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Kombucha Barrel Sanitation Tablets
Storage and Sanitation Tablets for Kombucha Barrels
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Kombucha Barrel Sanitation Tablets

Oak barrels imbue a unique flavor profile into spirits, vinegars and Kombucha! Keep your Oak Barrel fresh before using with these tablets.


Kombucha Kamp's Oak Barrel Sanitation Tablets are easy to use. Simply fill the barrel with water, add the crushed tablets and let it sit for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the chemical sanitizer will have dissipated so immediately rinse the barrel 3 times with clean water to remove any residue and start brewing right away. The low pH of Kombucha protects the barrel and keeps it safe from other microorganisms so always keep your barrel topped off.


Barrel Size        Number of Tablets Needed

10L (2.5 gal)                            3

20L (5 gal)                               5


Barrel orders automatically receive the number of tablets needed to get the barrel started right. Grab some extra to have handy for whenever needed!


Sanitation of Fermentation Equipment

We are fans of products that serve multiple functions. In this case, the sanitation tablets may also be dissolved to create a safe solution for cleaning bottles, jars and other fermentation supplies whenever a heavier duty sanitation cylce is preferred.


These tablets are safe to use provided the vessels and equipment are rinsed thoroughly prior to using with Kombucha.



  • Sanitize the barrel in one step

  • Refreshes barrel for a tastier brew

  • 10 tablets per pack

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Carol Thomas, 12/13/2015

I purchased an Oak Brewing Barrel several months ago. Before we left for a two week vacation, I got concerned, thinking I needed to drain the barrel and have these tablets to add to it so the barrel would be ok while we were gone. About a week before leaving I placed an order with a request that it be shipped as soon as possible. Kudos to Hannah and crew for getting the product here ASAP! The tablets work great, the barrel was fresh and I felt confident it was sanitized before rinsing thoroughly and refilling. After I returned I re-read some of the user manual that came with my continuous brewer package, and now know that I can let the kombucha sit in the barrel and drain most of it off when I return and start a new batch. I probably will only do that if I won't be gone long, as it does tend to evaporate and I don't want the barrel to dry and crack.

Reviewed by Margy, 11/19/2014

I bought my oak barrel from Kombucha Kamp and used the tablets to prep my barrel. They work great and I must admit the oak barrel Kombucha is better tasting than my brews in plastic buckets or glass jars. The tablets need disolving prior to putting into the barrel. Its all very easy and the barrel rinses easily after I put the tablets in. This has has all been so easy with all the step by step instructions and videos. I feel like I'm learning to cook all over again and its really a fun family project. Thanks Hannah for all your support.