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Elderberry Syrup DIY Kit
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Elderberry Syrup for Flavoring & Nutrients

Our DIY Organic Elderberry Syrup kit will provide your family with 16oz of delicious elderberry syrup for half the cost of commercially produced brands. Plus it's a snap to whip up and makes the whole house smell amazing! 

Elderberry syrup makes a delicious and healthy substitute for sodas when added to sparkling water or add some syrup to your fermented drinks for additional benefits in your Kombucha, Jun, Water Kefir or Milk Kefir. My favorite way to enjoy Elderberry syrup is to add a tablespoon to some sour Kombucha or as a mixer for a healthy cocktail! However you choose to enjoy the syrup, you will have peace of mind knowing that the ingredients are organic and that no preservatives or additives are in the product.

How to Use


  • Add 1 tsp of elderberry syrup to 1 16oz bottle of fermented drink


  • Add 1 tsp - 1 TB (to taste) of syrup to an 8 oz glass of ice and fill with bubbly water


  • Add 1 tsp of syrup to 6oz of warm water. Add lemon to taste.

Recommended Serving Size 

  • Adults 1 TB daily
  • Children (over 1 year) 1 tsp daily

If feeling sick or have the flu

  • Adults/Children 1 serving every 3-4 hours


*Children under the age of 1 are cautioned against consuming raw honey.

Kit Contents

  • 4oz organic elder berries
  • 1 cup of organic cane sugar or raw honey
  • 1 packet of organic chai spice blend (0.8oz ginger, cinnamon chips, allspice, cloves & orange peel)
  • 1 square of cheesecloth

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ryan Grimm, 01/07/2022

Ryan G. - Illiniois - 1/7/22

Good instructions, quick shipping. I would sure recommend if you are wanting to make your own Elderberry syrup. It makes an easy flavoring for Kombucha.

Reviewed by Jennie Jones, 02/23/2021

I purchased the Elderberry syrup on a whim and I am so glad I did. The instructions are easy to follow and the end product is amazing. The taste is delicious and I have been taking a Tablespoon of it in the morning, and I also add it to my Kombucha for a tasty second ferment. Thank you for having great products!

Jennie (Kaysville, Utah)


Reviewed by Michele K (Calif.), 01/04/2021

I purchased the Elderberry syrup kits and I loved them! During this pandemic, it makes me feel like I am tasting something delicious that also helps with my immune system. I have made it for my neighbors and my family and practically have the whole block hooked on it! I give it 5 stars

Reviewed by Cynthia C. (South Carolina), 08/28/2020

I love your products. I love the quick delivery of products when I make my orders.

People ask me all the time why I haven't been sick and my husband has been since June. I tell them it is the Elderberry syrup I take daily. They ask where I get it and I tell them I purchase my supplies from Kombucha and make it myself. You guys have the best prices and as I said I receive my order very promptly. Thank you .