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Wildcrafted Dried Wintergreen Leaf for Flavoring

Winterberry is an aromatic perennial, about 6 inches tall that stays green in winter, hence it’s name. It’s easy to spot with its white drooping flowers in June and July and red berries the rest of the time.

In days gone by, they used Wintergreen for aches and pains, cold symptoms, headaches and even tooth decay as it contains methyl salicylate, which has anti-inflammatory properties like aspirin. Did you know that during the American Revolution, Wintergreen tea replaced the highly taxed Chinese Tea? 

It’s mint like flavor makes it a popular flavoring for gum and toothpaste as it sweetens the breath.

Featured in our Root Beer Flavoring 4-Pack.



  • Ingredients: 100% Wildcrafted Dried Wintergreen Leaf
  • Cut, Dried, and Sifted
  • Smaller pieces means more surface area and less is needed
  • .35oz packet, 20-25 servings

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amy Wasserman, 02/05/2021

I wanted to make the root beer syrup in Hannah’s book. KK was the only place I could find it!  And it’s organic!