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Rose Petals
The Rose Fairy by Cecily Mary Barker
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Flavor with Rose Petals

Rose petals add a pretty touch to your bottled Kombucha.  I use them in Hannah's Homebrew - Love Potion #99.  They add a subtle rose flavor - to increase the rosiness, use a few drops of rose water. It is regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant. It is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress such as nervous tension or peptic ulcers.

Rose Kombucha

Recipe Idea:
A delicious combination is rose petal & elder flower - like a fine, dry champagne.
Also goes well with lavender or cacao.





  • Organic
  • Pretty in the bottle
  • .6oz per package, 60-70 servings 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Terry Vigue, 03/10/2020

I enjoyed jun flavored with the rose petals!

Reviewed by veronica Iturbe Guerrero, 04/27/2018

Veronica Iturbe (Atlanta GA) Great flavor to add to my Kombucha!!

Reviewed by Leslie K (Dubuque, IA), 01/29/2018

KK rose petals are high quality with great flavor. We especially like with blueberries and lavender, and paired with lavender and elderflowers. 2 of more favorite combos!

Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY, 05/23/2016

I added these as rose petals to my white peony Jun with elderberries, it was a really nice addition to my brew and looked lovely in the bottle. I think next I will use them as suggested with some lavender. Once again I have never disappointed with my order, confidence that I am getting a good product and organic free trade. Love the helpful information and people at kombucha Kamp

Reviewed by Kelly (Corona, CA), 02/17/2014

I wasn't too sure how I would like the rose petals compared to some of the other flavorings I've tried but I have to say that they've become my favorite! They give off a very light, lovely flavor and make my kombucha taste incredible! Add to that the fact that they are organic and you can't go wrong. They are great when blended with the dried elderflowers that I also got from Kombucha Kamp. SOOOO GOOD!

Reviewed by Ingrid (Michigan), 02/18/2013

This adds a delicate but noticeable rose flavor. Imagine the smell of a fresh rose in summer mixed with the smell of kombucha. That's what this tastes like. It is like a pampering spa-in-a-bottle drink.