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Green Power Blend
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Organic Green Power Blend for Flavoring

The Green Power Blend is the perfect addition to your Kombucha. It is a super alkalizing blend of potent plant foods packed with all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body needs to encourage optimum health.

Ingredients: Organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic spirulina, organic spinach, organic alfalfa leaf, organic kelp, organic dulse leaf, organic barley grass juice powder, organic orange peel, organic beet root, organic dandelion leaf, organic lemon peel, organic ginkgo leaf, and organic wheat grass juice powder


Recipe Idea:
Green Machine = green power blend + ginger.



  • Organic
  • 100% absorbable by your body
  • .8 oz per package, 10-20 servings per packet

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Emily (oregon), 11/15/2020

Love this green power blend. I use it in smoothies every day. I really wish they sold it in bigger quantities because the small package it comes in doesn’t work well for smoothies. But other than that this stuff is amazing. 

Reviewed by Barbara Morach, 11/18/2019

I do not prefer the more acidic flavored kombucha and jun flavoring. This might be perfect if you also don't care for the fruitiest of flavors. I use it almost exclusively in my jun brews now. I just eyeball a tsp plus a smidge when bottling for the secondary fermentation. I do also feel that it has produced some of my fizziest batches.

Reviewed by edmond Mahmoodi, 03/27/2019

Edmond (California la) I’m new to this and the green blend was one of the best flavors I’ve used.Its very easy to use to and a little goes a longgggg way 

Reviewed by Amy (Louisville, KY), 08/02/2017

I love sneaking greens in when I can. These had a mild flavor but there are many other flavors I like better than this one. I prefer to stick with ginger and fruits in my kombucha!

Reviewed by VickiMarie, 03/28/2017

Nice mild flavor. I added lemon and ginger to the flavoring, too.

Reviewed by Bonnie, 06/20/2016

I liked getting some greens in my Kombucha! Great!

Reviewed by Sarah Smith (Poulsbo, WA), 06/08/2016

I purchased the green power blend in the mix-n-match flavor pack with my initial SCOBY. The flavor is very subtle, which is fine by me! Makes it very easy to combine with other flavors while getting the awesome health benefits from the greens.

Reviewed by Kari G (Washington DC), 05/02/2016

My favorite flavoring so far!  Mixed well and tasted great.  Love all the healthy ingredients in it!

Reviewed by Drew, 07/15/2014

This green flavor was very nice, it was mello enough that it let the kombucha flavor come through and didn't overpower it with a dark green taste. I was also very surprised at how much carbonation this flavor helped to produce. I wasn't expecting that, but it was a very nice surprise!

Reviewed by Chris salbego (Princeton, WI), 01/23/2014

We have tried other "Green" blends that did not taste so good. Some were downright undrinkable to me! Hannah's Green Power Blend actually gives our kombucha a great flavor plus it's packed with healthy stuff! Will definitely be ordering this again!!

Reviewed by Patti Johnson, 11/01/2013

This is one of my top two favorite Kombucha flavorings for my secondary fermentation. It tastes so good and is so good FOR ME! I just love it. My other favorite is the ginger. I really need to branch out and get more adventurous with my flavorings, though. I hope to order different ones in the near future. Really curious to try the rosehips. :)

Reviewed by Leslie, 04/30/2013

I love the flavor & that it's organic. Highly recommend this. Doesn't mix in well at first. By the time it's had a couple of days, it's perfect!

Reviewed by Sara (NE), 10/29/2012

I love what's in it and the taste is very palatable. -1 star because it doesn't mix as well as I'd like and -1 star because I followed the measurements on the packet and didn't get a full 40 servings, closer to 20. Still recommended!

Reviewed by Molly, 10/18/2012

This isn't my favorite, but it is my husband's. The taste is fine for the awesome stuff that's in it. but you can taste the health;)

Reviewed by Jami (WI), 05/29/2012

This is very mild for a Green blend. I have had a lot and usually they are overpowering and this isn't at all. It is a nice flavor.

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