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USA Handmade Stoneware Continuous Brewer Only
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USA Made Stoneware Kombucha Brewing Vessel

HANDMADE CROCKS CURRENTLY REQUIRE 1-3 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING. We appreciate your understanding as we craft your custom piece

Placing your order today secures your spot in line. Thank you for your support! For questions, please write and we will help you there.

If you need a GIFT CARD for the vessel to present as a gift, email our customer service team and we are happy to provide whatever you need! :)


This is a Kombucha Kamp EXCLUSIVE Offering!

Form and function unite in Kombucha Kamp’s latest creation - the USA Handmade Stoneware Crock. Crafted with loving care to the ideal specifications for optimum Kombucha brewing conditions, the Kombucha Kamp Artisanal Stoneware Crock is made in the USA from all natural materials.

This vessel was designed by Kombucha Kamp to provide the ideal brewing conditions for Continuous Brew Kombucha. Crafted with love and care by our master potter in the woods of Northern California, every detail has been considered. The wide shoulders provide ample room for the bacteria to grow a strong healthy SCOBY. The gently sloping sides provide a place for the spent yeast to collect. The all wood spigot is placed high enough to permit easy cup and bottle filling yet prevent over draining. Or opt for the Stainless Steel spigot upgrade, which provides style and increased flow at decanting time (highly recommended and safe with Kombucha or any ferment!). The lead free glaze and all natural materials will not leach any toxins into your Kombucha so you can brew with confidence.


Due to the handmade nature and variability of minerals, 
​each piece may vary slightly in shape and glaze color.


Plus the crock is customizable! Choose from 8 different glaze colors. Personalize your vessel with “Kombucha” (mine is “Crumbucha”) or other engraving. Each piece is numbered and engraved on the bottom with the Kombucha Kamp motto “Trust Your Gut.”


note: due to technical difficulties, the Floating Blue glaze color cannot be engraved at this time.
All other colors are eligible for engraving. We apologize for any inconvenience.




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The Big Book of Kombucha by Hannah Crum & Alex LaGory


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USA Handmade Stoneware Crock Specs

  • Capacity: ~2.5 gallons
  • Height: 12 - 14" tall
  • Width: 10 - 12" at the shoulders
  • Place of Manufacture: USA!






See how the

USA Handmade Stoneware Crocks

are crafted!




Due to the handmade nature, each piece may vary in shape.


Why is everyone Continuous Brewing?



Read more about Continuous Brewing

Because of the very heavy and fragile nature of this product,
Free Shipping is not available to international destinations.



Reviewed by Greg Moreno, 05/07/2018

Artisinal crock is a beautiful quality brewer -- like no other. My wife loves it!

Kombucha Kamp is a great company. Everything I have ordered arrived well packaged; and even, a written note thanking me for my business. A really nice personal touch to what was a great shopping experience!

Reviewed by Hilarey, 12/01/2017

I love my new brewer. Thank you for the phenomenal support to get everything set up and brewing.  

Reviewed by Kelly, 11/19/2017

We love this crock- it is so beautiful and works well. These are individual and handmade, so if you want two to match, I suggest ordering at the same time. The one we purchased several months after the first one is a much darker green. We love both, and they are ideal brewing vessels, but it is worth noting that they are unique pieces of art.

Reviewed by Pam, 10/23/2017

This is a beautiful stoneware crock and it is a pleasure to have it on display. Not to mention the wonderful tasting kombucha you get from continuous brew. I hesitated at the price at first but I'm so glad I went ahead and purchased this. It's an investment I'll use for years to come. Well worth it!

Reviewed by Mary F. (Cascade, IA), 10/03/2017

I am thoroughly enjoying my crock. It is a beautiful work of art. My first batch is finished and is delicious. I ordered the stainless spigot and it works well. I'm looking forward to many years of good kombucha!

Reviewed by southerncatholicmom, 07/26/2017

It is beautiful! I love having a piece of art as my kombucha dispenser. I also like that it's opaque so I don't have to cover with towels to keep out sun. The design of the shape is exceptional for brewing kombucha. Finally a dispenser and brewer that makes sense!

Reviewed by B. Cervin (Houston, TX), 05/04/2017

I am very pleased. I ordered a white hand thrown continuous brew ceramic kombucha pot with customized engraving. It is a true work of art that nicely accentuates my decor. Customer service was very helpful in ensuring that my purchasing experience was very positive. The representatives were very responsive when I contacted them regarding delivery dates, engraving color choices, and shipment tracking information. They contacted their potter so we could coordinate with my schedule to ensure that I would be home to receive the pot and to ensure that I could have the requested engraving color. Top notch products and top notch customer service -- a customer could not ask for me.

Reviewed by Chris K (Granby, CT), 03/27/2017

I give you 5 of 5 stars. Nice products, great customer service, and the fact you continue that support and service after sale is why I came to you in the first place. Bought the book first and thought anyone that has that much 'know how' and put that much work, effort, and positive energy into print is someone special. Thanks.

Reviewed by Mimi, 12/16/2016

I have had this crock for 3 years, sitting on my counter. It looks lovely and makes the best kombucha! Well worth the investment - it is quite the conversation starter too ... "What IS that?" HAHA LOVE IT Beautifully made in the USA.

Reviewed by Nanette (Minnetonka MN), 11/01/2016

I am getting used to the artisanal CB vessel & really enjoy the easier process than my single gallon brew I had been using! Crock esthetics sitting in full view on my counter makes it worth the money to me.

Reviewed by Nathan (Santa Cruz CA), 07/29/2016

My Deluxe kit's artisinal crock in Turquoise with Ferment Friend has proven an excellent investment in my health. This Kombucha Kamp custom, hand-made crock offers by far the best approach: long-term continuous brewing for the most mature brews yielding the greatest benefits, a broad, open top for robust and fast maturation, the security of knowing its glazes are safe, convenient draught access through its all-natural wood spigot with cork plug for a completely synthetic-free life-cycle, and the perfect size for large but still manageable batches, plus an attractive shape available in a variety of lovely glaze colors and styles. The crock fits perfectly in my kitchen sink with the spigot angled into a corner. It's just big enough to stay a manageable weight when full, while still making a large enough quantity. The flared top lets the culture breathe during first stage fermentation to develop a more active, robust brew and fully mature faster. The outwardly sloped sides also make it easy to grip and carry. My crock in Turquoise is lovely. I plan to buy several more crocks fed by dedicated plain base crocks and manage flavoring ingredients in sprouting bags so that I can safely brew flavored batches larger than growlers offer, and for longer, with the convenience of spigot drafting until I decide to change the flavor of a given crock (ingredient bags being changed as needed, or course, when I add plain mature base Xun, using cured bamboo tongs).

Reviewed by Natalie, Austin TX, 01/12/2016

This brewer is gorgeous! I've been using the batch brew method for years until I came across the KK website. So I researched multiple brewers, even called a local pottery store to see about getting a crock handcrafted. However, I kept coming back to this one at KK. And I'm glad I did. I love the crock, it's so well made and very sturdy. Hannah has been a delight to work with. I've had so many questions that she has so patiently addressed. And she had some great set up videos that helped me with setting up the CB system. I'm thrilled with my purchase.

Reviewed by Sara Blystra, 01/08/2016

I recently bought the Artisanal Crock and love it! I can tell it is a high quality made product and very durable. The wood spigot was very easy to insert and making the first batch was easy. I am going to love not doing the batch method anymore and switching to a continuous brew.

Reviewed by Mary Simonson, MO, 11/24/2014

I would love to own such a beautiful vessel for continuous brew. Please Santa I'll be good.

Reviewed by Myra (California), 08/28/2014

My family fell in love with kombucha which is why we decided to get the crock. However, the cork to the spigot was defective so we had to wait nearly a month to get it all sorted out and now we are enjoying our long awaited prize -- a very mature batch of awesome KT. I was so impressed with Hannah and the KKamp team's concern and diligence to do whatever it took to resolve the problem. I am so grateful for this invaluable nutritious and delicious addition to our lives!

Reviewed by Trudi (Seattle, WA), 07/22/2014

Beautifully made, great service, we now have delicious kombucha continually and enough to share too. Well worth the price and you really can't beat the wonderful support you get from the Kamp team.

Reviewed by Karen, 05/18/2014

Just rec'd my brewer yesterday. So far I am very pleased - love the wooden spigot. The crock fits nicely on my counter, and even though it is big, it "fits in".

Reviewed by Jean Pierre LaBonté, 02/22/2014

Got my crok with my wifes name and mine sculptured on it yesterday; installed the corked spigot, filled the container with water for the night. Went to my tea shop nearby and bought black and white tea, preapared it with sugar for the scobi , i already made a Kombutcha batch with in a cookie glass container.
Yes the crok is big and cute, fits well on my granit counter. I long to drink my first sip.

Reviewed by Diane, 02/04/2014

I love my continuous brew crock!

Reviewed by Carol Breuer (Winchester, MA), 10/04/2013

Thanks for the five star service with my kombucha container. It is even more beautiful in person than in the photos. So pleased!

Reviewed by Sally, 08/01/2013

The piece is stunning, unique, and absolutely perfect for brewing! I cannot wait to tab the crock and taste the sweet (tart) success. The vessel arrived in perfect condition and is absolutely incredible!