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Stainless Steel 3" Tea Ball
UPC: 724773109011
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Loose Leaf Tea Ball

Large size 3" stainless steel mesh tea ball allows plenty of room for the tea to expand.  Perfect for brewing nutrient solution for Kombucha tea.

Tea Ball Infuser


  • Large 3" size

  • Stainless Steel

  • Plenty of room for tea to expand

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Hilton Borne, 02/12/2021

Love this ball, can be used over and again. Great product.

Reviewed by Michelle Raia, 09/20/2019

So easy to use this; Almost perfectly fits 3 tablespoons of LL tea which is my normal amount to brew at a time.

Reviewed by Brenda Ellendson, 06/21/2019

Wonderful! I am new to loose leaf tea and making kombucha, but this makes using her lovely tea so much nicer! Love it!

Reviewed by Collin Hart, 03/26/2019

Just switched to using loose leaf tea to brew my kombucha and I'm so glad I bought this ball. It saves a ton of waste from the tea bags and makes the process very easy! I would recommend this to anyone using loose leaf tea!

Reviewed by John Crick, 11/21/2018

I've been brewing kombucha for close to 10 years, but only started using the mesh tea ball for a couple months. Wow! This opens up a world of possibilities in terms of varying the tea mix.

The ball is easy to use, easy to clean. Worth the money.

Reviewed by Ali B (Cumming, GA), 06/14/2018

This tea ball is perfect and an absolute must-have when brewing with loose leaf tea. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Rhonda Berman, 05/20/2018

This three inch tea ball is the perfect size for 2 tbsp of loose tea to make one gallon of sweet tea. It holds the tea and has room for the tea to expand when wet. The clean up is easy. This came with my CB package. It is so easy to use!

Reviewed by veronica Iturbe Guerrero, 04/27/2018

Veronica Iturbe (Atlanta GA) this stainless ball was so helpful and easy to use !

Reviewed by Chris Pooser, 03/17/2018

This stainless steel tea ball works great and is easy to clean!

Reviewed by Danielle Hayes-Price, 02/27/2018

Love this big tea ball! I didn’t think I would use it much but I’ve been using it everyday to strain my kombucha before drinking to get the flavoring pieces out. Plus use it to make my kombucha tea. Easy to clean as well. 

Reviewed by Terrie, 11/21/2017

Great size for large batches - mulling cider or wine, tea for kombucha, etc.

Reviewed by Elizabeth L., 09/01/2017

This is just so perfect. I think I want another one.

Reviewed by Kelly Tate, 08/20/2017

I purchased both the cloth bags and this metal ball. The ball is so much easier to clean! Just dump out into the trash or recycle pile. I keep the cloth bags for backup if I need it. Great purchase!

Reviewed by Brittaney York (Snohomish, WA), 07/27/2017

Great tea ball. Works great! Just as described:)

Reviewed by Eileen, 06/12/2017

Love my tea ball! It makes brewing a breeze. No tea leaves escape and it cleans up easily. I never use the muslin bags only my wonderful tea ball!

Reviewed by Colleen (Kansas City, MO), 05/25/2017

This guy. What was I trying to use before he arrived at my doorstep? Fast and easy, it fits nicely in my brewing vessel, and is easy clean up. The chain part fell off on mine, but it is easy enough to re-hook together.

Reviewed by Carmen Martin, 03/24/2017

I prefer this tea ball over the muslin bags. It is large enough to easily hold all the tea needed. Very easy to use and clean with no tea leaves escaping into the brew.

Reviewed by Cynthia Frye, 03/02/2017

I bought this to use instead of the muslin bags included in my continuous brew kit.  I wish I had added it on from the beginning.  It is so easy to load, use, and clean.  I love it!

Reviewed by Vicki M, 02/16/2017

Perfect size, well made and easy to store. vm

Reviewed by Will MacDonald (Bethesda, MD), 08/16/2016

This tea ball is pretty good. It let quite a bit of tea through into the brew the first time so I tightened the little metal clasp at the bottom and now it works great. Reasonably priced and gets the job done. A handy thing to have around.

Reviewed by Nadia Lalani, 07/02/2016

I like to use loose tea so its very convenient.

Reviewed by Jill Paulson (Nevada City CA), 06/27/2016

I bought 2 of these for my 2 gallon continuous brew. I fill 1/2 full, perfect and easy to clean as well.

Reviewed by Mike Shick (Paso Robles, CA), 06/05/2016

This product is ok.  It's not bad, but I was spoiled from another product that is much more robust and has higher capacity for my 5 gallon brews.

Reviewed by Reba W (Atlanta, GA USA), 05/25/2016

I love this mesh tea ball. It is high quality and easy to clean. It is so much easier than the muslin tea bags.

Reviewed by Jack Barben, 04/07/2016

Really love the stainless mesh "tea balls". Makes it easy to brew tea for making booch.

Reviewed by Kathleen Konce (PBG, Fl) 12/11/161, 12/11/2015

The stainless steel 3" tea ball is easy to use and easy to clean.  I prefer it to the muslin tea bags. Very good product.

Reviewed by Carol Layton, Thomasville, NC, 10/11/2015

I'm very happy with this ball. It's sturdy, easy to use and easy to clean. Holds the perfect about for a one gallon batch--and the tea has room to expand. I also like the hook and the nice long chain. Perfect for steeping tea in my pitcher.

Reviewed by Robert, 07/05/2015

Best size & best price!!

Reviewed by Jana from Atlanta, 06/03/2015

This is THE best price and THE best size for KT brewing. It is way easier to use than muslin tea bags and holds the PERFECT amount of loose tea for each brew. You can't go wrong with this one: the size is great and I have searched around, and this is the best price, thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by Sue Marshall, 02/16/2015

This is one of those "must haves". The s/s ball makes steeping large batches so much easier than using the messy muslin bags. No fuss, no difficult clean up.

Reviewed by Johnny Kay, 09/10/2014

Don't even start without this handy tool! I would be lost without it.. Very sturdy and the price is right. I even use it as a strainer for a quick glass of 2F.

Reviewed by Lynne D (Maine, 07/22/2014

The tea ball is fantastic. So simple to use and cleans with ease. I have the bags, too, but the ball is so easy I have yet to use the other. It also makes reusing the tea (ie. composting) easier as well.

Reviewed by Mark Schenkman (Arlington VA), 07/19/2014

I was leery of this tea ball as I have used them for tea and not been impressed. The issue is that they are usually too small and the water does not steep well. This mesh ball is large enough to do the job well for the 1 gallon batch and clean up is a breeze. And if you like to use loose tea for your morning tea it will work great for that too

Reviewed by Paul Gillette, 05/12/2014

Very quick & easy way to make my top off tea each week & easy to clean up.

Reviewed by Jessica Sturycz (Brighton MN), 05/05/2014

I am very impressed with your customer service thus far and with the quality of your cultures.

Reviewed by Diana (BC, Canada), 11/24/2013

Love this large 3" ball. So easy to clean. Perfect!

Reviewed by Helen A (Germantown, TN), 11/11/2013

You can pretty much be assured that anything you buy from Kombucha Kamp will be the most perfect choice for the job- no need to look elsewhere. This tea strainer is perfect. Just the right size, well made, great price. I use it with Hannah's Special Blend Tea to make exceptional kombucha.

Reviewed by Melissa (Anaheim, CA), 10/20/2013

This tea ball is so large and nice - very easy to use. I tried using a tea ball I already had, a much smaller one, and was so happy when I got this one from Hannah.

Reviewed by Debbie M. (Marysville, OH), 09/17/2013

I've never owned a tea ball before, but this one is so easy to use and clean.

Reviewed by Holly P., 08/30/2013

This strainer works great and is easier to clean than the muslin bag. It holds quit a bit of tea, but wait a minute before you start to agitate the ball in any way. If you wait for the leaves to expand a bit there is very minimal, if any, that leak out.

Reviewed by Jenni H, 08/14/2013

I prefer to use this ball when I brew my tea. It is easy to clean and can hold all 4 tablespoons of tea.

Reviewed by Susan R. (Michigan), 08/04/2013

This tea ball works excellent. It is much easier to fill than a tea bag and also a little easier to clean.

Reviewed by Suzette L. (Arizona), 07/14/2013

I go back and forth between brewing with the tea ball or muslin bag. Both make great tea, but I’ll admit that I’ve used the tea ball as a strainer for my bottled kombucha when in a pinch. We do a second brew with fresh strawberries so I strain every bottle when its served.

Reviewed by Tami Schneider (TRF, MN), 06/17/2013

Easy to use, easy to clean. Great product.

Reviewed by MJ (Colorado), 06/05/2013

This is much easier than the messy muslin bags!Try it you will love it!

Reviewed by Karen (Philadelphia, PA), 04/09/2013

I previously used the muslin bags but over time the one got a hole in the corner. This tea ball holds plenty of tea for a gallon of Kombucha and it is so easy to clean and reuse.

Reviewed by Patti Johnson (Lawrence, KS), 02/25/2013

I really adore my stainless mesh tea ball! It's so durable - easy to use and easy to clean. It's so well made that I expect it will last me forever! (Personally, I find the use of this tea ball easier than the muslin tea bags.) :)

Reviewed by Ronda, 11/28/2012

I am an avid tea drinker, let say I have minimum of 20 devises to put tea in.
I received mine from Hannah
and it's not one of those cheapo's you can pick up anywhere. It's made sturdy, a breeze to clean, made to last TY Hannah for another great product.

Reviewed by Thomas Presley, 10/01/2012

Love it. As a retired Master Craftsman, I aLOVE GREAT TOOLS. This is a great tool. Thanks Mamma

Reviewed by L Lincoln, Richmond VA, 08/25/2012

I ordered a stainless steel "tea ball" so I wouldn't have to mess with cleaning the bags over and over. I will last
forever and just makes it a little bit easier to brew my tea. Kamboocha Mamma got the price point right too!
Yeah Hannah! She even picks up the phone now and then... =)

Reviewed by Irene B Union, WA, 07/29/2012

I always wondered what was in tea bag paper that prevented it from dissolving or shedding bits of paper pulp in boiling hot water. With the tea ball, I know it's just tea in my cup--or in my continuous brew.

Reviewed by Lyndsey S (Loveland,Colo), 04/22/2012

I love these tea balls so much more than using tea bags from the grocery store. i find that I can be more selective about the quality of tea that goes into my body when I buy loose leaf teas and i can smell, feel, and taste (when I am feeling adventurous) the tea before I buy it. These are super easy to clean. I cheat a little and I make my tea, then let my ball sit out on the counter for maybe a day and a half or until the leaves are dry and then you can just dump them into a compost pile or trash bag.

Reviewed by Paul G. (Pocatello, Idaho), 12/20/2011

I have used the same version of this for a cup of tea & did not know that there was a 3" ball available. It is wonderful. Quick, easy & fast! No comparison with the cleanup, it is a lot easier than the tea bags.

Paul G.

Reviewed by Jessica R., 12/12/2011

Perfect! So each to use and even easier to clean! I prefer this mesh ball to the muslin tea bags. :)

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