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Replacement GT Synergy Kombucha Bottle Caps
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Replacement GT Synergy/KeVita Kombucha Bottle Caps

Many homebrewers re-use GT's Kombucha bottles for their own brew. However, a common complaint is that the caps become impossible to remove after awhile due to wear. These polyseal 38mm caps fit perfectly on GT and Synergy Kombucha bottles; KeVita bottles; standard growlers or any container that has a 38mm diameter opening. As an added bonus, they hold in the carbonation even better than the original caps! Made with brew safe materials, dishwasher safe.


  • 38mm size (38/400) - fits regular size and Jumbo GT's Kombucha bottles, as well as any other bottles with 38mm size opening

  • Polyseal holds in carbonation

  • Dishwasher safe


Dishwasher safe or simply rinse in clean water, no need for soap unless mold is present. Air dry. Small drops of liquid may become contained between the liner and the cap, this is normal and not an issue.

Check out this tip for removing labels from recycled bottles -

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa Miller, 08/06/2021

Wow! I was so excited to find these! Exactly what I needed. They fit my GT bottles, but more importantly they fit every growler I've ever tried them on, which is why I bought them in the first place. Thank you!

Reviewed by Aron Gewirtzman, 07/11/2021

Great caps—just what I wanted.  They are ever sturdier than I imagined.  They fit my old GT bottles perfectly and are holding the carbonation well for my flavoring/2nd fermentation.

Reviewed by Erik Baldwin, 02/19/2021

High quality replacement caps for Kombucha bottles! A wonderful way to build pressure during the second fermentation!

Reviewed by Eugene F. Ramatowski, 12/21/2020

Caps work great. Company is great. All outstanding.

Reviewed by L.C., 08/28/2020

Purchased these caps for use on GT's bottles. Such an improvement over the one-time-use original caps for sealing in gaz/fizz! Nothing lasts forever. This is the second bunch I've gotten. After somewhere between 2-3 years (years!!) of repeated/constant use the seal capacity must simply undergo wear and tear, less effective at preserving gaz so they've done their time. Worth the +/- $1 apiece for the gaz retention results over a couple to several years. Love love love bubbles in my brew. If you're reusing GT's bottles and want to lock in fizz get these! You won't regret it. Sounds like an ad, doesn't it? I promise I'm a real brewer!

Reviewed by Robert Reeves, 07/26/2020

Fantastic Caps! Holds the carbonation as well as my swing tops. The GT bottles fit spaces in our fridge that the swing tops are too tall for!

Reviewed by Nancy Hanna, 07/08/2020

Replacement GT Synergy Kombucha Bottle Caps These 2-part caps work very well with bottles I’m using from retail KT. I am happy to find them through K Kamp; my one-stop-KT-shop.
Nancy Hanna (Green Valley, AZ)

Reviewed by Gay Wise, 07/05/2020

I was so tickled to find these. Now I can continue to recycle bottles. No more guilt over trashing perfectly good bottles due to faulty lids.

Reviewed by Brian Ackley, 01/15/2020

I am very happy with these caps. They work as advertised and the fizz levels in my booch are much better.

Reviewed by Lexie, 01/02/2020

I have to give the caps I ordered 5 stars. I didn't realize that they came apart so that startled me but they work just fine. My review is "that they do exactly what they should."

Reviewed by April Ray, 11/05/2019

I love these caps! They work perfectly with reusing GT's kombucha bottles, and they are holding up really well to repeated use. I use these caps with GT bottles for my kombucha and my water kefir. Arrived super fast, too. Very happy! ~April R. (South Carolina)

Reviewed by Catherine Krupa, 11/03/2019

These caps work great! I love that I can reuse GT's bottles by using these caps for my own brew!

Reviewed by Holly Price, 07/07/2019

These replacement caps are great, the carbonation in my kombucha is so much better since using them.  The order process is easy and shipping is super quick.  Will continue to order from this awesome company.  

Reviewed by Patrick Wilson, 06/24/2019

These caps are very nice quality and fit two different kombucha bottles I've collected over the past couple of months. Some of the white caps I re-used from the store-bought kombucha didn't hold under tight sealing, but these replacements did! Patrick Wilson (Rochester, NY)

Reviewed by John Phillips, 06/23/2019

When I began brewing, I bought some swing top bottles, but started saving my GT’s bottles as well because I heard you could use them.  You certainly can use them, but your kombucha will be flat!  The fix for this is to buy these lids, they work flawlessly!  The tip on getting the labels off was also priceless!  The only thing I would add is that a squirt or two of Goo Gone is needed to get rid of any glue that remains on the bottle.

Reviewed by Ron Balut, 03/25/2019

Excellent!!! Fits big GT bottles with no problem.

Reviewed by Jim Bush, 01/17/2019

These caps are THE BEST! I have worked with other caps as replacements for the GT bottles but none of them come close to the effective seal that these caps provide. Now I enjoy my Kombucha without fear mess of leaking and the disappointment of lost carbonation. They also clean up quickly and easily. Thanks again Hannah for making our Kombucha-loving lives easier. Jim Bush (Abbotsford, BC)

Reviewed by Dorian Baker, 12/26/2018

These caps are a great buy, really work, and they hold up for a very long time. I highly recommend! 

Reviewed by Sarah Monnin, 12/10/2018

I love these caps. My mom has them and now that I've set up my own kombucha brewing I knew I wanted my own set. They're sturdy, don't leak, and fit the GT's bottles perfectly.

Reviewed by Colleen Murphy, 11/02/2018

I love these caps. They fit my Kevita bottles. Second time ordering. Quality is very good.

Reviewed by JoAnn M Lakes, 09/28/2018

I love these caps!!!! these caps work great and really protect my ceiling during the 2F. I've never had a blow up while using these caps. I had a major water kefir disaster with the GT caps. Believe me it's something I never want to repeat.

Reviewed by JD Smith, 08/15/2018

I've looked high and low for caps that would fit my GT bottles and thought it was not going to happen. then I found it here at Kombucha Kamp. BIG THANK YOU!! They work great.

Reviewed by Mary (Orinda CA), 08/13/2018

So happy I found these caps! Work perfectly with my GT bottles and hold great carbonation!!

Reviewed by Sandra Slobodian, 06/29/2018

These were the solution! We had all these bottles and needed a better seal and there they were! And, they arrived in a timely way. Thanks KK

Reviewed by Katie, 05/28/2018

These caps are great, leak proof and guarantees nice carbonation after bottling! I found these caps did not fit the large GT bottles but they fit the small standard GT bottles, which is perfect for smaller servings. So glad I purchased these caps!

Reviewed by Chris Pooser, 04/22/2018

These GT bottle caps are Great and this is the third time I have purchased them!

Reviewed by Kristin R, Ocean Isle Beach NC, 04/20/2018

I just started drinking Kombucha and then making my own. By trying various GT flavors, I amassed two dozen bottles. Glad to have quality lids that will last. Also appreciate the advice on how to move GT labels. I've bought more recently

Reviewed by Robbie Parker, 04/04/2018

These GT replacement bottle caps are so awesome! They seal tight! Love them!! Couldn't brew without them, a must have!!

Reviewed by Charles Dellinger (Sevierville, TN), 02/12/2018

I purchased some of the Replacement GT Synergy Kombucha Bottle Caps back in Nov 2017. They work Great. The replacement caps work better than the originals. I was a little hesitant at first to buy them because the looked similar to a 38mm Poly Seal Screw Caps that a big online seller has. The caps that the big online seller has will not work with the new GT Kombucha bottles. After researching and reading online reviews I figured I would give Kombucha Kamp Replacement Caps a try. They worked flawlessly and I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Kimberly Barnes (Pilot Point, Tx), 02/08/2018

I am so glad to have these caps so I can continue reusing the bottles.  They add a nice look to my bottled Kombucha which I love when sharing with family & friends.  I also love that my bottles will keep more fizz!

Reviewed by Lisa Thorsell (Fountain City, WI), 01/05/2018

These caps fit the GT bottles PERFECTLY and do NOT LEAK which is a huge plus because I travel with a bottle every day. They are also easy to clean and keep the carbonation that I worked so hard to create. I ordered a dozen and have been telling everyone I know about the amazing quality of this cap. Definitely a must have if you are reusing the GT bottles. The white caps WILL leak after multiple uses so I am extremely happy I found this site! THANK YOU!

Reviewed by Jim Earley, 10/27/2017

Silly me. I thought I'd be the first to rave about these caps. Not!
I've ordered a dozen each of caps that are said to be the same size as these from only to find while close, they don't fit the GT bottles perfectly as these do. And as Hannah said they do.
What was I thinking not trusting Hannah?

Reviewed by Lisa Degelmann (Harrisburg, OR), 10/21/2017

I'm so glad I ordered these caps! Nice, secure seal and they fit a few other types of bottles too. These are easier to open than the original bottle caps and feel much sturdier.

Reviewed by Kelly R., Chicago, IL, 10/01/2017

These are great caps - they do the job, keep the bottles airtight, allowed me to re-use the GT bottles, and keep me happy with my booch!!!!  I am thankful Hannah had them on the website so that I did not need to go searching for caps!

Reviewed by Jennifer Bland (Bloomington IN), 09/25/2017

This was exactly what I needed! I had acquired lots of great bottles and liked using them but the lids I didn't love. I was beyond thrilled to see these existed, and even happier that they work so well!

Reviewed by Paula Rakstad, 08/24/2017

These caps are great. They fit well and provide a good seal. I over-tightened one and it cracked but otherwise I really like them. (Normal, IL)

Reviewed by Brittaney York (Snohomish, WA), 08/16/2017

These GT bottle caps are fantastic! They exceed my expectations. The quality is very nice. I finally have lots of carbonation on my 2F-thanks to them!  The instructions for removing the GT label worked great. I discovered that equal parts coconut oil and baking soda rubbed on any left over adhesive will it right off with little effort! 

Reviewed by Darlene, 07/28/2017

I LOVE these!! I could kick myself for waiting so long to order them! They are perfect for the GT bottles, and NO LEAKS!!!

Reviewed by Darlene P., Montgomery, AL, 07/17/2017

I wish I would have bought these caps a long time ago!! They are great! My husband carries a bottle in his lunch box everyday. I use the old GT bottles, they fit perfect! NO LEAKS!! Love them!!

Reviewed by Susan, 05/05/2017

I love these caps. They definitely help the carbonation.

Reviewed by Aubrey, 03/23/2017

Absolutely amazing!! I did not think my kombucha could get better. With these caps, everything is better now! Especially the carbonation. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Marilyn Eaves, 03/10/2017

I love these caps! I have never had a bottle explode, leak, or be difficult to un-cap. My booch is wonderfully fizzy after flavoring and secondary fermentation. I originally ordered a dozen, and found that I needed more as I got more productive. 2 dozen seem to keep me set, with some bottles in the fridge, and some doing their secondary fermenting. These caps also fit on a lot of other brands of recycled Kombucha bottles besides GT. Some brands have 12 oz bottles, and I like those because I can try out more of Hannah's crazy good flavoring recipes as I bottle. My friends say that my Kombucha is always the best they've had, and I tell them I'm just following the recipes in "The Big Book of Kombucha"

Reviewed by Cindy Benney (Columbia MO), 02/07/2017

These caps are perfect replacement for the GT bottles I have been saving. They were shipped quickly and work like a charm! Thanks will be ordering more from KK in the future.

Reviewed by Simone G (Big Bend National Park, TX), 01/16/2017

These caps are absolutely a must if you are reusing GT-style bottles! They also fit perfectly on 64 oz growlers!!! This is the second time I have bought them. When I first started brewing Kombucha, I was on a quest to make it more and more effervescent to please my beloved and others in my family whom I needed to be drinking the vast amounts of booch I was brewing. The way you cap during your second ferment is essential to keeping your brew truly sparkly. The caps that come with the GT bottles work OK for a few batches but quickly wear down, leak and become very difficult to remove. These caps, like everything else I have ever purchased from Kombucha Kamp, are amazing! I love this product and this site, I can't recommend either enough.

Reviewed by Charlotte, 12/12/2016

The black caps that Hannah sells work great if you use a trick I discovered by accident. Place the black cap on the bottle and turn counter clockwise until the cap settles into the grooves. Then tight the cap with ease by turning clockwise.

Reviewed by Michele DeZayas, 10/12/2016

These lids are great to use with repurposed GTS bottles. I have a CB for komubucha and a CB for Jun between the two they are kicking out lots of brew so having plenty of bottles available helps. These caps are sturdy and hold up to pressure well. They also make burping bottled brew easy when needed. A really great alternative to buying bottles.

Reviewed by Ann Bailey, Charlotte, NC, 09/19/2016

Yes, yes and yes. Worth purchasing, use my chalk marker to label the cap, (i like that they're black). Great fizz with my WK and no explosions when opening!

Reviewed by joe Brunner Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 09/06/2016

Fantastic product!!!  Fits great on gt bottles and beer growlers that I have.  Added benefit of being air tight, will definitely be an asset for 2nd ferments!  Great company and great products!

Reviewed by Kathy Kisling (Walla Walla, WA), 08/21/2016

Love the caps! I was getting frustrated losing fizz from worn out caps. These caps do the trick!

Reviewed by Michelle (Maui, HI), 07/25/2016

They're perfect, finding these caps was a real score.

Home brewing kombucha is still a new-ish thing for us (4-5 months). I'd been bottling mine in 16 oz ball jars for daily consumption but the metal smell and taste bummed me out so I used wax paper as a buffer and that got real old real fast.

Seriously stoked with these. Mahalo, KKamp! :-)

Reviewed by Jason (Lee's Summit, MO), 07/20/2016

These caps are the best. They ensure my bucha is fizzy every batch, every time. They seal so much better than reusing the original caps that came on the bottles. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Linda (St. George, Utah), 07/12/2016

Absolutely LOVE these bottle caps! I bought about 30 Kevita and 30 GT bottles to reuse for myself but was super frustrated with the lids they came with. Not only did they leak, they did not keep the carbonation very well at all so I spent much more time brewing. With these replacements lids, they no longer leak and they keep the carbonation in much better and longer. As a result, I can now brew larger batches which saves me a tremendous amount of time as I keep 30-60 bottles of Kombucha and water kefir in my second fridge at all times. I'm actually a Kombucha and water kefir junkie! I drink about 6 bottles a day myself. I do share with my daughter-in-law and my co-workers but for the most part, they're all for me! Wish I could send you a picture of my fridge! The best part about these lids is that they do not leak! They are absolutely amazing! You will be extremely happy with them! Thank you Hannah!

Reviewed by Janet Chilton, Carmel, IN, 06/26/2016

Terrific, well designed replacement caps. Very happy with them. I share my brew with friends who provide me with used GT bottles. I was never happy reusing the original caps.  We like our booch fizzy and these caps do a great job holding the fizz! A well designed, easy to clean, reasonably priced, earth friendly product. Thank you!

Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY, 05/23/2016

I purchased two sets of these caps, they fit all my saved GT bottles when the ones that came on them don't fit as well and have leaked. These caps do not leak, and they fit perfectly. Save your GT bottles to reuse. It will help save money and our mother earth in the long run. Just be very CA not the break the black thingy that holds the clear plastic thingy that makes for a great tight fit as always a happy camper!

Reviewed by Carmen Cox, Greensboro, NC, 05/22/2016

I love using the GT bottles for my kombucha. I have used several other bottle types but the GT bottles are the best due to the wide opening for ease of putting in your flavorings and pouring the tea into them. These tops are awesome and love that they were made just for these bottles. I love Kombucha Kamp for any of my needs for home brewing, customer service can't be beat as well.

Reviewed by Kathy (Santa Barbara, Ca.), 03/05/2016

I was getting frustrated trying to reuse my old Kombucha tops. It started to feel like a puzzle finding which one was the best fit. I decided to go to Kombucha Camp to get some suggestions and low and behold I came across these tops. I ordered 2 dozen and am so happy I did. The old ones are in the garbage and now I have all new tops. These are fantastic, fit on every GT bottle and more, seal great and terrific fizz. I love K.C. I had left a message thinking they will never call back and within a few minutes I was talking to the nicest guy like he knew me as a friend. Very mp restive! I love Kombucha Camp and always is my go to site for the best KOMBUCHA answers. T.Y.

Reviewed by Eric M (ben lomond ca.), 02/21/2016

These caps work perfectly  extra heavy duty .don't leak like ones that come with bottle work over and over batch after your self  a favor and buy a few dozen there worth it, also cleaning bottles in dishwasher works perfectly wait tell half way through wash pause ,remove one bottle restart washer ,carefully peel label off bottle while hot should come off clean ,scrub any glue off with hot soapy water in sponge put back in dishwasher and continue with another bottle, works perfectly every time,clean label less bottles with new lids ready to be used again and again  for as long as you want perfect 

Reviewed by Chris Langston (Paso Robles CA), 02/19/2016

These bottle caps are amazing! I'm so glad you guys offer these as a replacement to the original bottles. My next batch of Kombucha turned out sooo fizzy and wonderful! The fact that they are reusable and washable is icing on the cake! 5 out of 5 stars! (Would give more if I could)

Reviewed by JD, 02/05/2016

I've added a second brewer so I needed more caps for my extra bottles. I really like these caps; they fit the GT bottles perfectly and really hold the fizz.

Reviewed by Jules Ford, 01/24/2016

FANTASTIC - I have been brewing for about 9 mos and have always had great fizz on the booch, but sometimes those GT caps would feel like they were locked in place.  These lids are so much easier to remove and because of their design my ginger beer is no longer overcarbonated.  I used to take several minutes to uncap my GB or it would volcano all over the counter.  These keep it all in place and I remove w/o any fizz-up but still have crazy fizzy GB.  Love these and will recommend to all!

Reviewed by Kathleen Konce (Palm Beach Gardens,Fl), 01/18/2016

The bottle caps fit nicely on the GT bottles, are easy to clean and assist with making the kombucha more fizzy!

Reviewed by carol layton, 01/07/2016

These work great. I had been using regular caps that came with the store-bought Kombucha, which didn't seem to seal in any fizz at all. But these work nicely -- sealing in the fizz!

Reviewed by Cynthia Seaver, 12/09/2015

GT replacement caps are EXCELLENT. Arrive sealed & ready to use, no sterilization required, easy to clean after each use, just twist & go! In addition I would like to give Kombucha Kamp a 5 Star plus, plus, plus rating for their superior support, kindness & detailed response to each & every question. Thank you KKamp, can't wait to move on up to continously brew! Cynthia Seaver (Oakdale, Cali)

Reviewed by Anne (Wisconsin), 12/06/2015

These caps fit my GT bottles perfectly. They create a nice seal and really help increase carbonation. They are easier to remove than the white GT caps. 

Reviewed by Stephanie Durfee (cape cod, ma), 12/03/2015

These caps are a perfect fit for my bottles. I switched them out with my working second ferment and had one bottle mysteriously leak on me. Not sure if it was a fluke but the next batch is brewing up great. 

Reviewed by Stevann Hamilton (Escondido, CA), 11/29/2015

Since I’ve been using the replacement bottle caps my 2nd ferment carbonation has greatly improved.
These caps are easy to take apart, clean and reuse. I’m still wondering how many times they can be reused? I’m on my 6th batch and they still seem to be holding up well. Thanks for making these available!

Reviewed by peggyann, 11/21/2015

I'm  a new brewer, but ordered the lids with my first order. I have been saving my store bought bottles and now I can replace the deal lids with secure  plastic ones. Great idea KM!!!!
Love them!

Reviewed by Rebecca I., Chandler AZ, 10/09/2015

YAY for carbonation! It makes such a difference in my enjoyment of my home
brewed kombucha! The caps that come on the store bought bottles of kombucha
are not meant to be reused. Therefore, they don't provide enough tightness to be used again and again (they might be okay once or twice, but after that it's going to be hard to get secondary fermentation carbonation).
These caps are perfect! They fit on the bottles so tightly sometimes I have
to ask my husband to use his manly strength to open a bottle for me.

Reviewed by Tammy (Winnipeg, Canada), 09/16/2015

Love these caps, they arrived very fast and work great on my GT bottles.

Reviewed by Laura in Iowa, 09/10/2015

These caps are FANTASTIC! They are extremely well made and are just what the doctor ordered to get that elusive FIZZ! Do yourself a favor and order these caps. KK'll ship them to you free!

Reviewed by Candy Garnett, 08/20/2015

I had bEen saving the GT Kombucha bottles, I liked the quality of the glass. I was thrilled to find out there were replacement caps for them. Great Idea.

Reviewed by Steve Stoppert, 06/10/2015


Reviewed by Kelly Brown (London, Ontario, Canada), 06/03/2015

The shipping was amazingly fast! I got my lids and have my first batch of booch in now, so far I am loving them. They fit my GT bottles perfectly!

Reviewed by Karen (KC MO), 04/17/2015

I'm so glad I got these caps! They really make a difference in the amount of fizz. And I like that I don't struggle getting them open. Thanks for having these in the store!

Reviewed by Gretchen R (Nampa, ID), 04/13/2015

Love these caps, they work very well

Reviewed by Deb Harmon (from Austin, TX), 02/23/2015

These caps are wonderful!! They come off when you want them to (unlike the caps that come with GT bottles) & create great fizz!! Thanks so much KK!!!

Reviewed by Galina (Mobile, AL), 02/20/2015

Since I am brewing lots of great tasting kombucha with Hannah's Scoobie I needed more caps to reuse my empty GT's bottles. Those work great - give tea more fizz! I am happy with my purchase, thank you Hannah. You save me some money for not buying new bottles .

Reviewed by Seth P., 02/16/2015

These lids were perfect for reusing the GT bottles and building up carbonation in the second fermentation!

Reviewed by Les T-M, 02/06/2015

The caps worked perfectly and the carbonation was awesome

Reviewed by Susanna (Ontario Canada), 12/07/2014

I have been wanting to replace my Synergy caps for a year. I finally got them and the carbonation is indeed better. You can tighten them so much better then the caps that came with the bottles.

Reviewed by Ingy, 10/26/2014

I highly recommend these caps. They have a lot more carbonation than the Synergy Caps. Side by side test of caps with the same 2nd batch showed how much better the Kombucha was with your caps. Thanks so much

Reviewed by Sylvia Craig. (CA), 10/22/2014

Thank you so much for your prompt response. It seems like I learn something new with each batch. Even though it is continuous, I prefer decanting all at once when ready and keep bottles for secondary fermentation.

Thanks again Hannah!

I am a happy brewer thanks to you.

Reviewed by Catherine, 10/17/2014

These caps were a life saver! We have a lot of GT bottles, but didn't have enough lids, plus some of the ones we had didn't seal well any more. One batch with the new lids and we were sold, they were a much better seal than even the newest/best of our remaining GT bottle caps -- we could tell by the carbonations from the second ferment. Good price, nice product!

Reviewed by Shantel Lagman (Kapolei, Hawaii), 10/15/2014

I'm so glad someone referred these caps to me. They fit on the GT kombucha bottles perfectly. It's so much easier to use these than to reuse the white caps that came with the bottle. After a while the white caps have a hard time twisting open. Definitely a must purchase if you plan to reuse the store bought bottles. Everything someone is interested in making their own kombucha I always mention this product, well this whole website actually. The shipping didn't take too long either.

Reviewed by Julie H (Portland, Oregon), 08/31/2014

So grateful for these caps! We love the Synergy bottles because of the sleek design but were frustrated with the lack of consistency in the caps that come with the store bottles. These replacement caps are the perfect answer. My brew has been consistent in fizz and no longer leaks when I pack my bottles on the go. Thank you!

Reviewed by Kelly Travis (Florida), 08/14/2014

These caps are awesome! I achieved the fizz ;-)

Reviewed by Jamie Fuller, 07/17/2014

They fit perfectly on the GT Kombucha bottles I use for my homemade kombucha, and do an exponentially better job than the reusing the white lids the jars came with. They seal tightly, don't leak, look nice, and improve carbonation. They are completely worth every penny, and I'm delighted to have found them. Will definitely recommend to anyone else I find brewing their own kombucha! Purchase process was easy, and customer service amazing.

Reviewed by Drew, 06/27/2014

These caps are great! They fit GT bottles with a better seal than the originals. My carbonation is much more consistent now. Solid construction, I have used them in 3 batches already and they are holding up great.

Reviewed by Lisa (DS, LA), 06/02/2014

I was skeptical at first about these caps. Didn't know if I really needed them since I had so many GT bottles with caps. But, to my delight, they work much better than the regular caps. A definite asset in my kombucha bottling!

Reviewed by Kathy, 05/27/2014

I love the caps. They arrived quickly. They are easy to clean, I like that they come apart for cleaning. It holds in the carbonation which I love. I love how they fit on the old Synergy bottles so I can reuse them. I am very happy with these caps.

Reviewed by Paul Gillette, 05/12/2014

I have always re-used my GT bottles for both Kombucha & when I make fresh Juices & I had to always carry around a rubberized gripper to get the bottle caps off after a while. I wanted them screwed on tight so that it would help create better carbonation with the Kombucha & so that if a bottle tipped over in a bag I was carrying or something, that it wouldn't leak! These are great, I was so happy to see this being offered this is the second time I have ordered them & I will continue to order more as the seals break down in the other bottle caps over time...

Reviewed by Madison Heckman, 05/04/2014

I absolutely love these caps! They fit GT bottles perfectly and help achieve the fizz we all love! The product arrived quickly. Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by TracyK, 04/15/2014

Love these caps! They work perfectly! Thanks so much for all you do, Hannah!

Reviewed by Ann, 04/02/2014

I was so happy to find replacement caps that fit the GT kombucha bottles. They make a tight seal and keep the wonderful fizz in! Easy to clean too.

Reviewed by Andrea (Billings, MT), 03/27/2014

Some of my GT caps are almost impossible to open. These caps are a great replacement. Thank you.

Reviewed by Sandra, 03/18/2014

As all the things I have bought here, these are great. I do appreciate the help and fast service we get here, thank you.

Reviewed by JeanB (Bryan TX), 03/07/2014

I recently purchased replacement lids for my kombucha bottles. These lids work better than the originals! I give them 4 stars because after continued use over several months, some of the lids sill no longer screw on straight so they can't hold the seal. So, I buy another batch!

Reviewed by Brenda, 01/09/2014

I just got my replacement caps, thanks for the speedy shipment. It's great to have these so the GT bottles can be reused...brilliant!

Reviewed by Peggy P (LA), 11/26/2013

So glad I tried you bottle caps! They really seal in the carbonation! It\'s great that I can use them on synergy or GT's Kombucha Tea bottles.

Reviewed by Beverly, Rose Valley, PA, 11/18/2013

I have enough of these caps to have many cycles of kombucha brewing the second fermentation. I like to share what I make with special friends. When I do, or if I'm taking the bottle out, I simply switch with one of the few white caps that were saved from the original bottles. The black caps work great and I love that I don't have to worry about using them again and again. They are easy to clean and made of a good product that ensures fizz!

Reviewed by Susan (Montreal QC, Canada), 11/13/2013

These caps are perfect for use with GT bottles. They fit the bottles perfectly and keep the fizz in, I am happy with them.

Reviewed by Doug (Dallas, PA), 11/09/2013

I purchased the caps to replace the original GT caps which were worn. They fit perfect.

Reviewed by Lily Shanks, 11/06/2013

I'd received my 2 dozen Replacement GT Synergy Kombucha Bottle Caps and so glad I did. They work perfectly. Thanks again for a great product.

Reviewed by Noelle, 10/11/2013

Very satisfied!

Reviewed by Susan (St. Louis, MO), 10/11/2013

I wanted to recycle my glass GT bottles for making my own Kombucha. The white caps that came with bottles seemed to wear out. They became very hard to open and some cracked. The replacement caps have worked well and have a good seal.

Reviewed by Mary, 10/07/2013

This replacement caps fit my store bought kombucha bottles perfectly! Accidentally broke the originals, but these kept me from having to trash the bottle! Seems like they are easier to twist open. Awesome caps, love the design. Keeps the carbonation in a little better!

Reviewed by Eunice Price, 09/24/2013

Great caps! Keeps the carbonation and easy to remove. Thanks, Hannah, for finding these and helping us keep the old G.T. bottles in the production line!

Reviewed by Ann (Charotte, NC), 09/21/2013

LOVE these cap! A great way to recycle your supply of GT Synergy bottles. They seal up the bottles tightly to keep carbonation.

Reviewed by Melissa (Anaheim, CA), 09/18/2013

I ordered two dozen of these lids and LOVE them!! I didn't want to get into the Grolsch-type bottles at this time and I had a good supply of GT Synergy bottles. I am so glad I ordered these lids to fit my bottles. They hold the carbonation really well and are high quality.

Reviewed by Debbie M. (Marysville, OH), 09/17/2013

I'm so glad you sell these and I can use my old GT bottles! They fit perfectly and I'm so glad I ordered a dozen!

Reviewed by Holly P., 08/30/2013

These caps are so great. I kept all of my old GT bottles, and the white caps were so hard to remove. The caps are not only easier to use, but hold carbonation better. I'm going to order more next time:). Thanks!

Reviewed by Laura, 08/27/2013

These replacement caps are a winner! I knew the moment I put one on my re-used bottle just by the way it slipped it is much better than the white caps.

Reviewed by Lito C., 08/22/2013

Ordered the GT bottle caps. Really like them because I've had beer bottles with caps I had a few that exploded, so now I prefer the GT bottles besides they're easy to store in my fridge. These caps are great.

Reviewed by Charlene, 08/16/2013

Wonderful replacement caps. I couldn't believe the difference when I started using these on my bottles...really keep the fizz in. Thanks KKamp

Reviewed by Pat (Douglasville, Ga.), 08/02/2013

I love my new caps! So much better than the original white caps.

Reviewed by Rebecca, 07/28/2013

I just open my first KT using the replacement caps I ordered , they worked phenomonally ! My fizz was great and I was able to easily remove the cover which I have a hard time with reusing the ones that come on the original bottles . I also like the fact that they're black and don't get mixed up with my other covers . Thank you Hannah for ANOTHER winning product

Reviewed by Rene, 06/30/2013

These caps work great and as always the service from Kombucha Kamp was stellar !

Reviewed by Paula, 06/24/2013

These bottle caps fit my old GT bottles perfectly. Simplified my brewing experience!

Reviewed by Robyn (Phoenix, AZ), 06/06/2013

Wow, what a difference. I was having trouble with my white original bottle caps. I put on the black caps and had the pop of "fizz" within a day. I came back here to order more. These caps make all the difference. Thanks Hannah :)

Reviewed by Sandra, 05/21/2013

Love the way these fit on my GT bottles. Surely simplified my life.

Reviewed by Donna P., 05/14/2013

These caps arrived super fast! They work great on the bottles that I use. They clean easily.

Reviewed by Mara Thomas (Copperas Cove, TX), 04/03/2013

Love these caps! They're nice and heavy plus the clear part pops out for cleaning. They really do hold in more carbonation. I tested a couple with mineral water before bottling a gallon and a half of kombucha beer with my dozen caps.