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pH Meter Calibration Solution
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pH Meter Calibration Solution for Sale

The pH of Kombucha and other ferments can reveal how your fermentation process is flowing. To make sure you are getting the most accurate reading, recalibrating your meter from time to time is important.

Each sachet contains enough solution to calibrate your meter once. One complimentary sachet is included in every order of the pH 600 electronic meter.


  • 20 ml of buffer solution
  • Ideal for calibrating the pH 600 or any other pH meter
  • Individual sachet 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mark Sopkiw (Jacksonville NC), 01/03/2018

The PH solution is a must to have complete confidence in your meter. Great for final adjustments to your meter prior to checking your Kombucha !!

Reviewed by Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl), 08/26/2014

PH Solution was just what I needed to get my PH Meter working correctly. Thanks Hannah for putting a video on the site to make it easier to understand how to calibrate ;-)

Reviewed by Lily Shanks, 11/06/2013

I love the video you sent in an email so I'd know how to calibrate my meter and to keep it working. Thank YOU!

Reviewed by John Gillette, 07/14/2012

Ph meter works flawlessly. It was easy to calibrate. Highly recommend this meter.