liquid. I started reading online about the many difficulties KT brewers often run into with dehydrated SCOBYs and decided to order a SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp after reading Jennifer's blog post about kombucha at Nourished Kitchen. The SCOBY I got from Kombucha Kamp was MASSIVE, thick, and so, so healthy. Absolutely worth it, don't bother with cheaper, dehydrated cultures.

Reviewed by Rebecca R Oldsmar, FL, 05/02/2015

Excellent product! The best Kombucha I have ever made!! So fun the experiment with flavors. Instructions are very easy to follow and the support is awesome. You are awesome, Hannah

Reviewed by Kim B (Cedarburg, WI), 04/23/2015

HOLY SCOBY!! My huge, thick, healthy, amazing scoby arrived, expertly packaged, with plenty of starter liquid, just 2 days after I placed my order. WOW!! No excuses not to have a wonderful full brew. Hannah delivers exceptional products, service and results. If you are still debating about your order, stop and place your order. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Hannah! I'm now a devoted Kombucha Kamp sponsor, I will only buy from Hannah. Thank you. Kim

Reviewed by Kim S., 04/22/2015

Scoby arrived healthy and well packaged with clear instructions. Excellent service. Thank you, Hannah!

Reviewed by Ben G (Liverpool TX), 04/21/2015

I purchased a single, live kombucha mother and am very satisfied. I am especially grateful for the quick and accurate customer service I received when I was unsure if I was brewing correctly.

Reviewed by Linda Noble, 04/17/2015

I wanted to let you know that my brewing is going great! I did 3 brews w/ my KK scoby, then split it off for some experimental batches, the original brew & the new ones are all looking good. I've learned so much from the info on your website, thanks for all the support & encouragement. I'm enjoying my adventures in brewing. Thank you.

Reviewed by andrea eubanks, 04/14/2015

i purchased a single live SCOBY a week and a half ago. after two days, it grew a baby SCOBY and then a piggyback SCOBY. i decanted and rebottled 5 bottles when i started a batch on sunday, and right now, i am enjoying an awesome fizzy Ginger 'Booch that i made! I am so excited! thank you Hannah for your wisdom and a great product.

Reviewed by Deena Jalal (Brighton MA), 04/09/2015

I was delighted when my kit arrived in the mail, and promptly put together my continuous brew-system. It is only been a couple of weeks, but I am thoroughly enjoying a regular supply of yummy Kombucha. I was excited to see that the Scoby also came with some starter, as well as tea. There were very clear instructions on how to proceed, and my first batch came out great! No more four dollar bottles of Kombucha for me :-) Thanks so much for everything!

Reviewed by Alia O'Connell (Ashland OR), 04/07/2015

You get your money's worth! The SCOBY that came in the mail was HUGE, and it went on to produce an equally huge baby SCOBY. I never expected the first batch to produce such a big baby, so I was very pleasantly surprised! I waited 3 weeks to drink the Kombucha, but the stuff seemed ready enough after only 1 week. Excellent product! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Gail West, 04/06/2015

Great product, great customer service! Thank you! I recommend your website (and company) to people who want info on Kombucha brewing.

Reviewed by Elliott, 04/06/2015

This was my 1st SCOBY & it grew rapidly & my 1st batch made with it & Hannah's blend tea is better than any I've bought. The SCOBY is already made 2 more.

Reviewed by Christine Wilcox (Anchorage AK), 03/31/2015

My Kombucha starter is awesome. It worked perfectly. I am so thrilled. So easy. And the instructions are very straightforward. We are loving our Kombucha. Definitely a 5 star product and service.

Reviewed by Gayla Guthrie (Johnson City TX), 03/31/2015

Thank you so much for all your help!! I have learned so much from your site.

Reviewed by Darlene Foreback (Springfield MO), 03/24/2015

AWESOME!! I'm on my second batch and it is perfect. Hannah's SCOBY is high quality. I was really nervous about spending the money without knowing if it would work, but Hannnah gives you all the information you need to get started. Just follow her directions and it will work. She offers a lot of free information on her website to get you going. After my first batch was successful, I was like a little kid who did something really cool.

Reviewed by Lana - Lake Mary, FL, 03/20/2015

Hannah's SCOBY cultures come to your door fresh and thick! My first batch of kombucha came out awesome because of the SCOBY and powerful starter tea. I would recommend her products to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed by Faith Christine, 03/20/2015

I purchased 1 Scoby Culture in Feb and we've been enjoying it ever since! My only recommendation to others just starting out would be to jump into the Continuous Brewing right away, instead of waiting. My husband and I love drinking Kombucha every day and it's hard to be patient while a batch brews for 7-10 days. :) Thanks, Kombucha Mama, for having a great product, simple and effective instructions, and for back up customer support! I'll be recommending this website to my friends.

Reviewed by Val Hance, 03/19/2015

After trying to make my own SCOBY with a bottle of GT and ending up with a jar of mold, I decided Kombucha Kamp SCOBY was the way forward. Received it so quickly and my first batch was a great success. Now waiting on CB decanter, because two weeks is just too long to wait on the delicious KT.

Reviewed by Suzanne Saxton, 03/19/2015

Thanks so much, I love my new scoby. My kids affectionately call it the alien squid but it works so well. I set everything up following Hanna's instructions and just when I started to worry about the dreaded mold Hanna sent out a newsletter reminding us that most establishing scobys are not pretty and to just wait. Sure enough everything was fine and I'm now getting up to 7 litres of kombucha a week which is perfect for a big family like ours.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Himel, 03/18/2015

Got this for my fiance on Valentine's day and he loved it. We are going to be starting our second continuous batch soon. The customer service was excellent and they responded to our email questions right away. We highly recommend Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Diane Roberts (Fanwood, NJ), 03/12/2015

I LOVE MY SCOBY!!! The flavor is just wonderful and it has that slightly appley-vinegary taste and the smell is so good!!! I never thought I could like the smell of something vinegary but it's really wonderful. I just ordered a continuous brewing vessel and I can't wait to get that….it'll be so pretty and will make so much more at one time!! I would also like to say the customer service is impeccable, friendly and professional and I am so appreciative. Thanks K Mamma!

Reviewed by Deb Bokhorst (Eagan, MN), 03/10/2015

After trying both a store-bottled and dehydrated SCOBY with no success, I turned to Kombucha Kamp for the real deal. I’m so glad I did! The SCOBY was big, beautiful and healthy - I was immediately able to brew delicious kombucha! Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Romona Hursey, 03/09/2015

Excellent scoby 1st batch of KT was perfect, thank you

Reviewed by Pamela S (La Pine, OR), 03/03/2015

Well, to say I'm happy and ecstatic with my scoby wouldn't begin to express my excitement. The scoby I received arrived in great condition and I immediately got started on my kombucha! I now have a continuous brew going and a regular batch! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and with the items I ordered. Power to the buch!!

Reviewed by Ben Baker, 03/01/2015

My wife bought your SCOBY after we had tried another company's dried SCOBY and had poor results. I have produced two batches of KT with your SCOBY with very good results. It has been producing babies and ferments very well. The mother you sent us is now in a hotel in my cupboard. Happy times :)

Reviewed by Ranieri Palavicini, 02/27/2015

I came across Kombucha Kamp
Listening to Ben Greenfield PodCast everything you need to know about Kombucha and listen to Hannah. That was awesome, I made my first purchase of the Scoby. Look healthy and shipped quick, I sent her a couple emails with questions and she reply right back to me. I love the customer service and support.
My first come Kombucha was great, 8 bottles, I can't wait for the second round.
So I love the product, I love this report, and I love that she knows what she is doing because she is a master brewer.
I recommend this Quality product 100%.
My name is Ranieri and Thank you so Much.

Reviewed by Edie (Charleston, SC), 02/25/2015

I am so happy to have found Kombucha Kamp. My SCOBY arrived super fast, and I love that it was a fresh one and I didn't have to spend weeks rehydrating it. It was great that it came with some starter tea, too, so I didn't have to use vinegar. My first batch turned out perfectly using Hannah's special blend sample she sent, and I have to say that I'll be ordering some of that. It was so delicious just freshly brewed that I wanted to just drink it all before making it into KT. Kombucha Kamp has fantastic customer service and has responded to my questions within the same day. I really appreciate all the guidance, free e-book, and videos; Hannah has made it easy for me to start making my own kombucha. I'm really impressed with my whole KKamp experience!

Reviewed by Sara, 02/23/2015

I did a lot of research on places to order my first scoby. I found kombucha kamp to be highly recommended and they back their products and offer so much FREE help! If your new to this like I am, it gives you much confidence to know that if you have questions or concerns you have a friendly knowledgeable person ready to help and answer any concerns you may have. I received my scoby fast and it was beautiful and thick. I followed the step by step instructions and within one week had my first batch of yummy kombucha tea. And I had a huge beautiful baby scoby! I was so proud! Thanks Hannah for the awesome product!

Reviewed by Lynnette, Jaime and Lyndsey, 02/20/2015

Thanks so much for the scoby! We made this tea for years, thanks to my mother who gave me a scoby. This was about 15 or 20 years ago! My two girls and I drank the tea for years and for some reason, I quite making it! My daughter found you and told me we should start up again, so without ANY hesitation, we ordered one up from you. It's amazing to see how popular they are now! I still have the old paperwork and the story and info my mother gave me soooooo many years ago! It's great to be able to taste that GREAT flavor again, and don't think we would change the flavor it at all!

Thanks so much for bringing back our tea, and the wonderful memories that goes with it, my mother would be proud!

Reviewed by Mary (Woodstock, Il), 02/19/2015

Thanks for the fast service, great product and first rate customer service. Being a "newbie" to brewing I appreciated the instructions included in my shipment, all the wonderful info you have on line and the quick response when I was worried about some spots on the scoby the 1st brew. You set my mind at ease after looking at the pics I sent in and we are enjoying and sharing our own kt!!

Reviewed by Galina (Mobile, AL), 02/16/2015

I am in love with my kombucha ! Scooby mama was delivered super fast and was happily babbling in my fist batch right away. Directions were very easy to follow. All your scooby needs is your love and sweet tea and you will have a lifetime supply of great tasting homemade kombucha. Forget about stores. How cool is that! Scooby mama already gave me 2 beautiful babies.Thank you Hanna so much for sharing your healthy cultures and your knowledge.

Reviewed by diane stovall, 02/12/2015

Delivered very fast in great condition! Nice hearty size best $24.88 you will spend! Schererville,Ind

Reviewed by dave manchester, 02/11/2015

got my scoby from you with recipe. On 3rd batch now. I feel my home brew is better than that at the store. Really easy to brew. we have made several fantastic flavors. I cant stop drinking it.

Reviewed by Lauren F, 02/05/2015

After buying a dehydrated SCOBY, I turned to Kombucha Kamp out of frustration. I was so impressed! The SCOBY was big, beautiful and healthy - I was immediately able to brew delicious kombucha! Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Janinemarie Jacoby, 02/04/2015

I bought a Scooby and a kit from Hannah and her products are of the highest quality!Also,she always answers questions this is a very reputable company with a wonderful and caring woman who owns it!

Reviewed by Deb Harmon (from Austin, TX), 02/03/2015

First time brewer with amazing results!!! I started my brew with some extra strong starter liquid (3 cups) that I got from my brother. I put this and one of Hannah's SCOBY's in with the starter liquid that it came with. I put it into a continuous brew vessel with a gallon of nutrients (c sugar/8 oolong tea bags/distilled water). I used the Kombucha Kamp essential heating strip, bringing it up to 80-82 degrees. In 7 days I harvested amazing brew, perfect ph, and a beautiful 1/4 inch baby SCOBY on top. Never been more pleased!! I did do A LOT of research before starting. Thanks Hannah & Kombucha Kamp!!!

Reviewed by Diane Duda from Maine, 01/25/2015

After my first attempt at growing my own scoby from a bottle of commercial KT, I soon experienced the dreaded mold!! I was advised to buy a prereformulation scoby from KK and I've been a very happy brewer ever since. My one scoby in just three short months is kicking out KT from three CB vessels and ready to start a fourth. Thank you KK for your superb products!

Reviewed by Jane Novello-Gunther (Knoxville, TN), 01/23/2015

Hannah, Thank you so much for your call this afternoon to check up on the broken spigot. I was thrilled to hear from you. I am even more thrilled that my kombucha is really really really GOOD. We have a lot of kombucha drinkers here already. The commercial stuff is good but SOOO expensive!!! Your system makes it a dream to get GREAT kombucha from the get go. I am going to bottle and flavor some here in a few days and that will be the icing on the cake. I will be placing another order soon for your wonderful tea, and ginger flavor. Thank you so much for your kindness and your knowledge and willingness to share with a newbie like me.
Looking forward to a lifetime of kombucha.

Reviewed by Patty Krause, 01/23/2015

Hi Hannah, I just bottled my first KT. It tastes great. My SCOBY looks amazing. Thanks for all your help and patience.
Have a great day.

Reviewed by Thomas (San Antonio, TX), 01/23/2015

I loved that the mother arrived quickly. I’ve now progressed onto the 6th brew. I’m experimenting with different flavors and the favorite I’ve found so far is simply adding lime juice to the second fermentation.

Reviewed by Thelma McCarty, 01/20/2015

Wow this is a holiday and the tracking # says that is has arrived in my city and will be delivered tomorrow. Great service can't wait to get going.
Thank you

Reviewed by Wolfe, 01/17/2015

Before I bought my scoby I was reading the reviews I noticed they were all so positive and everyone talked about how quickly their scobys were shipped and delivered.

I ordered my scoby yesterday morning and it was delivered this morning!! That is the fastest shipping I have ever had for anything! Hannah was also very helpful returning any questions that I had via email.

I haven't actually started my first brew yet but the speed of service was very impressive.

Reviewed by Linda Mann, 01/16/2015

Excellent service! I ordered a scoby for my son and daugher in law as a gift. They received it 2 days after placing the order; the packaging was superb and the product in tact. They were very excited about their gift as was I. Will be placing another order for myself as well. Great customer service at Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Ann (Toronto, Canada), 01/15/2015

My original scoby arrived big and healthy and grew another thick scoby with the first batch. Thank you for the step by step directions that came with it and for the added information and encouragement for the first five days. Any questions I had were answered promptly.

Reviewed by Ariella, 01/13/2015

I just received my scoby and made my first batch. Really excited for my results

Reviewed by Bill Schafer (Aurora CO), 01/09/2015

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product and service. I ordered one of your scobys last spring and was able to immediately and easily start brewing kombucha. The purchase was simple and the my scoby arrived quickly and in good condition. I have brewed and drank delicious kombucha continuously since then. The scoby is still healthy and growing vigorously.

Reviewed by Paul Stettler, 01/07/2015

Product produced as described
not hard to do and so healthy!

Reviewed by N Shubert, 01/03/2015

When my current set of SCOBYs stopped performing well (after 3 years of excellent performance), I decided to start fresh with a new one. The SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I was happily surprised that the very first batch produced a very fizzy brew--something that didn't happen with the first 3 batches with my original SCOBY. Users new to brewing will appreciate the included instructions.

If I ever again find the need to start fresh, I will come back to Kombucha Kamp for my SCOBY.

Reviewed by Linda Hendrex, 01/03/2015

The very best kombucha scoby I have ever used. It made a wonderfully flavored very fizzy product that was a real hit at our house. Thanks!

Reviewed by Rachel (Houston, TX), 01/02/2015

Bought my little SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp and was not disappointed. It was my first time making it, but everything I needed was right there. All I had to do was find a container. The shipping was fast, the instructions clear and easy to follow, the SCOBY was very high quality, and I even got a free reusable tea bag with the first batch's worth of tea, a handwritten little note, and a sticker! Sweet!

Reviewed by Andrea, 12/31/2014

Your kombucha Scoby has worked perfectly!! We are enjoying a steady supply of fab booch

Reviewed by Diane Smith Kingsland, TX, 12/30/2014

I have ordered Kombucha Scoby,it has been great products, great instructions that made everything easy to use. I give your company a five star rating. Thank You

Reviewed by D (Fayetteville, NC), 12/26/2014

Hannah has been a gracious hostess! Every time I explore KK website I learn something new and reinforce the ability to brew probiotic drinks - this was my hero's journey. Now I am going to recommend her site to the world - her research is the real deal! Surprises all the time like JUN, Milk and Water Kefir's. Someone pointed to her site while I researched something other to drink aside from water, tea, and coffee; I am so proud to have been directed to KK. Thank you, Hannah Crum and all her community supporters. My first SCOBY brew was a success and very tasty drink from it that actually benefits my health. I am looking forward to trying out all the benefits of SCOBY for the pets, beauty, and first aid. LOVE & PEACE

Reviewed by Linda C. ( Calera, AL ), 12/26/2014

I first tried Kuobucha tea almost 20 years ago. It was a total disaster. Just recently started reading about it and found out that all information I was give so long ago was all wrong. So glad I found this site. My SCOBY is doing great and I have my sister willing to try it again, also. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge with all of us who want to know about the kombucha. I'm sure I'll be a regular customer.
Thanks a million, Hannah! Linda

Reviewed by Kathi Aultman (Orange Park, FL), 12/05/2014

Great product. Ordered it as part of the continuous brewing package. It came right away. The instructions were clear and easy. The packaging was good and nothing had leaked. THE SCOBYs were obviously healthy as I had great Kombucha within a week with a new SCOBY starting to grow on top. I don't know if I'm just lucky but my Kombucha is nice and fizzy.First time brewer.

Reviewed by sally wasielewski, 12/04/2014

I believe this is the end of my colon dysfunction…I cannot thank you enough.

Reviewed by Brandon, 12/03/2014

Outstanding! Makes the most delicious kombucha, and comes with lots of great tips.

Reviewed by Mary Simonson, 12/01/2014

I love my scoby and the Kombucha.

Reviewed by Brenda Elrod, 11/22/2014

Gosh, how fast the SCOBY was received and very healthy. Thanks for your instant delivery.

Reviewed by Joanna Opela (Edgar WI), 11/17/2014

I just made my first batch of kombucha. I was nervous at fist but the SCOBY I received and the instructions were great! I will continue to brew and look for info and products at kombucha kamp forever!

Reviewed by Terra, 11/16/2014

I decided to use my 2.5 gal glass container and realized I needed a second SCOBY...placed the order and it was here almost the next day!
Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Bonnie O., North East, PA, 11/14/2014

After having lost a lot of time to a dried scoby from another company that took 31 days to reconstitute, 7 more to brew, and another 7 for the brew that resulted in green mold and discouragement, not to mention loss of confidence, I was thrilled to get this beautiful, creamy, lush-looking scoby in Kobucha liquid with Hannah's gift of her special blend for the first batch in a pristine, reusable hemp bag. Not only did this allow me to 'land running,' there were e-mails every day for 5 days to encourage me along the way -- Hannah and her team know how to 'keep the bubbles brewing' in the excitement of this fascinating process. Part of the synergy of connecting with Kombucha Kame is their speedy and supportive responsiveness to any questions you may have. I started a one gallon brew in a 2 1/5 gallon brewing jug and wasn't sure how to up the brew to a larger volume. I subsequently had questions about adjusting my heating wrap (I strongly recommend getting one of those!) and they answered three questions posed by me in the span of two days within hours of my writing each one. You Guys are GREAT and unique.

Reviewed by Cris Swantko (Rochester, MN), 11/10/2014

I was confident buying from Kombucha Kamp because of all the great reviews I read. When I received my kombucha SCOBY I was not disappointed! Shipping was super fast and my order arrived in great shape. The SCOBY was big, thick, and healthy. I have since brewed 2 batches and it is perfect!

Reviewed by Kim Hurst., 10/29/2014

Love the scobies.Love adding ginger and tried frozen fruit. Thanks for the great product and FAST shipping.

Reviewed by Catherine, 10/17/2014

It was a happy, plump SCOBY and the first brew was excellent, particularly after the second ferment with ginger and lemon -- the baby was a party bonus!

Reviewed by Nancy (Sublette IL), 10/15/2014

I recently purchased a Kombucha Culture - SCOBY and was delighted from start to finish. Hannah even put a hand written thank you on the invoice.

The instructions were the best I've ever received and lots of extras. The website is packed with additional information.

I loved doing business with this company. This is what it's all about.

Thank you!

Reviewed by Diana Zedwick (Corinth, TX), 10/08/2014

I am so very pleased by the SCOBY and milk kefir grains that I purchased from KK!! I received my order quickly and both cultures were in beautiful condition. The directions that came with them were clear and easy to follow, and I have been making delicious Kombucha and kefir for a few weeks now. I received excellent customer service when I had questions! I've tried Kombucha and kefir cultures from other company's and have not had great success. The cultures from KK are amazing and I will buy from them again and again! Thank you for providing a product and customer service that is A+++!!

Reviewed by Caryn, (TOLUCA LAKE CA), 10/02/2014

Thank you SO MUCH for sending out my scoby right away. I called late
Friday afternoon to see if I could pick one up, but since I work long
hours, I opted to order it online and have it shipped. Much to my
surprise and delight, it was in my mailbox the next day.

I can't thank you enough. I had big plans to make my first kombucha
batch this weekend but accidentally ordered a dehydrated scoby from a
different vendor. I had abandoned my plan for another weekend....but
was so happy to receive the scoby yesterday! I really appreciate you
turning that order around in record time.

Going to give it a whirl today. Really appreciate it! I'll be back
and will happily recommend your store to everyone I know!

Reviewed by Karen.(Hong Kong), 09/24/2014

I got the parcel. The scoby inside the bag looks nice. Thanks

Reviewed by M. Davila (Houston, Texas), 09/19/2014

I purchased the Kombucha SCOBY to start brewing my own Kombucha, about one month ago. I was very pleased with the prompt shipment, and packaging of a very fresh and viable SCOBY. A sheet with clear step-by-step instructions and a special tea blend were also included in the package. I am in my third brewing cycle, and I am thoroughly enjoying my Kombucha!

I highly recommend Kombucha Kamp to anyone interested in brewing their own Kombucha at home.

Thank you for producing such a high quality product.

Reviewed by Shira Jacobson, 09/10/2014

Thank you so much for giving me the best customer service I've ever had, you are wonderful! I've located my cultures and have begun fermenting with a positive confidence.

Reviewed by Nicole Vanderwyst, 09/10/2014

Thanks very much for your in-depth and honest response. I really appreciate it, as well as appreciating such excellent customer service.

Reviewed by Laura Rogers (Rocky Mount, NC), 09/03/2014

ordered the Scoby and starter liquid with instructions. It came in a timely fashion with great step by step instructions and I have had a couple of successful batches of Kombucha tea. I am quite satisfied.

Reviewed by Ron Perry, (Israel), 09/03/2014

The whole experience from site to delivery was perfect. The information provided made it fun and the product is great. My Kombucha tastes amazing!! Thank you!

Reviewed by Kristen Koon (Hampton, SC), 09/03/2014

5 out 5 stars for sure!! So happy with my KK SCOBY!. Fast FREE shipping, wonderful and helpful customer service and high quality product! I will DEFINITELY be doing business with Kombucha Kamp again!

Reviewed by Jess D, (Minnesota), 09/03/2014

I ordered one and it came quickly. Very nice thick Scoby that has produced wonderful tea! Great customer service too.

Reviewed by Donna Henderson, 09/01/2014

Looks like I am joining a long line of 5-star reviewers: my scoby arrived promptly and in perfect condition, i followed the clear instructions, and I am now enjoying my first batch of delcicious brew! i couldn't be happier.

Reviewed by AshleyH (Pflugerville, TX), 08/27/2014

I was on the fence about purchasing a SCOBY and starting my own brew, but I'm so glad I did. Everything arrived quickly and I have had many, many successful batches.

Reviewed by Éva Nagl, (Broadlands VA ), 08/27/2014

Thank you so much for the quick shipping, I got my SCOBY this past Monday, I was so surprised "she" got here so quickly.
I started to make my own Kombucha this morning, asked for blessing and can't wait to taste it soon.
Thank you again,
Happy Kombucha drinking!

Reviewed by Alyson C, Lancaster, Ohio, 08/27/2014

Thank you for a great scoby! I am a novice to kombucha but have been curious about the possible health advantages. Because I am a dyi-er, I wanted to try making kombucha at home. My first three batches have been very successful and I am currently brewing another. I like the brew so well that now I am considering the continuous brew system. Thank you for providing a scoby that makes it easy to brew kombucha even for someone new to the process.

Reviewed by Carrie D., (CA), 08/24/2014

Bought my scoby here because of all the great reviews. My expectations were not only met, but also went above and beyond. My scoby arrived super fast and extremely healthy! Great brewing every since.

Reviewed by Kim, 08/24/2014

Excellent Product!

Reviewed by Amanda Janicki, 08/21/2014

This is the second time I've ordered a scoby from Kombucha Kamp. They are so quick to arrive, and have worked perfectly. It really is so simple to make and maintain- do not be overwhelmed by the process!

Reviewed by Beverly Holbrook, (Pooler GA), 08/21/2014

I have appreciated all your help and advice. I am new to making kombucha so I have lots of questions. Thanks for your time, your advice and prompt service.

Reviewed by Ashley Rae Jordan,( Fort Mitchell, AL), 08/21/2014

I recently purchased a SCOBY from KK and have already brewed 3 successful batches of kombucha in 3 weeks. The Kombucha from this SCOBY is excellent in quality and taste. The SCOBY is enormous! The kombucha tastes like the store bought bottles or better. It also came with a complimentary tea for brewing my first batch and WOW! It's delicious! I will be purchasing more of her tea in bulk soon for future batches. I can't recommend this enough to friends and family. This is THE best place on the market to get your SCOBY and starter tea.

Reviewed by Pat McNeil, 08/20/2014

Awesome product & service. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. My booch gets better every week.

Reviewed by Cody Liberatore, 08/20/2014

Got my scoby a couple weeks ago. On it's second batch. The first one came out phenomenal. Amazing aroma. I brewed with a mixture of oolong, black tea and Yerba mate. The scoby did not seem disappointed with this mixture. It's amazing to be able to make a quality batch of kombucha. Thanks a ton kombucha kamp!!

Reviewed by Delores Baker (Nicholson, Pa), 08/20/2014

Just wanted to let you know our scobies are growing wonderfully and we are getting great tasting kombucha..
Thank you,

Reviewed by Nicole Morrill (Copperton, Utah), 08/20/2014

This makes the best tasting Kombucha I've ever tasted! I've made my own mother in the past with store bought Kombucha and it wasn't nearly as tasty. I had to make a new one because I went out of town and it didn't look so hot when I came back so I was uneasy about using it. Every time I tried making a new one with store bought Kombucha it grew mold! I finally decided to cave in and buy it online at Kombucha Kamp. I'm beyond pleased.

Reviewed by Monica Leibacher, Florida, 08/18/2014

I have recommended your site and products to a few people.
The kombucha is brewing along wonderfully.
Thank you for your step by step help. It was just what I need

Reviewed by Casey F, 08/14/2014

Great product and service! The SCOBY survived the mail just fine and within a week I had a new SCOBY started on my continuous brew. Definitely better than the dehydrated one I got elsewhere.

Reviewed by Jenna (Lake Stevens, WA), 08/12/2014

My Mama SCOBY is a boss! I started out with the KK SCOBY mother in a one gallon container just two short months ago and I have now been able to split some babies off to a new gallon container and am going to have to start watching the videos for the SCOBY hotel. Such and EASY and REWARDING experience, I'll never stop!!

Reviewed by Kimberly (East Palo ALto, CA), 08/08/2014

Kombucha came faster than expected, looked healthy and has been doing wonderfully. Am on my fourth batch and I bought Grolsch bottles so I can take it to work. I really loved the starter tea bag they provided, and I should try and figure out how to get another one.

Reviewed by Mrs. Leifson (Minot, ND), 07/17/2014

I ordered a kombucha mushroom package (scoby). I received the package sooner than I thought I would and my kombucha has been amazing!!!!

Reviewed by Pavla D. (Boston, Ma), 07/14/2014

I was very happy with the service. Kombucha mother came quickly and looked healthy. I followed the easy steps to brew my first tea and it came out perfect!

Reviewed by Kathy Schemmel, 07/11/2014

I received my first SCOBY and started to brew my first batch with your clear directions. I am very happy with this product and with the personal customer service that answered all of my subsequent questions. Everyone should try it!

Reviewed by Marija Popovic,Georges Mills NH, 07/10/2014

I was very impressed with the scoby I received, thick, shiny and lovely!

Reviewed by Rachel K. (Crown Point, IN.), 07/06/2014

If I ever need to purchase a scoby again, THIS is definitely the one I will purchase. After I ordered this scoby, it arrived in just 2 days, packed very well. It was a huge, beautiful scoby! I put it in Hanna's Special Blend Tea, and started to brew. It thrived and before I knew it, I had a "hotel" filled with beautiful healthy scobies! =)

Reviewed by, 07/03/2014

I received my culture within 2 days of ordering and it was in beautiful condition.....large, thick and healthy. The first batch I brewed from this culture produced a lovely baby mushroom in 7 days that was as healthy and fat as the one Hannah sent me. I'm now on my second batch using both cultures and the final brew is absolutely delicious w/ subtle hints of carbonation AND a third baby growing happily. Thank you Hannah !! I am so grateful that I found you and put my faith in your process. Kombucha brewing is now a new part of my life routine thanks to you.....

Reviewed by Tracy Beck, Woodinville, WA, 07/01/2014

I started my new batch with Hannah's scoby with tea starter! Wow what a difference from the ones I had to dehydrate before and wait a month or more before I could even start my batch. So easy, and my kombucha has turned out beautifully for the first time ever!

Reviewed by Lorinda Davis-DeVries, 06/26/2014

I couldn't believe how fast the scoby shipped to Michigan. Since this was my first attempt at Kombucha I didn't have everything I needed and had to run out to get supplies! It worked perfectly with great results on my first try. Now I have another scoby to pass on to my daughter. Thank you!

Reviewed by Amy Dupree, Tulsa, OK, 06/25/2014

I thought the SCOBY was great quality!! I am still in the tasting stages of the booch & am super excited to flavor & drink rrhe Kombucha soon! Thank you!

Reviewed by Rudi, San Diago,CA, 06/24/2014

The first batch is ready. I flavored it with peach and it's delicious.

Reviewed by Chris Belnap, 06/24/2014

I have been happy with the service I have been provided so far and look forward to my new brew

Reviewed by Tracy Wilson, Absecon NJ, 06/23/2014

I am VERY pleased with this process so far....
Thank you again for your reliable instructions and wonderful customer support....not to mention the wonderfully healthy and large "mother" that you sent me. VEry nice !!
So glad I put my trust in you.....

Reviewed by LJS (Alaska), 06/17/2014

This was a nice fat healthy looking scoby! I took some KT out after 7 days or so to second ferment with juice. So delicious!! I left the remainder another 7 days before adding tea for a continuous brew. Made a nice baby scoby, too! Packaged very well and arrived in good time. Excited about improving my health and cleaning out my liver. :} I don't commune with my kombucha though- that seems a bit far fetched.

Reviewed by Roger Butler, St. John's Newfoundland Canada, 06/17/2014

I didn't know anything about Kombucha. A friend gave me a store bought bottle and explained the health benefits. I researched sites to purchase a culture and KombuchaKamp seemed to be the least commercial and most focused on the quality of the product. They shipped from the west coast of USA to an island on the east coast of Canada within about a week. The culture arrived healthy and large. My first batch was a big hit. The friend who first introduced said it was the best kombucha she has ever tasted. The people at KombuchaKamp were quick and friendly wigeon answering my questions. Overall a great experience. Onto my third batch and have started some Kombucha hotels as back ups. I will email some pictures of the culture. It seems to be very strong and healthy. G

Reviewed by Victoria Catlett Health Coach, AADP, Virginia, 06/16/2014

I got a scoby from a local Kombucha 101 class about 18 months ago. I was able to make small batches in quart size mason jars. The scoby(ies) began multiplying and I started composting a few, but the remaining ones did not gain in strength as the original ones did, so eventually I did not have a powerful scoby to keep making small batches. I ordered the palm size scoby from KombuchaKamp which was packed tight in its own small batch of tea, and placed it in a countertop clear glass dispenser to make continuous brew kombucha. The scoby has grown in size, and I have been following kombuchakamp's continuous brew instructions. We can track when its time to refill the jar and feed it its tea/sugar mixture. We got a fresh scoby, loose tea leaves, plus instructions. Very helpful and excellent product.

Reviewed by Stacy Oakley (Durham, NC), 06/11/2014

I am very happy with the SCOBY I ordered. I have brewed several cycles of Kombucha tea successfully and am really enjoying it! The customer service has been excellent and I appreciate the thorough directions.

Thank you!

Reviewed by George Davie (Buena Vista, Canada, 06/11/2014

Yes your 2 scobies arrived safely and are brewing nicely. 5 stars each on the delivery times, there were 2 shipments, so 10 stars!

Reviewed by Debra Jewell (Tempe, AZ), 06/10/2014

The kombucha scoby is beautiful. The best I've seen. I really appreciated the tea sample as well. My scoby is already producing lovely tea. Thank you so much.

Reviewed by Nicole Kibler (Lake Charles, LA), 05/30/2014

High quality! I purchased just the scoby and starter liquid and lavander flavoring. Followed the directions and voila, wonderful tasting and quality kombucha in a week. I'm in week 3 and have 2 continuous brew vessels going...supplying the neighborhood! Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Jessica Becker, 05/30/2014

I bought my SCOBY, and had no experience at all, but already brewed my first batch!! I'm so excited that brewing my own kombucha at home is this easy, thanks to a great product and great instructions on getting set up. Thanks!!

Reviewed by Jerry Welch ( Pennville, IN ), 05/26/2014

Excellent Product, fast shipping, ordered my scoby and 2 days later it arrived at my home, made some sweet tea right away with the sample tea that was included and within 8 days had my first batch of K-Tea and now I am on my second batch. Thank You!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jessi C. (Farmingdale, New York), 05/21/2014

SCOBY arrived very quickly and in perfect condition! I have chosen to keep a continuous brew system and have bottled several batches now. All have been delicious and the SCOBY has really thrived! I would recommend KK to anyone! I also love the directions that were sent as they were very easy to follow and answered all my questions. In general, I look to KK for all my concerns and have always been more than satisfied with their advice. Thank you so much Kombucha Kamp! I wouldn't order my SCOBY from anyone else!!

Reviewed by Diana H, 05/19/2014

Love this product. This is my first batch of Kombucha and I wanted to do it right. Chose to do Continuous brew and it's so fun to watch it brew and guess what - it tastes great!

Reviewed by Diana Heath (Murray Utah), 05/19/2014

Just purchased and used my first SCOBY. Decided to do continuous brew. Love the taste and convenience of always having fresh Kombucha on hand. It's better than those you find in the store! Shipping was fast, directions were included, and KK has excellent customer service. Will be a returning customer.

Reviewed by Neil Raymond, 05/14/2014

I am now on my 8th Generation - the original culture is resting comfortably and safely in my hotel, along with a few offspring. The SCOBY was quite prolific! My tea has been excellent. Actually, all in all, this was much better than my highest expectation. Thank you!

Reviewed by Bruce Lowrey, 05/07/2014

I am now enjoying my own, healthy Kombucha Tea vs. buying it from a store. The SCOBY was just as described. Fast shipment and excellent quality.

Reviewed by Sarah Pooler (Lompoc CA), 05/06/2014

This was my first time making kombucha came out great 2nd time came out better, and thank you for your product I'm glad I had no problems, I would give the taste 3 to 3 in a half stars, I dont follow the directions thats mabey why it dosent taste real good but it tastes good enough to keep drinking it, but mabey the next batch i will try to follow the directions(i'm not that good at math :) ) but still happy with my product and pretty soon i'm going to buy some water kifir grains then flavor it to make some root beer but thank you very much for a good product!

Reviewed by Mona Zaki (Madison NJ), 05/05/2014

I received my scoby and thank you for sending it so quickly!! I followed your instructions to a T! You guys are amazing. Thank you for personalizing the mailing and adding that heart sticker to the box! I am so excited!! Thank you!

Reviewed by Madison Heckman, 05/04/2014

I can now enjoy healthy kombucha tea from my own home-brew thanks to Kombucha Kamp. The SCOBY was just as described. I have brewed several batches since my purchase and she is still going strong! Fast shipment! EXCELLENT QUALITY!

Reviewed by Nixie Eylar, 05/02/2014

I'm so happy I found this site before ever trying anything else! The Scoby was awesome and the tea sample better than any other I've used since. KK made my first experience brewing bucha so EASY and successful! Thank you!!

Reviewed by Paraic, 05/02/2014

This is my first foray into brewing kombucha, so I was grateful for the thorough instructions that came with the SCOBY (which arrived in good shape and very quickly). Two weeks later and I have my first batch of lovely jasmine green tea kombucha. Thank you! Next I will be playing around with different flavors as suggested by your video. I'm even thinking about setting up a continuous brew.

Reviewed by Julie Copeman, 04/28/2014

I purchased my scoby in February, so glad I did. Saving me lots of $$$. I just followed the instructions that came with my kit and my KT tastes awesome. The instructions are super easy. Thanks Hannah, for making this possible.

Reviewed by Sheila Moser, 04/28/2014

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kombucha scoby!! I couldn't believe how FAST my order arrived, how wonderful it was (excellent quality), and how reasonable. I purchased a scoby from Laurel Farms years ago that was $38.00, but yours arrived so much faster and I have so enjoyed brewing the kombucha again. There is so much more information and support than I ever dreamed. There was tea included at no charge to brew my first batch, and the whole experience has been nothing short of fabulous. I am just excited to get back into this, yet it's new too because I had never heard of second fermenting before and that has made such a difference for me. I have nothing but praises for this company and their business- the product is top notch and the customer service is best I've experienced. Thanks so much!!!!! Sheila Moser

Reviewed by Susan (Boulder, CO), 04/27/2014

I had been paying out the wazoo for store bought Kombucha and finally decided to give batch brewing a whirl. I held off thinking it would be difficult to brew a palatable booch. Was I mistaken! I purchased a KombuchaKamp SCOBY along with Hannah's Tea Blend and voila! Quick delivery, easy to follow instructions and the best KT ever - better than store bought! My family and I are drinking it faster than I'm able to brew. I'm excitedly upgrading to the continuous brewing method. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills and for the quality customer service.

Reviewed by Maureen H., 04/24/2014

I am so glad I went with KK because I know I got a healthy SCOBY, and there is so much information and support available. I love the Facebook group! The SCOBY was as large and thick and white as I'd hoped and it's making great brew. Now I have my eye on the heater and some pH strips from KK too...

Reviewed by Brandon Jasper, 04/17/2014

So happy I went with KombuchaKamp. The product arrived very quickly and even though it arrived in 15 deg F weather, it still produced a great first batch of Kombucha 2-3 weeks after! Great product and excellent customer service!

Reviewed by Stephanie Gentry, 04/15/2014

(Medford, OR) I ordered a single Kombucha Culture with 1 cup of KT starter liquid before researching how to actually brew the Kombucha Tea. After ordering I was concerned that my package would arrive before I was fully prepared to brew. Then, while looking around the Kombucha Kamp site I noticed that simple and detailed instructions are available right there! And, additionally, a Free DIY Guide & mini e-book sign up section offers extra information, and a bit of Kombucha Tea history - I signed up right away.

Each day, for 5 consecutive days I received one chapter of Kombucha Secrets - very enlightening and useful information. On the fifth day, after finishing the final chapter of Kombucha Secrets, my Kombucha starter package was delivered.

Oh, the excitement! I gently, but eagerly peeled open the package, and there she was - my beautiful KT SCOBY suspended in the starter liquid and securely sealed. Perfect timing! I was fully prepared to start batch brewing Kombucha - I knew exactly what to do, and what NOT to do!

Thank you so much Hannah Crum and Kombucha Kamp for your great product, and support.

By the way, my first batch brewed beautifully, and I am now ready to bottle and do a second ferment on my third batch. I LOVE it! I drink it daily. And, as it turns out every one else that has sampled it drinks the entire bottle and wants more. I can see now that single batch brew is leading to multiple batch brews, and continuous brew will soon be necessary. I've got my eye on that toasted oak barrel!

Reviewed by Jason Provancha, Acworth GA, 04/14/2014

Fast Shipping, Easy to follow directions. My Scoby was large and vibrant and produced a great first brew.

Reviewed by Aase Ulimoen (Norway), 04/09/2014

Dear Kombucha Mamma!!
Finally, I have a chance to write and thank you for all the great information you have been sending. The scoby took five days to get from the UK to my mailboxt. The temperature outside was a few degrees above refridgerator temperature, so it seems to have survived OK. By now I have a jar of ready brew, and after drinking a little for three days now, I already notice how well it affects my intestines. Having had slow digestion since childhood, I have had to adjust my diet over the years , to try to improve my intestinal health, and kombucha seems to be the ultimate solution.

My daughter, Sharon Pfaender, learned to like it back in California, but now we are both here in my home country of Norway, where ready made kombucha is not available, except maybe in Oslo. So, Sharon started brewing it herself and I finally became interested. I am very grateful to you and her. I actually received a scoby that she ordered for me, before the one I ordered myself, but during the preparation, I suddenly had a ''senior moment'' and put the scoby into the tea while it was still too hot. Well, I was about to tear my hair out, naturally, but I decided to wait and see what would happen to it, and after two weeks a new scoby had developed and the KT had the right taste, as far as I could tell. I need to work on how to best keep the jars warmer than they have been. I will look into what is offered here locally first.

So far I have used organic Kukicha Japanese Twig Tea in addition to biodynamically grown green leaf tea for the brew. I have had those for a while, as I don't tolerate even the low amount of caffeine in those teas very well. They seem to work well so far for the KT. I am a busy old lady (63 =) , but will friend you on Facebook and pick up advice to improve my brewing skills little by little. It has been very exciting, fun and rewarding so far !! THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!

Reviewed by Jilian Japka (Philadelphia, PA), 04/09/2014

My scoby was delivered fast and was large and healthy. The scoby was delivered with instructions for kombucha brewing and a sample tea blend for my first batch! I've since brewed my first batch of kombucha tea and it came out delicious! I am so excited to start enjoying the taste and healthful benefits of komucha.

Reviewed by Diane Davis (Houston, Texas), 04/07/2014

I received the free replacement kombucha "mother" y'all sent me, and after this third brewing, I must say I was much happier with your product. I like the flavor and effervescence, and am glad I had the chance to revise my opinion. Thanks for great customer service, and continued success with your business.

Reviewed by Noelle from Indian Harbour Beach, FL, 04/07/2014

I give my order 5 stars. Not only have I had great kombucha from the one SCOBY, I've not got a SCOBY hotel started. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Shelli H., Eugene, OR, 04/05/2014

Thank u, Hannah, for sending a healthy and beautiful scoby, and making my first experience with home-brewing Kombucha SO fun and rewarding! The scoby came with your Brew Now kit, and it made a fabulous first brew. I'm about to make my fourth batch today, and the only problem I've had is finding new places to hide the bottles from my Booch-loving family!

Reviewed by Carol Whelan, 04/04/2014

Being new to Kombucha I had never brewed before so I wanted to learn everything I could before starting this new endeavor. From what I read it seemed that buying my Scoby from Kombucha Momma was the way to go. I'm so glad I did, not only for the excellent product but the support is just as valuable. She was right thee with quick responses to my questions and hand holding as I got started. Love being able to brew my own and Kombucha Momma made it very easy to do so!

Reviewed by Julie, 04/04/2014

Arrived quickly, big and healthy! :) It's adapting well to its new home. Thanks again for a wonderful product!

Reviewed by Connie Jo, 04/04/2014

I received the product in great shape, and very quickly! The kids and I are having so much fun flavoring for a second fermentation. Strawberry is our favorite! Thanks Kombucha Mama!

Reviewed by Felsha (SF, CA), 04/03/2014

The scoby you sent me has far surpassed any of the scobies I've been cultivating and experimenting with. The most recent batch of KT that I harvested (from your scobies) tastes amazing and even has a slightly sweet pineapple flavor to it. I'm drinking it faster than I'm brewing at the moment--still haven't hit my rhythm with the continuous brew--and am very excited for the future batches to come.

Thank you for all the great information and continued support.

You're a KT goddess!!

Reviewed by Sara, 04/01/2014

Gorgeous LIVE scoby came just as pictured and has been serving me well since August 2013 and I'm sure for many more years to come!

Reviewed by Tracy K, 03/31/2014

Beautiful SCOBY! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I loved the added free tea with mine too! God Bless!

Reviewed by Patti Romero (Rockport, Texas), 03/31/2014

I ordered this in Jan 2014, and it shipped promptly and securely. I was ready to begin continuous brew with a 2 gal glass container w/spigot. I started with 1 gal and 1 scoby and was ready to do my first draw in about 8 days. I now have a full and fat scoby covering the entire surface area, gifted my original scoby to a friend, and have another in a 'hotel'. We are loving our brew! I do a secondary ferment with ginger, lemon or lime juice, a few berries, and some hibiscus tea for 3-4 days. It just gets better and better. I refer everyone I talk to about KT to this site. Hanna, thanks so much!

Reviewed by Andrea (Billings, MT), 03/27/2014

Beautiful SCOBY. Thank you for all the support also.

Reviewed by Debra Dunham (Boxford, MA), 03/25/2014

My SCOBY was exactly as pictured on the website: thick and healthy. I had been using a SCOBY that was donated from a friend and getting sub-par results. The Kombucha Kamp SCOBY made perfect Kombucha from the start. Also, the instructions that came with it and the website provide ample information for success. Thank you.

Reviewed by Kate MacKay, 03/22/2014

Healthy culture arrived in excellent condition. It is growing well. Thank you

Reviewed by Kathy M., 03/19/2014

Unfortunately I ordered from a different site before reading on Kombucha Mamas site that you should never buy a dehydrated SCOBY. Well, I bought one and after many attempts at brewing decided to order from this site. What a difference!! I already have a baby SCOBY and have enjoyed my first brew and am ewaiting for the second and its only been 3 weeks since I got my "proper" SCOBY. She is one big, fat, beautiful productive SCOBY! Thanks Kombucha Mama!

Reviewed by Kathy Murphy (Quesnel, BC), 03/17/2014

Just wanted to say thank you for the scoby that made it all the way to nada in one piece and in good health. It only took 6 days and I already had a baby scoby ! I had purchased a dehydrated scoby before and that has been very disappointing so far. Never again! I saw on your site that you should NEVER buy dehydrated and now I know why. Thank you again for a premium scoby and happy buching

Reviewed by Beau Willis (Weatherford, TX), 03/15/2014

I was very pleased with the quality of the SCOBY; it produced great kombucha from the very first batch. Thank you Hannah for a great product.

Reviewed by Pam, 03/14/2014

Healthy culture arrived quickly with abundant instruction and is thriving! Thank you :)

Reviewed by Denali, 03/13/2014

Great scoby. It is very thick and healthy looking. I have made three batches so far, and they all have turned out great! The taste really is much better than using a scoby grown from store-bought kombucha.

Reviewed by Forrest Walling (Tenino, WA), 03/10/2014

I am brand new to brewing Kombucha and had been reviewing many websites. I guess I randomly decided to purchase from Kombucha Kamp. I am very glad I did. My SCOBY arrived promptly in good condition an is about to 'mother' its third batch. More than the great product, the service is incredible. Being a newby, I had questons and concerns that were answered promptly and clearly. Thanks so much, Hannah

Reviewed by Rona Harmon, 03/06/2014

I purchased the SCOBY culture and followed the directions. This was the first time I brewed kombucha and the instructions were easy to follow. I now brew 2 gallons at a time and am happy with the results, 5 stars!

Reviewed by Chris S. (california), 03/06/2014

Great product, shipping was super fast. Fast to form a new scoby. Happy to have fresh kombucha.
Thank you, Hannah

Reviewed by Joanna Langemann, 03/05/2014

The fresh scobys from KK are so healthy and huge! I have bought scobys from other places and waisted my money as they never produced a KT or another scoby, I now have 6 scobys from that 1 I bought and they are all healthy and huge. I am happy I finally got to taste my own KT , thanks KK :)

Reviewed by Roy, 03/05/2014

What fun! I've just recently begun the real foods experience and have struggled with various facets of the way of life. This, however, has been painless and fun. my scoby took right off and I've made my 4th batch yesterday. My skeptical wife loves it! my grandchildren love it! what a blessing to fine these folks, thanks so much.

Reviewed by Ramona D. (San Francisco, CA), 03/04/2014

This is the second time I order a scoby from Kombucha Kamp and could not be happier with the promptness, quick delivery and high quality of product received. My first batch of kombucha is a success! I would highly recommend this place and I know for sure I am not going to go to a different place to get a scoby in the future. Thank you!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Escoffery (Indianapolis, IN), 02/24/2014

After just one brew, I am so pleased with the results and feel confident that "I too can do this". The SCOBY came on a cold Indiana day, yet that did not seem to affect it. My brew was delicious, I tapped it after about 11 days and added flavoring.

Reviewed by Amberlyn Norton (Aurora, CO), 02/24/2014

I loved the stickers and handwritten notes you sent with my SCOBY and heating strip. Thank you for the personal touch. It makes a big difference.

Reviewed by Teresa Smith (Fairfield, CA), 02/21/2014

I purchased a SCOBY and was more than pleasantly surprised with the quality. Between 1-5, I have to say it is definitely a 5. Not only did I have no problem brewing but it brewed a pleasant and mello tasting tea. I can't wait to try your continuous brewers!

Reviewed by Ron Stupp, 02/20/2014

My wife wanted me to have ferments in my diet and started making Kefir. I hated the taste and wouldn't drink it matter what she mixed it with.The place she purchased the grains also had information on KT and decided that since I love Iced tea, she would order a scoby from them to try it. It was a thin hard dehydrated scoby with directions for re-hydrating first for 30 days and then making KT. She did everything exactly as it said in the book supplied but even after 3 batches, it didn't grow a new scoby and it tasted like pure yeast water. While trying to find info on the net on how to fix the problem, she came a cross Kombucha Kamp website and was thrilled to have so much information and help learning about how to make it. What stood out most was where it said NEVER buy a dehydrated scoby. She convinced me to purchase a fresh scoby from you and is making wonderful KT right from the first batch. We had never tasted KT before this and found out what we were missing. Thank you Hanna for all of the wonderful information you provide on your site and for providing fresh healthy Scobys.We are both up there in years and are looking forward to better health with fermented foods and drinks. Hegins Pa.

Reviewed by Patti Romero, 02/20/2014

My SCOBY came promptly and in excellent condition. I started with the continuous brew process right away and have been enjoying my own Kombucha immensely. I got my first draw after 8 days and did a secondary ferment for 4 days. I used screw top bottles that I saved from store bought kombucha and didn't get the carbonation that I was looking for. I just did my 2nd secondary fermentation with a flip top bottle and that has helped give me more of the fizzy drink I am looking for. Thanks for a great product and all of the helpful information!

Reviewed by IntrinsicAlchemist, 02/17/2014

I've been fermenting and culturing vegetables, yogurt and buttermilk for quite some time now (and keeping it together!) so I decided it was time to do KT. Previous to brewing my own KT, I had consumed ONE bottle of booch. I immediately saw just how addictive and delightful that stuff could be! I signed up for Hannah's email series, read the free e-book and watched many of the videos (THANK YOU for the fruit fly trap vid!) so I could learn as much as possible prior to beginning my own KT. Ordered my SCOBY last month and received it very quickly. The SCOBY is beautiful and as of today, my 2nd gallon of KT is beginning it's brew. The SCOBY has multiplied. I have to sneak KT into my husband's morning juice because he's currently resistant (he's always like this - it won't be long before he's decided he loves KT), my teenagers were easy converts. LOVE! Thank you!

Reviewed by Kelly (Corona, CA), 02/17/2014

I can't recommend Kombucha Kamp enough! My SCOBY arrived quickly, was fat and healthy and came with clear instructions on how to brew as well as a sample of Hannah's blend of tea (which is AMAZING and makes a delicious brew). My SCOBY started producing a baby within a few days and within a week or so I had a really delicious batch. THANK YOU HANNAH! You're the only place I'll ever by my Kombucha supplies from because your products are high quality and the customer service is great!

Reviewed by Ed (Dix Hills, NY), 02/12/2014

I don't usually post reviews except when things are terribly bad or exceptional. KKamp is definitely the latter.
Ordering: quick and easy
Customer Service: Awesome! The USPS lost my package. After a few emails to KKamp a new SCOBY was shipped.
The product arrived double packaged in thick plastic with a good amount of starter tea.
Haven't made a batch yet but I just wanted to say "Thank You" to the great folks at KKamp. Will post an update after I start brewing.

Reviewed by Pat in Indiana, 02/10/2014

I want to thank you for the great scoby. I had great success with it the first brew cycle, even though it is currently not very warm here in Indiana. Your instructions were clear and worked perfectly. The Kombucha is so good, I am drinking all of it myself (not sharing).

Reviewed by Lina Belardo (New Braunfels, TX), 02/08/2014

If I could give it 10 stars, I would. I purchased the scoby plus the tea blend and I am in the third batch right now....Excellent quality as well as shipping. I have followed also some of the flavor ideas and they are sooooo much better than the commercial brand. If you are interested in drinking this addicted brew, think no longer and purchase one of Kombucha Mamma's scoby as well as her tea blend.

Reviewed by Michael J. (Phoenix, AZ), 02/04/2014

I bought a mushroom from you and am having great success with my brew. Kombucha mushroom was fresh and ready brew. I now have two mushrooms and brewing one in organic brown sugar.We'll see what happens!

Reviewed by Mehru Khurshid (Toronto, Canada), 02/01/2014

This is an amazing product, I love how quickly my scoby began to grow and how I got to drink great tasting kombucha in a week!

Reviewed by Terri Dixon (Cedar Falls, Iowa), 01/28/2014

I purchased a Scoby from you. It was good quality, and I am on my 2nd batch of booch. I brewed kombucha a few years ago, but the information you have supplied have allowed me to make a much more flavorful brew. I am learning to use berries, and ginger to get a wonderful brew. I now plan to buy a continuous brew system soon. Thanks for a good product with great customer support!

Reviewed by Jeff Macdonald, 01/27/2014

Excellent! Thank you.

Reviewed by Robin, 01/26/2014

I purchased the SCOBY culture and followed the directions to a T and my tea came out wonderful! This was the first time I brewed kombucha and the instructions were extremely easy to follow. I am now brewing my 2nd gallon! I am very happy with the results so far and I give 5 stars!

Reviewed by Tracey, 01/25/2014

I love the it! The scoby arrived in great shape. I immediately brewed a batch of sweet tea occurring to the directions and had a new scoby in 7 days.

Reviewed by Zsebenyis Family (Baltimore, MD), 01/11/2014

I love my Scoby. I ordered when there was snow on the ground and we were gripped by cold. I had emailed you my concerns for the Scoby's safety and you emailed back right away with encouraging, clear and detailed instructions on how to keep the Scoby well and revive it if it arrived frozen. Your shipping was very prompt and the next day our dear Scoby came. You packed it very well and she arrived cold but not frozen. We were able to quickly revive her.

My 4 children were overjoyed because they LOVE kombucha and have been wanting to have more in their lives. There was a reverential mood as we all crowded around the kitchen table and opened the box. Out slid our beautiful harvest moon Scoby. The energy of its being caught each one of us. This was a loved being who had come into our lives to help and heal us. We ordered from you because we really liked your energy and I am happy to find that our Scoby carries your cheerful good natured intent. We keep it in its own room with Holosync playing and have brewed 3 batches so far. She has had 8 beautiful babies and grandchildren. The tea blend that you sent for the first brew was delicious, smooth, lively and meditative. The aroma alone is therapeutic. We will be ordering more soon!

Brewing our own Kombucha has been an easy and very satisfying process. I was very intimidated before starting but now I am starting to get into the flow of making it. I know what I need to have out and on hand before I start transferring the Scoby's out of their bowls and brewing a new batch and I have a good rhythm going. I subscribe to your emails and I have found them to be very helpful along the way (especially the ones about fizz:). I bought the book as well and I am very pleased by the depth that you go into about the history of Kombucha, the health benefits and all of the ins and outs of brewing.

I have really appreciated your thoroughness and helpfulness when I have needed it. From your materials I feel confident and supported on my brewing adventure. This has been a wonderful experience for me and my family and I am very grateful to have had your support to make this leap so easy.

Thank you Kombucha Mamma!

Reviewed by Cher ~Ft Myers Florida, 01/10/2014

Hannah is awesome. I ordered my first batch, and being a little nervous I called her for instruction. She was very knowledgable and put this newbie right at ease. My first batch is fermenting right now, should be ready in two days and I can't wait to try it! I want to try kefir next!

Reviewed by Carol Loyd, 01/08/2014

I only began my adventure into Kombucha brewing in Dec. and my Scoby had grown to mammoth porportions. It was so health and big to begin with I am sure that is why the process has been so sucessful for me. I love all of the products I have purchased from Kombucha Kamp.

Reviewed by John Jazwa (Avon, OH), 01/04/2014

Wow! Scoby was perfect, full size for a gallon bottle, creamy white, thick! Following Kombucha Kamp's simple instructions, and using Hannah's Special Tea Blend, I was quickly brewing booch better than store bought, and a whole lot cheaper!! So fun, easy and satisfying, after a few batches I started continuous brewing, easier still. Thanks to Kombucha Kamp, I'm a Booch Guy!

Reviewed by Jason B. (Baltimore), 12/28/2013

I ordered my SCOBY on the website and it arrived (across the country) in about a week. I made my first batch using the included tea and so far the new 'mother' forming on the top looks to be very healthy and growing thicker each day. I would definitely recommend this product when starting from scratch like I did.

Reviewed by Dr Chris Ypsilanti (Key Largo, FL), 12/26/2013

I purchased the SCOBY culture and followed the directions. This was the first time I brewed kombucha and the instructions were easy to follow. I now brew 2 gallons at a time and am happy with the results, 5 stars!

Reviewed by Nancy T (Albany, NY), 12/21/2013

Thanks so much, the starter kit I purchased was timely and healthy!! I have made 1 batch so far and now trying continuous brew. I am loving the taste and so glad I purchase through you,loved the hand written thank you note :)

Reviewed by KGen, 12/18/2013

Your scoby was delivered in awesome condition! This is winter and I live in Canada, I was afraid that something will happen during the delivery (freezing...). But no! Absolutely perfect, my first brew was delicious! Won't hesitate to make business with you again... actually looking at that ''continuous'' system... :) thanks!

Reviewed by Simon Sum (Hong Kong, China), 12/16/2013

My SCOBY arrives quickly and it works very well the first time I brew my kombucha tea. It also comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Now everyone can brew their own kombucha tea!

Reviewed by Lisa U (Spokane, WA), 12/14/2013

I loved my kombucha tea!! The Scoby I was sent was excellent and has done well to get me started on brewing my own tea. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Sara Vella (Penngrove, CA), 12/14/2013

I ordered the SCOBY from you and I can say that I am nothing but satisfied. I am enjoying the process and loving my KT.

Reviewed by Melina J., 12/12/2013

Amazing product!!! Our first experience making kombucha was with a dehydrated scoby and there really is no comparison to using a fresh, high quality one. We received our scoby really fast with wonderful detailed instructions. The kombucha it has made is awesome!! Thanks so much Kombucha Kamp!!

Reviewed by Grace (Ohio), 12/10/2013

The scoby I received was so much more than expected! She was a beauty! :-)

Reviewed by Troy AT (NY, NY), 12/10/2013

I was really pleased and impressed by the scoby you sent. This is my second time on starting a kombucha attempt and bought from a local person who sells things related and yours is clearly so much more healthy and happy, seeing it. Thanks for the quality!

Reviewed by Doro, 12/09/2013

Quality service and quality scoby. Am very happy with it. Making great Kombucha and loving it! Thanks, keep up the good work!

Reviewed by Christa, 12/05/2013

I received the SCOBY quickly and in excellent condition. The KT recipe and instructions provided with the SCOBY were very clear and easy to follow. I'm currently on my third batch of KT and have had nothing but delicious success. Thanks KK!

Reviewed by Adam & Emily Burtt (Barnstead, NH), 12/03/2013

We are TOTALLY satisfied with our SCOBY and your customer service! Our family of 8 is thrilled to so easily and successfully be making and drinking our own kombucha. We're on our 3rd batch (2 gallon jars already!) Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Kevin Coryell (Long Beach, CA), 12/02/2013

I loved how easy Kombucha Kamp made this process. I ordered my scoby and I think it was at my home in 3 days. It's in an airtight plastic wrap thing and the starter liquid is included. They also sent a custom tea blend which was a nice surprise! This is the EASIEST way to get a high quality scoby delivered to you! Thank you Kombucha Kamp!!!

Reviewed by Ron, 12/02/2013

Excellent product. Worked like a dream. In 7 days I had my very first gallon of booch. It had also "given birth" to a baby SCOBY that was twice the diameter as the mother. Before leaving on a weekend trip I had poured the booch into the 16oz drinking bottles. When I got back I found a little tiny SCOBY formed in one of the bottles. Almost swallowed 995it.

Reviewed by Tavit Smith (Del Ray Beach, FL), 11/26/2013

Well... I can tell that you're not a big company by the excellent care you took packaging my recent delivery of Kombucha! As I opened your product I kept exclaiming to my wife "Wow Look at this! What a wonderful and professional job this company has done in presenting it's product!" Fantastic. Also, the scoby arrived in great condition. I've been fermenting Kombucha for a number of years now and can appreciate and recognize a nice healthy scoby. Thank you so much. I've been away for a bit, but can't wait to get back into my kombucha!

Reviewed by Melly Banagale, 11/16/2013

I got my kombucha mushroom in fine shape and it arrived in a few days with mother and tea. It gave me good kombucha in a around two weeks. The baby scoby/daughter came out healthy too. I am now using both for my second brew.
Aside from the fast shipment and good product, i also got very good and fast response/advice to my queries.
I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given me.
My first brew is awaiting second fermentation. Can't wait to drink it.


Reviewed by Kathy (Albany, OR), 11/12/2013

This is the best SCOBY on the market! Before starting to brew I read many reviews and stories of people who tried to brew from dehydrated cultures or cultures saved from kombucha bought at the market. Don't waste your time. This SCOBY will arrive beautiful and healthy with simple instructions on how to brew.

Reviewed by Roxanne Wells (Lancaster CA), 11/05/2013

First, let me start by saying Thank You! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The mother you sent me is beautiful; and, she made a beautiful baby.
My first batch went well (grew the baby nicely).

I also purchased the Year Round Heating System with Dimmer; the heater is awesome—we keep our house cool, so the heater is perfect.

Thank you for all your assistance.

Reviewed by Mellegers, 11/04/2013

Great product. Quick delivery. Survived the shipping and our newness to making kombucha ourselves. It's working out GREAT. Looking forward to creating our "hotel". KKamp makes this process so easy I can't believe it took us so many years to start making it ourselves.

Reviewed by Rosie (El Paso, TX), 11/03/2013

After researching Kombucha Kamp's website for a few days, I was convinced that Hannah's scoby's were going to be of very good quality. I ordered 1 Scoby & received it within 3-4 days. It arrived in sterile condition with the starter tea sealed within an airtight bag. It really was a large, healthy, & a beautiful colored scoby. I made my 1st batch within 3 days of receiving it & Hannah, was right, there was a difference in the taste, mainly due to the quality of tea she included. I've since made 4 batches & produced a few babies. I have had Great carbonation & for the first time, it even wanted to pop through the cap cover from so much gas build up. My husband has enjoyed it so much that now he demands to have it daily. I have 3 batches going all week. My next endeavor is to start continuous brewing.
I have appreciated all the research & time Hannah has invested into the quality of teas & scoby care as well as her tips. I would not hesitate to recommend KKamp to my friends. Hannah, thank you for being so forthcoming with all that you have learned so that we can become the best brewers possible.

Reviewed by Lisa Simchison, 11/02/2013

AMAZING!!! I had tried to grow my own scoby and it was not working, I bought this scoby and it is growing a baby and making kombucha! I am so excited!!! Thank you!

Reviewed by Eric Charles, 10/25/2013

I have been making Kombucha from the KK SCOBY and its offspring for 3 months now. Everything is working great! Playing with different teas is fun, my friends love it too, would recommend to anyone interested in brewing their own.

Reviewed by Peggy (Nunez, Louisiana), 10/21/2013

After ordering my scoby and tea leaves, I received the order in just 4 days! Excellent service. I started the first brew and decided that I will do the continuous brewing. The tea tastes great. I am not getting carbonation but I'm thinking the scoby will produce stronger Ktea after a little more time. Then, hopefully carbonation. I am a very satisfied customer. I will definitely continue purchasing Hannah's tea blend.

Reviewed by Dan Garvin, 10/19/2013

I took a minimalist approach. I bought a single SCOBY, nothing else. It's been almost three months. I now have two homemade continuous brewing systems running, one SCOBY hotel with large and beautiful occupants, and as much delicious and ostensibly healthful kombucha as I want. All from the one original top quality SCOBY, Hannah's splendid on-line guidance, and some improvisation and resourcefulness. The culture is very forgiving. Never a single problem; even when I once forgot to add any sugar to the tea, I just added sweeter tea a few days later when I realized it and it was fine. Also, instead of blessing it, thanking it, or setting my intention, I played Norwegian Black Metal and focused thoughts of despair, death, and destruction on it, and it still came out just fine.

Reviewed by Micah C (Corpus Christi, TX), 10/17/2013

Fantastic Product Quality & Customer Service!
The day I got my SCOBY I emailed Hannah with a question and got an answer in just a few hours. And the mother is healthy and thriving thanks to the detailed instructions and all the helpful info Kombucha Kamp has available. THANK YOU!
PS: As a penny pincher, I love that my investment has already paid for itself in less than a month.

Reviewed by Joan Sutton (Florida), 10/16/2013

Quick service and it was in great shape. I made my first batch right away and was happily consuming my own KT in no time. It's brewing my second batch now, and I can't wait. The Scoby is healthy and growing.

Reviewed by Susan (St. Louis, MO), 10/11/2013

I received a beautiful SCOBY along with starter liquid from Kombucha Kamp. I know you can find less expensive ones on eBay but how can you be sure of their quality and safety? I didn't want to take any chances because I plan to brew for a long time using this SCOBY and future babies. You can count on Kombucha Kamp to supply you with safe and high quality items. I have been brewing delicious Kombucha every since, and have several babies already.

Reviewed by Brenda Shaw, 10/08/2013

Large, fresh, healthy SCOBY. Amazing how easy it is with the clear directions that are sent with it, and the delicious special blend of tea! My SCOBY grew a new one so fast, and it too looks so healthy! The PDF handbook is definitely worth the extra $ too, so much great info, tips, and recipes. Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by Ann, 10/08/2013

I did not realize that I have had my SCOBY for 2 months now. I wanted some time to try different lengths of brewing but did not realize it had been so long.

My first batch was bottled (mason jars) after two weeks (I date the jars with tape). I tried it after just 7 days and thought it needed to sit longer. (I have been drinking Kefir water since March so only had that as a comparison.)

Once in the bottles and letting it sit a few days and only drinking a half of a coffee cup a day I was pleased with the taste but clearly one gallon jar was not going to be enough. What surprised me was the jars ALL had a new baby SCOBY on the top before I could drink the KT. I don't refrigerate my jars (bottles) at all but the baby grew quickly even without more tea and/or sugar.

I found my jar with a spout so I have a continuous brew going to get the good things that form after days 20 and 30 and another for quicker brews. I can mix the two batches as I drink or not. I now use a gallon jar for the hotel. I have my original in the hotel and the other two jars have full size SCOBYs grown from quart jar size scobys.

I am also pleased with the health benefits I have noticed so far. It has worked for centuries for millions and so it will continue for me.

Hannaha's Scobys are very dependable as you can see from what I am doing.

A friend had given me a scoby but I did not get a new baby but what looked like powder mold. I could not find any information on the mold so rather than risk my health I tossed it as I had Hannah's VERY DEPENDABLE SCOBY.

I would recommend this as a drink to everyone and Hannaha's products to begin with!!

Reviewed by Sherry D., 10/07/2013

Product arrived quickly with all the directions needed for a beginner to look like a pro! Been brewing strong...not one issue! All the support you could possibly need!

Reviewed by Tammy Prillaman, 10/05/2013

The scoby arrived quickly and looked beautiful, the instructions were thorough and the scoby gave me some delicious kombucha and healthy babies! Thank you, KombuchaKamp!

Reviewed by Terri Edwards, 10/05/2013

I received a beautiful, large, cream colored scoby and immediately set it up using the enclosed tea in a one gallon glass container. In ten days I had a beautiful, huge baby and the very best tasting bucha! I am so thrilled with the results! So glad I ordered here and would recommend over any other!
Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by 11940Darrell Y, 10/03/2013

very happy with the product and support,each brew gets better and better.i would use it again and have told friends about it

Reviewed by Brian M (Kentucky), 10/01/2013

I bought a single full size scoby and set it up in a 2.5 gallon crock for a continuous brew. It is working well and producing great tasting kombucha.

Reviewed by Kathryn (Jacksonville, NC), 09/30/2013

My SCOBY arrived in great shape and I was able to successfully begin brewing Kombucha straight away. There was even a free sample of tea to help me get started. The directions were easy to follow and within a week I had my very own mushroom forming. The instructional videos/emails were invaluable in helping me sort my way through starting a continuous brew and keeping a SCOBY hotel. Thank you.

Reviewed by Holly, 09/28/2013

My little adopted scoby came in the mail, not by a stork, but in a cute little lightweight cushy package full of protective wrap. The scoby himself was in a bag with some starter, swimming around oblivious to his change of scene!

I received a healthy little scoby! So far I've gone through a few brews, sharing the new babies as I go. So awesome. Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Margaret H, 09/25/2013

This SCOBY was fantastic! It was my first time brewing and I am thus far getting great brews with it. Well worth it!

Reviewed by Martha Randall, 09/16/2013

So, I bought an inexpensive SCOBY and began brewing. My baby SCOBY's were super thin, my brew was weak and I had no fizz (even after secondary fermentation.) I sprang for the more expensive SCOBY, and it came SUPER fast, it was MUCH bigger than the first one, and at the end of the first brewing cycle, there was an amazingly thick, healthy baby. I did a bit of flavoring and secondary fermentation, and let me tell you, the fizz was awesome! All in all, a ver rubust culture to begin brewing with. I am very happy!

Reviewed by Big Al from Mississippi, 09/13/2013

Hey, I'd been reading up on doing this for about a year before I decided to purchase from Hannah. Really glad I did. I've been continuously brewing for about 6 weeks or more now. I started my second brewing vessel about 2 weeks ago. If you want a great SCOBY you don't have to worry with then this is where you need to get it. My SCOBYs are huge now. Going to have to start a hotel soon I believe. I got the 1 gallon starter and brewed my first time in a gallon glass jar. Everything Hannah said to do worked exactly the way she said. I don't think there is another place on the net that is as in depth and helpful as the KK site. Love it. Thank you, Hannah.

Reviewed by Darlene, 09/10/2013

Excellent product and support. I received the scoby in excellent shape and very quickly. This is my first time trying kombucha and the instructions and information included and on the website were very thorough and gave me the courage to attempt the kombucha. The scoby is doing very well and I used a baby to set up a second brew system. The follow up support to an email was right on and reassuring that I was doing everything right. Thank you, Hannah.

Reviewed by Tara Ford, 09/02/2013

Received my SCOBY, and tea very quickly and after brewing my first batch of Kombucha, can honestly say brewing my own is so much better! The instructions were very helpful! I know that within a couple of batches of my own Kombucha the investment will have paid for itself!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Reviewed by Robyn in Australia, 09/02/2013

All going very well. I have made kombucha before but my first scoby this time around was the best looking one I ever made - just perfect. Your articles on carbonation are well timed because that is my only query so will read them closely. Looking forward to having enough brews going to drink every day.

Reviewed by Jim Ball, 08/28/2013

Excellent product. Received healthy scoby and have been enjoying kombucha ever since. Thanks Hannah for the great product and education. I'm thinking about experimenting with Tea maker hops incorporating them in with the tea.

Reviewed by Laura, 08/27/2013

I'm glad I took advice to purchase a non-dehydrated scoby. It was the best thing ever!! I had the tastiest KT within ten days and I'm already on my 4th batch. Kombucha Kamp is a tremendous resource and greatly appreciated for the personalized customer service. Thanks KK!!

Reviewed by Diana Karna (Moorpark, CA), 08/23/2013

Excellent product, fast shipping, and very prompt customer service! I made a perfect batch of booch from this beautiful, big Scoby. Thank you, Hannah. On to a continuous brew!

Reviewed by Esther Johnson (Lexington, KY), 08/20/2013

Having stumbled across an article on making my own kombucha, which highly recommended this site, I decided to try my hand at it. My mother used to make kombucha years ago but I never tried back then. (Teenagers can be funny like that.) Over the years, though, I developed a taste for kombucha, the only downside being the price. So it was intriguing to learn that I could make it myself easily and cheaply. This website was invaluable to that end. The products are excellent and Hannah Krum's customer service is very thorough. Thank you. My SCOBY's are growing nicely and the only trouble now is that I think I need to set up a second continuous brewer because my husband and I like it so much.

Reviewed by Scott, NH, 08/20/2013

I ordered a SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp. Within a couple of days, the thick, full-sized SCOBY arrived with starter kombucha, easy to follow instructions and a woven bag filled with enough loose tea to make 1 gallon of kombucha. The finished kombucha was very tasty, and the SCOBY produced a healthy baby. The best part about ordering a culture through KK is Hannah's great customer service.

Reviewed by Mary - North Texas, 08/06/2013

Shipping was fast and Hannah threw in some freebies with handwritten encouragement - fantastic customer service! And then, my SCOBY is producing lots of wonderful Kombucha. I've already given my daughter a start, and am up to two gallons of continuous brew at a time, just weeks after receiving my one little SCOBY. I've recovered the cost of the purchase several times over already! I'm now a walking talking advertisement for KombuchaKamp!

Reviewed by PaulaLyn Rider (GA), 08/02/2013

This was our very first scoby for our very first brew. It performed wonderfully...and still is sevral months into our brewing! We have had wonderful 'babies' form this scoby and love our KT!

Reviewed by jo, 07/31/2013

I received my scoby really fast and started my first batch (which I just tasted a few minutes ago) I'm excited to see how it comes together with added flavoring.

Reviewed by Beverly (Decatur, TX), 07/21/2013

I ordered a scoby from Kombucha Kamp site when the cheapie one I was waiting on took almost a month to receive! Got KK scoby within 3 bus days. It was beautiful and thick and healthy looking. Started my continuous brew immediately. About a week later, got the other scoby I'd been waiting for. It was 1/4 the size of KK scoby and really pitiful. Learned my lesson the hard way. Don't bother trying to save a few bucks; it will cost you more in the long run.

Reviewed by Zoe (Minneapolis, MN), 07/21/2013

My SCOBY arrived promptly and as promised. I've now been using it for a few months and created several wonderful batches of kombucha! Plus, the FAQ section of the site was extremely helpful during my first batch, when I thought the new mother that was forming was actually mold, and almost threw it all away.

Reviewed by Vanessa F. (San Francisco, CA), 07/19/2013

I have been incredibly happy with my purchase. I was surprised at how quickly the SCOBY shipped. I made a batch with it the day it arrived, and just a couple days later a baby was growing. The SCOBY came with step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow and enough tea for my first batch, which was a pleasant surprise! The entire package really made it impossible to mess up! Thank you!

Reviewed by Susan Robertson, 07/16/2013

I ordered myself a SCOBY in May. It arrived quickly! The SCOBY was beautiful! I've been brewing spectacular kombucha since then!

Reviewed by Tammy Parker, 07/14/2013

My SCOBY arrived quickly and made terrific kombucha! The instructions were very helpful and a new baby is growing for me. As a newbie, this has been a great experience and I'm looking to learn more as I go.

Reviewed by Sergio Ibarra (Novato, CA), 07/13/2013

The Scoby was in excellent condition when it arrived. The instructions for the brew were easy to follow. Two weeks later I have some wicked Kombucha. I have just started two more batches today!!!

Reviewed by Leigh Gatlin, 07/12/2013

I'm having so much fun brewing my own kombucha. After three batches I'm committing to a continuous brew vessel. Thank you, Hannah!

Reviewed by Sharon Maddox, 07/11/2013

I have made kombucha many times before, but Kombucha Kamp is the best place for purchasing products and getting advice. Three weeks ago, I ordered a new scoby from Kombucha Kamp. It didn't take long for me to receive a most excellent and perfect scoby. I was even more pleasantly surprised to see how quickly a new baby formed after brewing my first batch of tea. And now I have three scobys! Kombucha Kamp is outstanding for service, product, and advice. Thank you, Hannah.

Reviewed by Lauran (Amherst, MA), 07/10/2013

Excellent healthy scoby with wonderful instructions. Thank you, Hannah, for all you do!

Reviewed by Mark Iberg (Buda, TX), 07/08/2013

My SCOBY arrived in great shape. In only a month I have recouped all the expense and been having great (delicious) fun experimenting w/ flavors.

Reviewed by Joseph Alban, 07/08/2013

Thanks Hannah. Your scoby has already made many batches of delicious KT and looking forward to many more. Great service and great information. Thanks for the help.

Reviewed by Kelly - Missouri, 07/08/2013

I received my scoby quickly and in very good shape. I wondered how they were shipped. I'm already brewing my third batch of Kombucha. Very quality product. Thanks Hannah.

Reviewed by Katie Miko (Riverside, CA), 07/08/2013

Just finished bottling my second batch of Kombucha since receiving my SCOBY. Shipping was really fast. I am really excited to be able to make my own Kombucha.

Reviewed by Lori Jones, 07/07/2013

I'm extremely pleased with my purchase from kombuchakamp! My scoby is giving me the best kombucha I have ever had, and the customer service is excellent!!! Thanks so much Hannah! I highly recommend your products!!!:)

Reviewed by Laurie (SC), 07/06/2013

I bought this Scoby after trying another one online that was much smaller. This Scoby is fantastic! I am getting great tasting Kombucha and the instructions were easy. I am sending people to Hannah to get GOOD, high quality Scoby from now on.

Reviewed by Samantha D (Bellingham, WA), 06/24/2013

I have been around kombucha brewing before but this is my first attempt on my own. I am proud to report success! The mother I received is thick and healthy looking, I haven't had any mold problems and I received her in 2 days! Thank you so much kombucha kamp people for sending me a beautiful scoby with so much positive energy :)

Reviewed by Natasha Johnson, 06/23/2013

When I started making tea I was using Hannah's site and another. So for my first scoby I bought one from each site. Hannah's scobys are the best. They are big and beautiful and have produced not only wonderful tea but more beautiful scobys. I only purchase through Hannah now. She is trustworthy and honest and I get such wonderful results from her products. Thank you Hannah!

Reviewed by Brenda J, 06/21/2013

I received the culture very quickly and it's produced a lot of kombucha already! I still have the original culture in my "scoby hotel". It is rare to receive such great customer service these days - thanks for all the support!

Reviewed by Debbie White (Sarasota, Fl, 06/20/2013

Thanks for the fast and friendly service. This is a great product that was nice and thick and large. I had a new scoby formed in only 7 days. I was able to share with a friend and we are enjoying great tasting kombucha! Thanks for your help!

Reviewed by Carol Hazard (Kirksville, MO), 06/20/2013

The SCOBY I purchased from Kombucha Kamp is a very high quality culture. It adapted easily to its new home and quickly gave me a batch of beautiful baby Booch. In the month since then, the culture has been producing a mature, smooth beverage which is delightful.

Reviewed by Kim Brody, 06/18/2013

I LOVE Kombucha! I decided to make my own because the cost at Whole Foods is prohibitive for drinking two or three per day... The Kombucha Kamp Scoby works great and I have my system set up to bottle every three or four days. I did have a little trouble with the Scoby Hotel when I was gone for three weeks, but I don't think that was the function of the Scoby itself. My KK scoby makes delicious and reliable kombucha with plenty of fizz - the way I like it.

Reviewed by Keesha, 06/09/2013

Thanks so much for creating and releasing great products. My SCOBY arrived earlier than expected and the instructions were simple to follow. I appreciate the personalized touch. I've had great success with each batch I've made and I'm getting ready to venture into flavored recipes, possibly using some of your own.

Reviewed by Brian "Bonkey Kong" Kindig, 06/07/2013

Highest of quality ‘buch mothers around, hands down. Thick, healthy looking SCOBY promptly delivered complete with detailed instructions, recipe guide, sample tea blend with reusable tea bag, and a word search just for funsies. Crunchy ‘buchy brewers, end your search. You have found the Holy Grail of products and resources to get your fizz fix for many years to come.

Reviewed by Claire (Everett, WA), 06/07/2013

Excellent product! My SCOBY is very healthy and productive. The delivery was lightning-fast, and the personal touches (a complimentary tea sample, brewing instructions, and a hand-written thank you) were much appreciated. I highly recommend Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Jessica C, 06/06/2013

You saved my kombucha efforts!! I had been trying for almost two months to make kombucha from a rehydrated scoby with no luck at all and was close to giving up. Your scoby produced a delicious brew! It came right on time and worked the very first time. Yum! Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Jason Hickerson, 06/05/2013

Great product. I went with this bought SCOBY over searching a local one on Craigslist because I was concerned with the previous brewers' hygiene. Arrived quickly and worked perfectly. The pdf guide is well worth the $ too.

Reviewed by Kim Bramblett (Wildomar,CA), 06/05/2013

I had never even heard of Kombucha Tea until about 4 months ago when my doctor told me that I should drink it to help with my stomach problem. I am a complete newbie! I was searching the internet and came across Kombucha Camp. I read every thing on the site. I wanted to order a scoby but I was afraid of failure. I finally made the decision to start by ordering 1 scoby. I was so happy when it came days before the estimated arrival date. It was packaged perfectly. I used the sample of Hannah's Special Blend in my first batch. After I removed it from the vessel, I made myself a cup of hot tea. It tasted so good that I am going to buy some just to have a cup of hot tea:) I am on my second batch now and I am LOVING my Kombucha. Thanks Hannah for making it so fun and easy for this newbie:)

Reviewed by Candace VG (Sarasota, FL), 06/02/2013

My kombucha scoby arrived in great condition, even with the cross country journey. It has been up and going for two complete batches (and created two more scobys) and is working on the third. Thanks for the great products and info on your site!

Reviewed by R JOHNSON, 06/01/2013

My scoby and starter liquid arrived promptly and in great condition. It is vigorous and fermenting quickly. Much better than the previous method I tried from store-bought KT

Reviewed by Dorothy Coblentz(Chattanooga Tn), 05/29/2013

Very impressed with the healthy
SCOBY. It came well packed and produced a lovely flavored Kombucha. Instructions were clear and the follow up invaluable. I know that having this will make a difference in our health! Thanks.

Reviewed by Rebecca ( Stafford Ct ), 05/24/2013

Thanks Hannah for such a wonderful product , my first booch attempt was a success story because of a quality scoby

Reviewed by Lindsey, 05/20/2013

Great product and great customer service! I got it in the mail right away and brewed it according to the instructions. It made wonderful kombucha!!

Reviewed by Edward John McNeeley (Clarksville, TN), 05/19/2013

Already on my 5th batch from the initial scoby and i am having fun experimenting with brewing times, fruits and tea blends. awesome experience and the product got me started off great.

Reviewed by Jenna Novak (Cleveland, OH), 05/17/2013

I've had an excellent experience with this product. The SCOBY sent was thick and active. I was able to immediately start brewing with faster results than a mushroom I previously grew myself. I have even used the babies to make coffee kombucha.

Reviewed by Erin, 05/16/2013

The scoby I received was beautiful, fat, and happy. :) It is now churning out tasty kombucha and new baby scobys.

Reviewed by Anya (Denver, CO), 05/15/2013

This is the only live with liquid (not dehydrated) scoby I could find to order on the internet. It is great quality & not iffy like ordering a homegrown one from Craigslist or a "friend". This scoby is worth the price. Shipping was really fast & the support is great. While making kombucha seems kind of scary in general, Kombucha Momma made it easy! I know I will be shopping here again & will recommend it to anyone who needs supplies.

Reviewed by Maria R (NJ), 05/15/2013

You saved my kombucha efforts. I was trying for almost two months to make kombucha from a rehydrated scoby with no luck at all. Your scoby produced a delicious brew that I have since bottled and made two other batches with! Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to many batches to come :)

Reviewed by Donna M., 05/13/2013

It's working perfectly. This was my first kombucha attempt and my first two batches have come out beautifully. Couldn't be happier.

Reviewed by Mike Warwick (Belton, SC), 05/13/2013

Excellent product and fast service. I ordered on a Sunday, it shipped on Monday and I received it on Wendesday, not to bad Calif. to Sc in three days. I've been drinking 4 ozs. a day mixed in with my usual iced tea and really enjoy it. Thanks for a great product.

Reviewed by Sarah R. (Sandy Valley, NV), 05/08/2013

My first batch and soon to be second have so far been a success thanks to KombuchaKamps instructions and scoby! I'm very happy I found this website, my fears about brewing kombucha myself are gone. Thanks!

Reviewed by Stephanie (Anchorage AK), 05/05/2013

I just bottled my first batch of successful yummy beautfil baych of Kombucha with your Scoby. My order was delivered quickly and everything was perfect. Thanks

Reviewed by Michael Sobeski, 05/03/2013

I ordered a SCOBY and it arrived in no time. I have successfully brewed two "batches of booch" and love it!! Enclosed instruction were great and my tea has turned out better than expected. I will be back to buy more and will bring some friends.

Reviewed by Johanna, 05/03/2013

The scoby arrived quickly and looked beautiful, the instructions were thorough and the scoby gave me some delicious kombucha and a healthy new "mother"! Thank you, KombuchaKamp!

Reviewed by Kathleen Prew, 05/03/2013

Fantastic! I could not be happier with this scoby! I tried a dehydrated one before and did not have good results, but this one arrived healthy and started producing wonderful kombucha immediately! Thank you very much!

Reviewed by Jackie Caron, 04/29/2013

I've just finished brewing my first batch of Kombucha. Was a little worried at first but it turned out great. On my second batch. Thanks for the easy directions and quick response

Reviewed by Veronica Perrine ( Hayesville, NC), 04/26/2013

I love my Scoby !! I have oredered two from KK so far , I have been so impressed with the not only the awesome product, but also the customer service and how quickly, I have received my scoby's !! Next on my wish list is a CB !! Looking forward to many mmore transactions with KK !!!

Reviewed by Dave, 04/25/2013

I started brewing with a SCOBY I got from a friend. My first batch was less than stellar, so I ordered a fresh SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp. I brewed the batch for 9 days with a loose tea blend of 50/25/25 green/black/white and turned out better than any store brand. The next batch I used Hannah's signature blend (free sample with order). I brewed for 20 days and after bottling I did a secondary ferment with ginger, lemon zest and a touch of honey for another week. The result was tangy and refreshing with the mouthfeel of champagne. I was also left over with a thick, brilliant white new scoby that looks just as good as the original (so don't buy the 2 pack, just be patient.) Can't believe I ever paid $3 a bottle for booch that doesn't even come close to the quality of this home brew.

Reviewed by Poppy, 04/23/2013

Beautiful Healthy Scoby delivered quickly to my door! Delicious kombucha and helpful comprehensive information for a newbie! Thank you Hannah!

Reviewed by Kevin C, 04/23/2013

Bought my first Scoby and paired it with Hannah's Special Tea Blend and it tastes great. I started during the winter so it took a few times through to find a warm enough corner for my booch to brew quickly, but it's worked out great since then. So easy to brew with the instructions provided and it tastes great.

Reviewed by Brenda, 04/23/2013

This was excellent starter for my my kombucha brew. If you are looking to brew your own this is a great start. Loved the tea sample that came along with it!

Reviewed by Texanne McLeish (Garland, TX), 04/23/2013

Scoby arrived quickly with detailed instructions and a tea sample. I've been brewing perfect kombucha for a few months now and I love it! Thank you for a great product!

Reviewed by Ditty Goodson (New Hill, NC, 04/20/2013

Received my beautiful scoby in the mail and was brewing tea within the hour. On my third batch. I am new the whole booch way and am spreading the word. Thanks Hannah for your great KK site and thorough information.

Reviewed by Marcy (Mass.), 04/19/2013

Excellent service and SCOBY! I am a first time kombucha maker and this was so simple with the instructions included and the great SCOBY. I had delicious kombucha to drink within a couple weeks of receiving my SCOBY and am about to get my third batch now. The flavor was fantastic. Now I'm thinking about upgrading to the continuous brew system so I can have more of this goodness! Thanks, Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Laura, 04/17/2013

Very happy with the product.

Reviewed by Terry Church, 04/15/2013

Excellent results.

Reviewed by Jennifer St Germain, 04/11/2013

Beautiful, creamy white SCOBY at over an inch thick arrived at my door in just a matter of days.

"Big Mama" worked like a charm and gave me a very pretty baby in just three days! Would definitely recommend to others!

Reviewed by J Neville (Birmingham, AL), 04/10/2013

Just tasted my first batch with your Scoby and starter tea. Yummy. I have been working with a dehydrated culture for my last 2batches. It doesn\'t even compare. Your culture is fat and sassy and the other is paper thin and the flavor iis weak. Thanks. Going to start continuous brew soon. Thanks

Reviewed by J Neville (Birmingham, AL), 04/10/2013

Just tasted my first batch with your Scoby and starter tea. Yummy. I have been working with a dehydrated culture for my last 2batches. It doesn\'t even compare. Your culture is fat and sassy and the other is paper thin and the flavor iis weak. Thanks. Going to start continuous brew soon. Thanks

Reviewed by Mara Thomas (Copperas Cove, TX), 04/03/2013

Omg, this is the best scoby I've ever had! The yeast grows in such beautiful webs and the baby turned out so smooth and perfect. Great flavor and carbonation on the first batch! Thanks so much for the tea sample too.

Reviewed by Julia Burr Tooele, Utah, 04/02/2013

This Scoby was everything that this site said it would be. Fresh, full, and ready to brew.

Reviewed by cynthia wilson, 03/28/2013

I am very happy with my product. I haven't made kombucha for over 10 years, and this worked out great!! I'm on my third batch and loving it!!Thank You

Reviewed by Maureen Schlich (Ohio), 03/26/2013

On my second batch of Kombucha and I love it!

Reviewed by Tyler Opsahl, 03/25/2013

Perfect, healthy SCOBY and excellent guide made brewing a cinch! After one awful failed attempt from a store-bought kit, I was THRILLED with the quality of the scoby and instruction (100+ page PDF Guide). THANKS KOMBUCHA MAMMA!~

Reviewed by bn, 03/24/2013

Worked great. I am now brewing happy strong kambucha. The scooby arrived in great health & I will definately recommend this product to others.

Reviewed by Laure - Central CA Coast, 03/22/2013

Great product. The scoby was very fresh and hearty looking, and there was plenty of starter liquid. My first batch was slow to brew because the room temp was too low. After having only mildly tart booch after over a month of struggling along, I decided to try continuous brewing with a 2 1/2 jar and purchased the smaller heating strip. Even though the weather here is relatively mild, the heating strip helped to ensure the proper temp. Brewing is much faster now. It is reassuring to have the thermometer strip attached to the bottle so I can monitor the temp of the brew. I'm very happy with the products I've gotten from Kombucha Kamp.

Reviewed by Karen Harmon, 03/21/2013

This is an excellent product. The SCOBY arrived in great shape and promptly. I am on my second brewing cycle and it is delicious. I have brewed before, several years ago. This culture is by far my favorite. Thanks so much for a safe and healthy product.

Reviewed by Patricia Sorenson (Mpls., MN), 03/17/2013

Excellent product. My only previous experience making kombucha was when I used a dehydrated scoby. It made decent kombucha, but never grew a baby. I have now made several batches with my new kombucha kamp scoby and it makes a huge new baby every time - not to mention delicious kombucha. I have no regrets making the switch and highly recommend giving it a try.

Reviewed by Mary (New Orleans, LA), 03/16/2013

I couldn't be happier with my scoby! It's doing great, and has helped me break my $4/bottle habit. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thanks!

Reviewed by Jake (Oregon City, OR), 03/13/2013

I have been making kombucha for a number of years from various SCOBYs I have obtained from multiple sources, none of which had the "name brand flavor" so many of us are looking for. This SCOBY, however, exceeded expectations, and I can say that I actually prefer the flavor of my own kombucha to store bought varieties now. Product was shipped very quickly, and overall the customer service experience has been excellent. I have already highly recommended this site to several friends.

Reviewed by bld22, 03/12/2013

The SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp worked like a charm! I previously bought a dehydrated SCOBY from a different vendor and it did absolutely nothing- it was a huge waste of time and money. I then found Kombucha Kamp and ordered 2 SCOBYs and they are both great. My first batch of tea was perfect and I am in the process of brewing my 2nd batch now.
In addition to quality products the customer service and expertise from Hannah can't be beat. (Baton Rouge, LA)

Reviewed by Joan, 03/11/2013

I tried making kombucha years ago and it didn't turn out very well. I decided to try again and discovered Kombucha Momma. The Scooby arrived in great condition and the directions were very clear and concise. Adding the fruit to each batch is a wonderful idea! I have been growing kombucha now for about 6 weeks and my entire family loves it. Great results and easy to do.

Reviewed by GP, 03/10/2013

Wonderful product, fast shipping. We're bottling our third batch today.

Reviewed by Vanessa Dugan, 03/08/2013

Excellent scoby. First time, another scoby grew after 9 days. Works great, very healthy scoby, so excited to not be buying the expensive bottled kombucha from the store.

Reviewed by Joyce Rogers, 03/06/2013

My scoby arrived quickly, and I started brewing kombucha. In about 10 days it was ready to drink, and has been happily brewing ever since. I have already started 2 new batches for my son and my sister. Thanks so much for great service.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Jaconelli, AZ, 03/05/2013

The scoby got here really fast and makes a much better kombucha than my homemade scoby from a storebought KT. I am vary happy with it.

Reviewed by Jin, 03/05/2013

Worked great, no mold and it mine got good and fizzy, the way I like it

Reviewed by debbie j, 03/05/2013

This is my first time making kombucha. I was nervous about it at first but that didnt last long. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for in flavor but after 10 days in about 72 degrees it tasted wonderful. I know I will be doing this for a long time. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery and quality ingredients.

Reviewed by Ashley (Denver, CO), 03/01/2013

The SCOBY arrives in a sealed bag with plenty of starter liquid, ready to be plopped into your vessel. After 1 week, my tea had been transformed into delicious kombucha! Will now be sharing my SCOBY with friends!

Reviewed by Rachel, 03/01/2013

Excellent looking scoby! Just finished brewing my first batch and it turned out better than I expected. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Heejin Weisbrod, 02/27/2013

Scoby was beautiful, product support has been prompt and very patient. It's my first time, and I've convinced myself I'll ruin the first one with mold or something awful, but the site and online support have been nothing but encouraging. Thanks so much!
Heejin Weisbrod (Norfolk, VA)

Reviewed by Leslie Rhodes, 02/21/2013

I was very pleased to receive my culture very quickly and in great shape. It's obvious a lot of love goes into Hannah's cultures. They are big and healthy and make great Kombucha :)

Reviewed by Melissa O (Chaska, MN), 02/19/2013

What a wonderful SCOBY ! Arrived very quickly and in great shape and started to create a new baby right away. Would highly recommend Hannah's products to all of my friends.

Reviewed by Karen B., 02/18/2013

After frustrating attempts with 2 dehydrated scobys I purchased one of Kombucha Momma's scobys and made my first successful kombucha tea. I am very pleased with the business our K.Momma is running. She is doing a great job!

Reviewed by Pascale (dallas TX), 02/18/2013

I ordered 3 scobys at the last minute for Christmas gifts (1 for me). They came on time and in great condition. I was particularly touched by the fact that Hannah answered the phone herself and packed the 3 scobys in separate bags, (easier to wrap) :) The scobys were in excellent condition and very healthy. The support was even better. This was by far my best experience of on line shopping ever. Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by Allison, 02/18/2013

I received the scoby as ordered and have made one batch with it following the instructions provided. I found the whole process to be very informative and easy to do. My first batch is doing its second ferment right now so I look forward to tasting it soon! Your customer service was really good too; answering my questions quickly. Thanks!

Reviewed by G (Portsmouth, NH), 02/18/2013

My SCOBY came super fast and is happily fermenting!

Reviewed by Daniel, 02/17/2013

Excellent product, really fast shipping. Thank you!

Reviewed by Asya Nikitina, 02/17/2013

I received my SCOBY perfectly healthy and started brewing my own Kombucha tea the very same day. Now I am on my 6th or even 7th brewing cycle and making 3 gallons of KT at a time. Both my husband and I like Kombucha very much and are so glad we found your website with a wealth of information and numerous useful instructions. Thank you so much for the wonderful products and all the available information about Kombucha.

Reviewed by Cindy S, 02/16/2013

I received my Kombucha Mushroom in record time and in great shape. At first I had it in a 1/2 gallon, let it go too long and it turned into vinegar. I wish I had known at the time I could have used it for cooking. Now that I have it in a gallon of sweet tea, it is wonderful... producing a healthy baby and delicious fermented tea.... much healthier than the scoby I grew from a bottle of GT Kombucha. Hannah, you are the best. Thank you!

Reviewed by Nancy Bell, 02/12/2013

Very easy process from the choosing of which product to buy to the actual purchase and the actual process of making the Kombucha. Thank you for making this a easy process and we are so happy to be enjoying our wonderful Kombucha! Thanks!

Reviewed by kristin gaulin, 02/12/2013

This website came highly recommended to me and I see why!! Beautiful product, quick shipping, and helpful instructions. I have already gotten two perfect batches from my purchase and I`'m so excited to be able to make my own of something that I adore so much. I wouldn't buy from anybody else!!

Kristin Gaulin (Richmond, VA)

Reviewed by JAMS from FL, 02/12/2013

Scoby came in great shape, one of the best I have ever seen. Good job guys!

Reviewed by Kerry, Canada, 02/12/2013

It isn't often these days to place an order and then feel blown away by what you receive. Our SCOBY was REALLY thick and *beautifully* creamy - obviously something which had taken time, patience and expertise to grow. When we made our booch, it got to work immediately. Although this is a cool time of year, we loved watching the new baby forming (after only a few days) and we only had a nine day wait before we got to drink the results! The instructions were perfect and I'd have absolutely no second thoughts sending someone who wants to start the Kombucha journey to Hannah - this has been an incredibly positive, supportive and delicious experience!

Reviewed by Alyssa Ferguson, 02/11/2013

I couldn't be more happy with the health and quality of the SCOBY. I just finished my first batch of gallon Booch and it's amazing!! Thank you so much Hannah

Alyssa Ferguson (Pocatello, ID)

Reviewed by Teresa Vega, 02/07/2013

I purchased my KK scoby and it looked wonderful upon receipt. I just tasted my kombucha and it tastes perfect. I would highly recommend purchasing this product.
- Teresa Vega (NYC)

Reviewed by Raji Stevenson, 02/06/2013

I ordered the scoby last month and have just completed my second brew. I was very pleased with the thick scoby and how it was packaged. It came with directions so i did not have to refer back to site for the information. I also enjoy the facebook group which really helped me understand what to look for. I have never tried the bottled kombucha and did not know what i was in for but was very pleased by the batch i made. Thanks Hannah and Alex for showing me a "new world".

Reviewed by Rebecca, 02/05/2013

Didn't know a scoby could be so pretty! She performs way better than expected, I'm used to the scobies I cultured myself. Super healthy and HUGE!

Reviewed by Valerie G (San Luis Obispo, CA), 02/04/2013

As a first time brewer the web resource, emails and instructions were successful in helping me to brew my first batch of Kombucha. Thanks for making it safe and easy. I give four stars out of five here because though the scoby was shipped quickly the package was not sealed well and I ended up with a soggy box on my doorstop. Otherwise great product and I am happy with this healthy product and happy I chose this reliable website.

Reviewed by Johanna, 02/04/2013

Prompt delivery, excellent quality. The brew is so strong, another mother formed on the top of my latest batch before I could finish drinking it. Amazing! Can't wait to give away to my family and friends!

Reviewed by Laura Standfield Columbus, OH, 02/03/2013

Culture came thru the mail fast and well packed with lots of information. Made my 1st, 1 gallon batch and it smells and tastes great, bottling it with berries in two days.

Reviewed by Lizzy Fillat, 02/03/2013

I have been so happy with my new brooch baby. My first batch was delicious and now I am working on gifts for friends. Thank you for a great product!

Reviewed by M. Garfield, 01/30/2013

The SCOBY arrived quickly and looked very thick and healthy. I followed the directions included very carefully as this was only my second batch ever made! Turned out great and I am ready to begin a new batch. I agree with others that this is the best site from which to order a new SCOBY!

Reviewed by Barbara Harling(Chippewa Falls, WI), 01/28/2013

I am on my second batch of kombucha tea. My first batch wasn't really carbonated, until I drank the last bottle 9 days after bottling. What a fizz! I love it. I experiment with candied ginger pieces put into the decanting bottles, and WOW!! Ginger ale, only much much better. My kombucha culture is excellent, grew very very well, and I am excited to try new flavors in my second decanting process. I put in a few blackberries in a couple of the bottles this time.

Reviewed by Brian Sparks, 01/28/2013

These scobies are so substantial they could be used in the NHL! I bought two for the 2.5 gallon croc and they are a perfect "10" performance-wise. I'm on my third "booch" batch and lovin' it! Thanks for a great product and great support Hannah!

Reviewed by Rhett (MA), 01/28/2013

Hi Hannah, I have been brewing brooch from your scoby for a weeks now and have gotten three bottlings. it is great! All your help has been wonderful. I like your service and products. i give overall a ten! the advice is excellent. great booch!

Reviewed by Craig K (Madrid, Spain), 01/23/2013

After two failed attempts with other scobys from other online kombucha shops I found Kombucha Kamp. Hanna was great, giving advice on brewing even before I purchased the her cultures. Since then I've brewed 5 successful batches (created to new scobys) and have set up a continous brew system. Kombucha Kamp is the place to go for all your kombucha needs.
Now I just have to figure out how to brew the kombucha beer!!!

Reviewed by Missy, 01/21/2013

Perfect. I did it! Made my first batch and 2nd batch is brewing now. Lots of help from "Mama'. AND I don't have to buy a sourdough bread starter! THIS time I will use the bottom 'dregs' of yeast to start my sourdough bread! My IBS is not so much of an issue and some other 'issues' have cleared up too!

Reviewed by Travis Roberts, 01/16/2013

Finally I have produced true Kombucha. I have purchased scoby's many times in the past and none have ever resulted in the desired product and I pretty much gave up. I went ahead and gave this scoby one more shot since it was so cheap and I sure am glad I did. This is top notch. Go ahead and order it, you won't be disappointed.
Travis Roberts La Plata, MD

Reviewed by Leah M, 01/09/2013

Received my product very quickly, very easy to follow,just finished my first batch and my kids and husband all love it.
Thank you :)

Reviewed by Joyce, 01/08/2013

I am very happy with my SCOBY, tea blend, cloth cover, and all the online help! After 3 brewing cycles I'm getting great results (added the heating strip really made the difference in my chilly house). Thanks for everything.

Reviewed by Deborah Craine, 01/04/2013

Great products and wonderful support. Your response time is fantastic! I love your "Hannah's special tea blend!" I never knew making kombucha could be this easy. Thanks for your wonderful products.

Reviewed by ByrdBrain, 01/03/2013

Booooooch! KK's cultures are the finest. Samson ups to Hannah and crew!

Reviewed by Bill PS Raw Youniverse - Middletown, CT, 12/26/2012

Wanted to thank you for your qucik and easy ordering and shipping of an excellent Scoby whihc arrived in outstanding condition and huge in size. I was so pleased with the mushroom and the easy to use directions. I have benn making gallon afetr gallon and collecting new baby Scoby's to give to friends as gifts. I enjoy mixing my Kombooch with Mango and Ginger and other fruits to achieve some unique, wildly healthy and great tasting drinks. I must say that Kombucha really truly is a Divine elixer for me. I can't get enough and my body craves this wonderful tea. Thanks for getting me started in a truly successful and very easy way to add to my wellbeing. With Love, BPS

Reviewed by shankar, 12/21/2012

After patiently waiting for 14 days my brew is perfect. I live in colorado and we like to keep our house little cooler than normal. The taste was good. The product was fantastic. definitely recommend to anyone who want to start their own booch.

Reviewed by Bob D, 12/20/2012

I started drinking Kombucha to help with my Lyme Disease treatment and buying bottle after bottle from the grocery store started to get expensive. Now that I can brew my own I have an unlimited supply. I have been telling all my friends about KK so that they can start brewing too!

Reviewed by Stacey S (N. Nevada), 12/17/2012

What great customer service! I am loving being able to make my very own Kombucha!

Reviewed by Ilana Halperin, 12/13/2012

I'm SO happy with this SCOBY! I've made several batches of kombucha and I love it! I previously tried a dehydrated culture and it didn't grow a baby then got moldy :( I think this culture must be stronger or healthier, because it is making babies just fine!

Reviewed by Ethel Powers (Long Beach, CA), 12/11/2012

I had previously created Scobys from commerical, bottled Kombucha. None were as thick and healthy looking as the one I purchased from Kombucha Kamp. I am comfortable with the quality of the products this site offers.

Reviewed by Bill Healey, 12/08/2012

My SCOBY arrived quickly and went to work immediately with great results. Thank you Hannah, you have another faithful follower. :)

Reviewed by DanR, 12/07/2012

What great customer service! i highly recommend Kombucha Kamp for great products, fast delivery, and a high level of service.

Reviewed by Barbara Hurry, 11/27/2012

I received my scoby in two days and immediately brewed my first batch of kt. It turned out great!

Reviewed by Nigel K, 11/26/2012

Great quality and great service. As a note to those above the 47th, you really need a heater or keep your house very warm!

Reviewed by Sarah Raczkowski, 11/26/2012

My scoby arrived within a couple of days and I had new SCOBY forming before the week was up! It made the best kombucha ever I am currently 4 more gallons in and loving it!

Reviewed by julie ( Hayden Lake,ID), 11/10/2012

Even though USPS goofed and my Scoby was sent to Alaska and THEN to me, it arrived in Beautiful condition. Hannah helped watch the tracking of my shipment with me.I felt like an expectant mother anxiously awaiting a new arrival! This small delay did not seem to hurt the viability of the scoby as my brew is on it's fifth day and already forming a new baby on top and looking bubbly. The guide is a great reference as I am a newbie brewer. Thank You for all your help and your "Hannah's Special Tea Blend". You are a pleasure to do business with!

Reviewed by Jennifer Frost, 11/06/2012

I am on my third continuous brew cycle and each one is better than the last. I was scared to start brewing on my own but the kit made it easy and the SCOBY got to me timely and in good shape. For the beginner like me, this is a great place to get your supplies to start brewing your own kombucha.

Reviewed by Sherrie B. (Henderson, KY), 11/03/2012

If you're reading reviews and trying to decide who to buy a SCOBY from, this is the place. My last purchase (several years ago) from a highly-praised source was a nightmare. After three months and several phone calls from me requesting to cancel the order I finally received a pie-shaped SCOBY. When I ended up having to discard everything and start over, I came back here, the first place I had searched several years ago. I received my SCOBY within a week of ordering and immediately put it to use. Opening the well-packaged bag the wonderful scent of kombucha permeated my senses. Thankfully we had a warm spell here so my kt brewed to my satisfaction within a week! After second fermentation (4 days) it had so much fizz it literally foamed over the top of the glass. In addition to the SCOBY, I purchased the tea blend and while I'm on a tight budget, I still opted to purchase it and I am so glad I did. Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your knowledge, experience and passion of this ancient brew.

Reviewed by Cherie Luken (Liberal, KS), 10/31/2012

Scoby worked great! I had previously tried a dehydrated culture from a different company--which ended up being a waste of time and money. The fresh culture is definitely the way to go!

Reviewed by Jo Arledge, 10/15/2012

Kombucha Mamma has the best scoby's,nice and thick,that go to work FAST!Hannah is always there to answer questions.Thank you Kombucha Mamma for making it so easy.

Reviewed by Micki (Albany, NY), 10/14/2012

SCOBY arrived promptly. "He" was thick & healthy. New to this game, just brewing my first few batches. I especially appreciate the ongoing e-mail support & video tips.

Reviewed by Josee, 10/12/2012

I received my order quickly and the Scoby was healthy. Thanks

Reviewed by Lesley Clinton, 10/09/2012

Great quality SCOBY! Arrived quickly with clear instructions and thoughtful touches that make for excellent customer service. We enjoyed our first home-brewed glasses of kombucha this evening after dinner. Tasty and refreshing! No more paying over three bucks a bottle for the grocery store stuff! Thanks for empowering me to do this, Kombucha Mamma!!!

Reviewed by Jennifer (Las Vegas, NV), 10/06/2012

Wow I finally am making my own kombucha after all of these years laying out money for expensive bottles at whole foods. This website is so wonderful because all the support you need to get started on this kombucha lifestyle is right here! I did not realize it would be so much fun either. My SCOBY arrived fast and in great condition. My first batch came out great and I must say Hanna's tea blend is so good I am going to order some now! Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Ryan Leary, 10/03/2012

Just bottled my first batch of kombucha from this SCOBY and I have to say that it is exquisitely superb. I added a little organic raspberry lemonade to the bottles to kick off the second fermentation process. Looking forward!

Reviewed by gloria betts, 09/24/2012


Reviewed by sandy Fischer, 09/22/2012

After waiting 3 months for a culture to arrive ordered from another company online I finally gave up and found you. My order arrived in just a few days and I'm making my 4th batch of kombucha with the beautiful scoby I received from you. I'm addicted! Thank you Hannah

Reviewed by Ryan Pettit, 09/14/2012

Absolutely wonderful, high-quality culture. Produced delicious, fizzy kombucha within two weeks. A word to the wise: make sure the seal on your permeable membrane is TIGHT! My spirit was crushed when I went to bottle my 2nd batch of booch and saw fruit flies had taken over. Should have used an extra rubber band or two. Can't wait to brew again with one of these cultures!

Reviewed by A Sibley, 09/08/2012

Fantastic! Had one of these for 9 years, but lost in a move. Your perfect and healthy SCOBY arrived quickly, well-packaged, and is already brewing amazing kombucha tea. I am so pleased with having done business with you! Thank you so much!!

Reviewed by Maureen in Ontario, 09/08/2012

Starter Scoby
This is an amazing scoby which produces divine tasting bucha. I cannot get enough of this drink! Even more amazing is the fact that Hanna has responded personally to my multitude of questions, usually within the day!!!! Awesome service and product. Thank you

Reviewed by Ellen, 09/08/2012

Received my scoby quickly and immediately started a continuous brew. It is delicious stuff! If you have been debating if homebrewing is right for you, do it! Hannah makes it very easy to have awesome kombucha all year for a fraction of the cost of storebought. It is my first time brewing and I already feel confident, thanks to the great instructions and customer support.

Reviewed by T Fink, 09/07/2012

I really enjoyed the Kombucha from the grocery store but it was so expensive! I was a little nervous about trying to make my own, but after reading all of the reviews and suggestions on Hannah's site, I thought I'd give it a try. Everything came quickly and my first batch was just what I had hoped it would be! I am continuous brewing now and it's so easy and I can try all kinds of flavors they never had at the store! Thanks!

Reviewed by Carpenter, 08/31/2012

Thank you for filling the order in such a timely fashion. The SCOBY was in excellent condition, the packaging was great and I appreciate the extra mile you went to by adding some tea. Great customer service! I will absolutely be ordering other things. I am still trying to get my head around the continuous brewing, but feel I may need to do a little more research. Thank you so much, I can't wait to try my first batch (it's been several years since I have brewed any)

Reviewed by I Hladis, Los Angeles, 08/30/2012

i wanted to thank you for your kombucha scoby! i have been enjoying every batch i made. my last one is the first time mixing black and green teas. can wait to have a taste.

thank you for making my life absolutely wonderful.

Reviewed by I Hladis, Los Angeles, 08/30/2012

i wanted to thank you for your kombucha scoby! i have been enjoying every batch i made. my last one is the first time mixing black and green teas. can wait to have a taste.

thank you for making my life absolutely wonderful.

Reviewed by Lili, 08/07/2012

The scoby arrived sealed and in excellent condition, and Hannah even added some free organic tea. Already two weeks later I had another culture growing on top of the first one. One month later I already had five and gave two of them to a friend. The kombucha is superb and tastes as I remember it from brewing several years ago. Thank you so much for a great product!

Reviewed by Arthur A. (NJ), 07/30/2012

I am onto my third batch and from the first batch I knew I had a winner - the taste of years past. No doubt quality SCOBYs and the pdf-book is worth every cent. It was a pleasure to deal with you, Hanna Thank you and God Bless!

Reviewed by Emily, 07/29/2012

Great scoby! It's been over a month and I am now brewing two happy gallons of kombucha!

Reviewed by Debra S. (Las Vegas, NV), 07/27/2012

I ordered a SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp and was very pleased with the quick delivery and delicious tea that resulted from the first batch that I brewed. I'm now on my second batch and can't WAIT for it to be ready to drink. Love the Kombucha! Thank you, Hannah.

Reviewed by Marie A.P. (Edgewood, NM), 07/24/2012

I have received the scoby from you in good health and it is happily brewing now. It is almost ready and looks really good. I am extremely happy with your product and what you offer around it.

Reviewed by Whitney Linn, 07/21/2012

Hannah Crum's website is the most thorough Kombucha site on the web. I read everything available about Kombucha, SCOBY, & dispensers. My SCOBY arrived within a week of ordering and, after trying one brew I knew continous brewing was for me. An inexpensive dispenser clogged it's spout after 1/2 of the 1st brew was being bottled and I knew I had to order a kit. Thank You Hannah Crum

Reviewed by Maureen, 07/20/2012

I am loving the kombucha! The order came in good time, looked healthy and the instructions were easy to follow. I've been making it regularly and it's wonderful to drink in the summer over ice. So far I've tried strawberry, blueberry, lemon and cherry. Strawberry is my favourite. I now have extra scoby to share with friends. Such fun!

Reviewed by Kathy Lamm, 07/11/2012

I too had originally purchased a dehydrated scoby and while the Kombucha Tea tasted OK it would never grown another scoby. I have already made one batch using your SCOBY and it taste so much better and has a lot more carbonation that what I had made using the dehydrated scoby. My 2nd batch is ready to bottle and I can hardly wait.

Reviewed by Melissa L (Myrtle Beach, SC), 07/05/2012

After my first brew failed, Hannah promptly sent me another mamma free of charge along with great directions to ensure a successful second brew. she has high quality products, and gives great information, something that was very important to me as a first time brewer. there are many websites out there with information that sounded confusing and complicated to me, and I'm grateful for the free and very fast support that Hannah offers for whatever questions arise. looking around on my own it was stressful and confusing, hannah made the process simple, and reliable. I'm so grateful for what you do! thank you!

Reviewed by Dan Scollan, 06/29/2012

I'm on my third batch of kombucha. I'm now making 2 gallons a week. I had no issues. It tastes great.

Reviewed by Brenda, 06/23/2012

My SCOBY arrived in just a few days, looked beautiful and healthy, and, of course, it makes delicious fizzy Kombucha. Thanks, KK! :-)

Reviewed by Kerry M (Loveland, CO), 06/23/2012

I'm so glad I found your site. I made kombucha 3 years ago when I got a scoby from a friend. I followed Sally Fallon's recipe in Nourishing Traditions and made batches until I wasn't sure if the culture was good anymore. I looked for a source of scobies with no success. I made my first batch today with your SCOBY and am looking forward to sampling in a few days. Thanks for making Kombucha so accessible and affordable to the masses. Your guidebook is a great resource and I agree with your sentiments on Health and healing.

Reviewed by Vivian, 06/20/2012

Excellent product, took about 3 weeks like stated for Scoby to make tasty tea. Thank you for providing this product.

Reviewed by Angie, 06/12/2012

Great product, great customer support! I'm on my second batch of kombucha and am super pleased with my SCOBY purchase! Thanks, Hannah!

Reviewed by Jennifer B. (Foster City, CA), 06/11/2012

Very happy with the product and great customer service. Would definitely recommend KKamp to others and I will use them again. 5 stars!

Reviewed by Mandy Brickell, 06/11/2012

Fat fat fat scooby and it got to me in just a couple of days. I haven't made kambucha before this so I cant compare it to others but it was huge! My favorite part is the Guide though, so much good information to use over and over. I've read it twice already!

Reviewed by Rhonda S. (Lucas, TX), 06/07/2012

I was new to Kombucha and the SCOBY and step-by-step instructions came out perfect the very first time. I am on my fourth gallon brew, am experimenting with several flavors when bottling, and am getting great carbonation. My husband loves it (and I didn't think he would) and was especially impressed when he saw bottled Kombucha at the store for $3.49 a bottle. Thanks, Hannah, for great service and a quality product.

Reviewed by Andrew C., 06/04/2012

Fast delivery.
Good quality.
I'm very happy with my purchase.

Reviewed by Joseph Brenan (MN), 05/31/2012

thanx for the product: timely delivery and things going well. Am not using whole gallon since just me but using 1/2 gallon container and havling the recipe. seems to be doing OK.

Reviewed by Sandra Bijani (IA), 05/31/2012

Had my first glass yesterday. Phenomenal!!!!

I think the most fun is going to be deciding how tart I actually like
it and be able to tweak it to my liking rather than just settling for
what's in a bottle (although I truly love GT's original).

Thank you for a great product and Hannah's most excellent tea blend!

Reviewed by Eileen Smith (NJ), 05/31/2012

Purchased my momma from KK and such a healthy specimen. Really created an exceptional brew.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Lang (Bethlehem, PA), 05/31/2012

I recently brewed with your culture. It is by far the best ferment I have tasted! I am ditching all of my previous cultures and using the ones produced from yours.
Thanks for what you do so well and I am psyched that I tried again!

Reviewed by Lisa, 05/29/2012

I received my SCOBY very quickly and have brewed the best tasting Kombucha I have ever had! Also, the instructions are very easy to follow. Thanks!

Reviewed by Molly Close, 05/23/2012

Fantastic! My SCOBY arrived in great condition, with clear instructions and Hannah's amazing tea blend (which I will definitely be purchasing more of!). I promptly discarded the sad little withered SCOBY that I purchased from another web site (dehydrated...beleive everything you hear about dehydrated SCOBYs -- they are bad news!). We set up a continuous brew system, and are enjoying great-tasting kombucha daily (my 2-year-old loves it!). :) Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Amy Rood, Seattle, WA, 05/17/2012

Scoby arrived a lot sooner than expected and was in great shape! Thanks Hannah! She even left a personal thank you note on my receipt, which I thought was super cute. :) I just started off with one batch brew, so this was perfect for me. It comes with starter liquid, so you dont have to worry about finding KT to start with, or having to supply your own vinegar. The scoby was very healthy and has been awesome ever since my purchase! Ill definitely get another one from Hannah if need be. Thanks!

Reviewed by Elle, 05/02/2012

I love everything about KombuchaKamp! The service is excellent, the SCOBY and starter tea made the best kombucha, and Hannah's special tea blend is delicious. Thanks Kombucha Mama Hannah.

Reviewed by Ross, 04/21/2012

The SCOBY was promptly delivered is working like a charm. No problems.

Reviewed by Mandy Lowe, 03/27/2012

I was surprised at how large this scoby was. I had made the mistake of storing my extra one in the fridge for a few months. When it molded, yours came very fast and I have to admit the Kombucha tastes better than I remember it being with the other starter. Yours is delicious! :)

Reviewed by W. Witts, 03/27/2012

Thank you for answering all my questions with your guide. It felt like you were there brewing with me! Nice mushroom culture and fast too!

Reviewed by Alexander, 03/15/2012

Great product. Recieved the SCOBY in about three or four days. It is working great!

Reviewed by TM Bell, 03/05/2012

My order was shipped and received quickly. Good health Scoby but only after two brews something went wrong (probably on my part) I emailed Hanna, sent her pictures and she immediately sent me out a new Scoby that has been healthy and prosperous! Thanks Hanna, great customer service!

Reviewed by Tony Minyon, 02/05/2012

Beautiful SCOBYs! Thick and strong.

Reviewed by Ellen S., 01/22/2012

The Scoby we received made excellent kombucha that our whole family is enjoying. Thank you for a wonderful product Kombucha Mamma !

Reviewed by Kerry Walters, 01/04/2012

Thank you Hannah for all you do! The Scoby I received was exactly as described on your web site. I got it promptly and had it doing what it was born to do the very next day! The Kombucha tea is awesome!

Reviewed by Amanda, 12/13/2011

I received my culture a month ago, and have enjoyed a few batches since then. Service was prompt & scoby was beautiful. Pays for itself in the first batch! Although I have been making Kombucha for a few years, there was a nice instructional sheet that was included. It would have made it easy for a new brewer to follow. I think I am going to try continuous brewing now. Thanks!

Reviewed by Josh B, 11/15/2011

Hannah is a KT Master Brewer for many companies. Need I say more? :)

Reviewed by Heather Lent, 11/13/2011

Beautiful and healthy scoby, great results! So easy! I originally purchased a dehydrated scoby from another source and failed terribly at brewing, was discouraged. So glad I found Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Arthur Vance, 11/07/2011

I cant say enough about what a good experience I had with Hannah and Kombucha Kamp. Fast delivery and friendly people make it really easy. I went with continuous brew but I ordered a single culture first and both times I ordered everything came perfect and quick. Also I did order some other cultures a few times and did not like them as much. Usually they were small or looked kind of old. These were different younger and more robust I'd say.

Reviewed by Leanna Pack, 10/27/2011

I received the product promptly. The instructions were simple to follow. My tea turned out great. I am on my third batch, no problems.
Thank you so much.

Reviewed by Stephanie, 10/18/2011

Thank you I just received the kombucha and I am very excited to the idea of growing a whole new family.
Mahalo for your help