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Hisbiscus has many health benefits.
Chinese botanical drawing of hibiscus
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Hibiscus Kombucha and Hibiscus Kefir

Certified Organic Hibiscus Flowers give Kombucha a fresh and fruity flavor.  High in Vitamin C, Hibiscus flower tea (also known as Roselle or Jamaica) has been consumed since ancient times all over the world from Egypt, to the Caribbean to Thailand.  It has been shown that regular consumption of Hibiscus Tea can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.  This may also be drunk on its own as an herbal infusion - just add lemon or a drop of sweetener!

Hibiscus Kombucha Recipe

Recipe Idea:
Ginger, elderberries and rosehips are nice complementary flavors.




  • Ingredients: 100% Organic Hibiscus
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Been shown to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • 0.8 oz per packet, 30 serving
  • Available in 4oz or 8oz quantities via drop down menu

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Aaron Spalla, 01/13/2020

This gives kombucha a tangy and refreshing flavor that is nice on a hot summer day. It will also give the kombucha a beautiful pink color and pair it with a lemon flavor, and you will not be disappointed! Aaron S(Northwest, Indiana)

Reviewed by Shelley Miller, 05/31/2018

I love the Hibiscus flavoring for Kombucha. It gives it a cranberry flavor that pairs well with Ginger. Also, the color is beautiful. You will not be disappointed in the quality of this product.

Reviewed by J Huffman, MI, 03/19/2018

The Hibiscus was delightful and I especially enjoy it chilled in the summer! Thanks Again for such great products.

Reviewed by David Johnson, 06/23/2017

Love the Hibiscus flavoring. I use it with many different combinations i.e Hibiscus with lemon juice and ginger, or hibiscus, ginger, and organic mixed berry juice.... It's a very versatile flavor and my kids love it too!

Reviewed by Heather Baird (Menifee, Ca), 05/10/2017

Bought this as a second ferment flavor for my kombucha. Was okay by its self but I tried a pinch of sugar with the next batch. It gave the yeast something to eat and made it bubbly and yummy the second time around

Reviewed by VickiMarie, 03/28/2017

Mild sweet flavor. Very nice.

Reviewed by Suzanne (Piqua, OH), 11/29/2016

In "TBBoK" I tried Flavoring Inspirations, Jamaica Me Crazy, page 200 and Ginger Punch, page 201. I whispered, "ah" as I watched my KT turn pink bottling a 2nd fermentation. Such a lovely pink color! I like my KT on the sour side and my 2f ended up tarter. Drinking KT with Hibiscus is comparable to eating my fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) or fermented cucumbers (dill pickles). Quite pungent! Welcome, Hibiscus!

Reviewed by Sarah Smith (Poulsbo, WA), 06/08/2016

I purchased the hibiscus in the mix-n-match flavor pack with my initial SCOBY. It is one of my favorites! It gives the kombucha a subtle sweet flavor that isn't overpowering and makes it a very pretty pink! So far I've had it alone and I've paired it with some strawberries--both delicious.

Reviewed by Doug (Nanaimo BC Canada), 11/14/2015

This is one of the wife's favourites for flavouring any of our various fermented beverages.

Reviewed by Julie S. (Buford, Ga), 09/29/2015

Great color and flavor! Love the organic hibiscus, and the speedy shipping!

Reviewed by Andrea (Joliet, IL), 02/18/2015

AMAZING! Love hibiscus in my Kombucha! Will purchase time and again!

Reviewed by Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl), 08/26/2014

Absolutely love the color and flavoring. Get some elderberries to mix with won't be sorry.

Reviewed by Sherry, 06/01/2014

One of my two favorites
Hibiscus with ginger
Sometimes a little blueberry juice.
Totally yum

Reviewed by Kelly (Corona, CA), 02/17/2014

The first thing I noticed about adding this to my brew was the incredible intense color it gave it. This is delish on it's own or with sliced fresh ginger. A little goes a long way and the quality can't be beat! Can't wait to order some elderberries to try with the hibiscus.

Reviewed by Paul Dennis, 11/13/2013

Like it a lot and will keep buying it!

Reviewed by Molly, 10/18/2012

We love the flavor- not too sweet and a BEAUTIFUL pink color. great addition to any booch.

Reviewed by Coach Jordan (Massachusetts), 02/18/2012

I mix the hibiscus with fresh ginger pieces and everyone loves it. Flavoring KT is an absolute joy and definitely recommend the ORGANIC Hibiscus flower