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Chai Spice
Chai Spice warms up any Kombucha
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Organic Chai Spice for Flavoring

This Organic Chai Spice is a blend of organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic allspice, organic cloves, and organic ginger.  Just a 1/4-1/2 a tsp per 16oz bottle is needed to give your Kombucha a smooth, deep chai flavor.

Cinnamon, allspice, clove and ginger all have healing health benefits that improve circulation, aid in digestion and act as an anti-inflammatory.  The orange peel imparts a delicious hint of citrus.  You can also use this as mulling spice for ciders or add some to your favorite black tea & warm milk for a delicious chai treat.


Recipe Idea:
Pair with vanilla bean or cacao powder for an exotic flavor.




  •  Organic
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • All of the spices have health benefits
  • 1.5oz packet, 30-60 servings
  • Available in 4oz or 8oz quantities via drop down menu

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Linda Katharina Morris, 02/19/2021

I really like the chai and I added ginger too. My friend just tried my ginger chai kombucha, my first batch and she was impressed. She said  she much prefers it to what she sells at her 4 restaurants. 

Reviewed by Mark Adams, 01/02/2021

This chai spice is the bomb, and is the perfect compliment to kombucha. Will definitely order again. 

Reviewed by Jerri Fillmore, 09/26/2020

Jerri (CA)
Love this flavoring :-)

Reviewed by veronica Iturbe Guerrero, 04/12/2018

(ATL,GA.) My family loves this Spice ! It’s like a perfect blend of spice especially mixed with pineapples and mangos !! Love it !

Reviewed by Leslie K (Dubuque, IA), 01/29/2018

I love KK chai spice. It gives my kombucha a warm, comforting feel. LOVE!

Reviewed by Jennie J. (No. Salt Lake, UT), 12/11/2017

I've never been a fan of chai..but I have a friend who loves it so I picked this up so I could make her some Chai Booch. 
This is now one of my favorites has nice warm notes to it without being overpowering. You get quite a bit of it in the package, which is nice. Thank you for offering such great products, Kombucha Kamp! 

Reviewed by Martha from Cape Cod, 09/26/2017

I am always pleased with what I get from here. Chai spice is wonderful. I also added an apple slice..  yummy 

Reviewed by Kelly Tate, 08/20/2017

This was one of the first flavors I puchased as a new brewer. It was wonderful--and so easy! Gave the booch a smooth, slightly sweet, flavor with a nice mouth-feel. We didn't even strain it from the bottle as all the herbs seem to be on the bottom. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Lois Yeager (North Huntingdon, PA), 05/16/2017

I'm a huge fan of the chai flavoring. Originally I purchased it as part of the 4 pack sampler, not sure it I would like it, but loving that I could try it. Now, I just purchase the larger amount so that I do not have to keep reordering. I make many flavors of kombucha, but when others talk about their favorite flavor that I serve, it always comes back to the chai flavored kombucha. I add a few pieces of fresh apple along with the chai and it's just fabulous. The chai can get a little strong so go easy on the flavoring. (Which I consider a bonus, since a little bit goes a long way). I have even added vanilla beans and made what I call Apple Pie Kombucha. Enjoy the savory flavoring and get creative. A little creativity can go a long way too, in making a healthy drink of choice.

Reviewed by VV, 04/11/2017

These chai spices are delicious and a little goes a long way.

Reviewed by Lisa (Pasadena, CA), 11/30/2016

This chai spice is really good - not too strong and you only have to use a small amount. Makes the Kombucha so tasty!

Reviewed by Lois (North Huntingdon, PA), 08/16/2016

I love the Chai flavoring for my Kombucha! I add a few pieces of apple and love the combined flavor. Everyone tells me that it is their favorite of all of the flavors that I have mixed so far. If you like Chai, you will love this flavoring. Be careful, a little is perfect, too much and it will get a little strong.

Reviewed by Angie Maxwell, 06/10/2016

The chai spice blend is a must buy!! My boyfriend and I love it with fresh apples in our secondary ferment! Yum!!

Reviewed by Sarah Smith (Poulsbo, WA), 06/08/2016

I purchased the chai spice in the mix-n-match flavor pack with my initial SCOBY. A little truly does go a long way! It gives the kombucha a wonderful spicy flavor that reminds me of fall, but perfect any time of year. I love that it's organic, too! I can't wait to try it with some vanilla or apples.

Reviewed by Robbie Lieske, Chehalis, WA, 04/07/2016

I just tried this out along with separate bottles of elderberry & ginger, & brain brew.
This is soooo good & will make a wonderful drink starting in the Fall but, it's still really good now.   The flavor is really good & I can't begin to say which is my favorite because they all are.  Will definitely be getting more of this. 

Reviewed by Karen, 08/13/2015

This give the tea a little kick. My friends love this one and keep asking me for more.

Reviewed by Jen Jensen, 07/21/2015

I LOVE this flavor! Very warm and comforting.

Reviewed by Deb Harmon (from Austin, TX), 02/23/2015

Love this!!! It was one of the first flavors that I used. It's perfect with 2 organic cardamom pods added per 16oz bottle, for my personal taste!!! My coworkers love it too!! Thanks KK!!!

Reviewed by Andrea (Joliet, IL), 02/18/2015

I LOVE the Chai spice! When I run out of my Kombucha, I CRAVE it! Highly recommend =)

Reviewed by Thai Harder (Tehachapi, CA), 02/01/2015

This flavor is the Bomb! it tastes like apples. All my friends were crazy for it....yes, I did finally share some.... ;-) I am very impressed with how different it makes the KT and at all the many ways to make this wonderful beverage amazing. Hannah's Special Blend Tea is amazing all on it's own, fermented or not, and I'm sure glad she has made it so easy for me to save a ton of money by brewing it myself. I did the math and my continuous brewer kit with heater and dimmer will pay for itself in 45 days. You can't beat that with a stick! Hannah is not only the Kombucha Mamma, she's the Kombucha Queen!!! Thanks for all you do!

Reviewed by Melissa England (Seattle), 01/09/2015

This is the best Chai Spice ever. I add it to everything now. I love that is comes with whole pieces so that I can grind it myself which gives it added flavor at its freshest. I recently tried this with some ginger. WOW! If you like spice and strong flavors you will LOVE it.

Reviewed by Kelly T ( Florida), 08/14/2014

I love the flavor. I am glad I went ahead and purchased it. It's a must have for chai lovers ;-)

Reviewed by Erin, 08/04/2014

Love this flavor!

Reviewed by Drew, 06/27/2014

This is definitely good chai flavor. For me I think Chai is better in the winter time. It has a warm flavor just like the hot chai tea.

Reviewed by Sandra, 06/11/2014

Oh this is my very favorite
seasoning for my 2f. Love it.

Reviewed by Caren (Pinckney, Mich.), 09/02/2013

If you love Chai spice then this is for you. I've had store bought but this is so flavorfull, I will definitely buy this again.

Reviewed by Margaret, 08/23/2013

This is my favorite one. It makes the kombucha delicious and everyone in my house loves this one!

Reviewed by Terri S, Navarre Beach, FL, 10/09/2012

Chai Spice is a great favoring to spice up your Kombucha. It has such a warm flavor!

Reviewed by Tony Minyon, 12/24/2011

My wifes favorite! Adds a nice spice flavor with added health benefits! Go easy on it since it will kick with flavor pretty quickly