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Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar Crystals
No GMO! 100% Organic.
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Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar

100% Organic Evaporated Cane Juice sugar crystals is my preferred choice for brewing delicious and healthy Kombucha.

Organic Cane Juice Sugar


  • 100% organic

  • Sugar cane - no GMO!

  • Enough for 2 brews

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nancy Hanna, 07/08/2020

Organic Cane Juice Sugar. This sugar dissolves beautifully; SCOBY seems to like it as it keeps making such good KT. Nancy Hanna (Green Valley, AZ)

Reviewed by Michelle Raia, 09/20/2019

This sugar came with my kombucha kit. I ran out and tried a different sugar from my grocery store. There is no comparison. This sugar is amazing and makes such a huge difference in the fizz in my booch.

Reviewed by Ryan Balli, 09/06/2019

The evaporated cane juice crystals work great and make the kombucha have a nice flavor!

Reviewed by Chris Pooser, 03/17/2018

Nothing like using organic cane sugar to make your Kombucha even healthier.

Reviewed by Brad, 02/11/2018

The sugar shipped fast and in time for my next brew. 

Reviewed by susan emerson, New Jersey, 08/18/2017, 08/18/2017

I love this sugar. You make it so easy to make the sweet tea. Thank you very much.

Reviewed by Susan Emerson (Morristown NJ), 07/11/2017

The sugar is great. And the packaging makes it so easy. Being a novice at continuous brewing I was pretty nervous and this has just made so much easier.

Reviewed by Vicki M, 02/16/2017

Perfect size for my first batch. Good quality.

Reviewed by Christy (Atlanta, GA), 12/31/2016

Hannah does it again - makes the process for new (and old) brewers very easy, healthy, fun, and fabulous results! This is a great sugar and my kombucha loves it!

Reviewed by Hayon (Somerville, MA), 10/11/2016

I love this sugar. Mostly cause it's a great indicator of the quality I should be looking for in the future. It was enough for two full batches and I love that it's organic. Thanks for making our lives so easy!

Reviewed by Norma Bicknell, 08/17/2016

I could not believe that little pack contained enough cane sugar for the batch. I've used regular sugar since & have noticed a flavor difference. I love that it's 100% organic & fair trade. Hannah thinks of everything.

Reviewed by Mike Shick (Paso Robles, CA), 06/05/2016

I love this sugar.  It produces great brews, and I feel good knowing it's organic!

Reviewed by Patti Johnson, 09/13/2014

Really good deal for 100% organic & GMO-free sugar crystals! This is the best kind of sugar you can use and it works great in the Kombucha brews! I will definitely purchase again and highly recommend this product!

Reviewed by Carrie D. CA, 08/24/2014

So glad I got this sugar. Organic and pre-measured. It made my first few batches easy and helped me get used to the brew process. Now I am comfortable brewing and enjoying the whole process.. Brewing to drinking!

Reviewed by Shelli H., Eugene, OR, 04/05/2014

Knowing the sugar in my Brew Now kit was organic, GMO-free, and unprocessed was a big selling point for me. I love that the bag is reusable too,

Reviewed by Jenni H (Lincoln, NE), 08/14/2013

The sugar was good and easy to use. I like that it was pre-measured for my first batch. I appreciate that it is organic and I feel positive about the outcome.

Reviewed by Jams, 02/12/2013

Best results I have gotten form any sugar I have tried. I actually was able to get some fiz form the kombucha (carbonation), something I had wanted for a while now! Awesome!

Reviewed by Regina from Kansas, 02/04/2013

It was so great to know that I'm using a non GMO sugar to feed my booch. Very convenient to have the product on hand for that first brew. Everything was so convenient and I had just what I needed. No stress brewing! Thanks Hannah!

Reviewed by anne, 01/29/2013

I had been using white sugar in my initial trials - but really wanted to perfect the recipe and ordered the organic cane sugar - i love the quality of the products I am adding to my brew - makes me feel like my kombucha has high quality nutritional value!
Anne Evans (Colorado Springs, CO)

Reviewed by Thomas Presley, 10/01/2012

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. No weak links at the Kombucha Kamp!. I love it that I am not supporting C&H white death sugar. Far too many of my Vietnam Vet acquaintances are diabetics and HOOKED ON the white death. Thanks for the organic SWEETS, Hannah!

Reviewed by Jami (WI), 05/29/2012

I liked that the sugar I received with my CB kit was 100% organic. In fact it was one of the selling points.