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Powdered sassafras root lends that unique rootbeer flavor to your Kombucha
Sassafras has been in use for many centuries
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Organic Sassafras for Flavoring

The bark of this fragrant deciduous tree is native to eastern North America and considered to be the only spice native to the United States. Growing up to 40’ tall, it’s strong bark and roots is said to repel pests and disease and was used historically by Native American tribes to treat fevers and rheumatism and as a blood purifier. Because of its diuretic properties it’s said to cleanse the blood of all impurities which can alleviate skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.  It’s also used in folklore medicine to relieve gout, arthritis and liver ailments. Modern researchers have discovered analgesic and antiseptic properties.


As the main ingredient in traditional rootbeer, sassafras lends its characteristic unique flavor and fragrance which when combined with other herbs and spices creates a healthful natural soda.



In the 1960's there were some studies conducted demonstrating that when consumed in excessive quantities, safrole, the active compound in sassafras, may have a toxic effect on the body reinforcing the adage "too much of a good thing." Interestingly cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper also contain safrole oil but are not banned for import or sale.


If uncertain whether to consume or not, consult your primary care physician. 



Recipe Idea:
Rootbucha = Sassafras, wintergreen, vanilla bean & sarsaparilla.  See our rootbeer flavor pack which features all four of these elements.




  • Organic
  • Powdered for easy use
  • 0.6oz packet, 60-70 servings

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Melissa Hardin, 09/26/2016

I just received my flavorings (sasparilla & sassafras) today! The aroma when I opened them was mouth watering!! Can't wait to try my hand at some "rootbooch" with my next brew!