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Vanilla Bean
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Vanilla Bean for Flavoring

Vanilla beans have long been prized for their calming effect on the nervous system. Their soothing aroma and delcious flavor has graced many a drink. In KT, they mellow the acetic flavor but also reduce the amount of carbonation created. It can be a nice trade off if a smooth flavor is desired.


Recipe Idea:
Vanilla Latte = vanilla bean + coffee. Nilla Rose = vanilla bean + rose petals.




  • One of the world's most expensive and prized spices
  • Soothes anxiety
  • 1 bean per package ~ 8 servings 


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jerri Fillmore, 09/26/2020

Very reasonable price for a great way to flavor kefir or anything else :-)

Reviewed by Jennie Jones, No. Salt Lake, Utah, 02/01/2018

Ohhh, I love using vanilla beans in my kombucha. It gives it such a nice mellow, creamy flavor. My favorite thing to make with the bean is Hannah's cream soda...tastes JUST like cream soda, without all that extra sugar. I am always happy with the vanilla bean when I get is a good size and I can make several flavors out of one bean. 

Reviewed by Leslie K (Dubuque, IA), 01/29/2018

I love putting vanilla bean in my buch. It gives it a yummy creamy flavor. Pairs well with chai, cinnamon, pear, apple, peach, cherry. Lots of great ideas for how to use vanilla bean in Hannah's book.

Reviewed by Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl), 08/26/2014

What a great product . Who doesn't love vanilla. A great little addition to my concoctions ;-)

Reviewed by Toni Parker, CO, 01/18/2013

Vanilla is my familys favorite flavor. They think it taste like ice cream..... Ok I dont agree with that but if it keeps them drinking it "Vanilla it is"!