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Elder Flowers
Dried elder flowers can be drunk as a tisane or added to your Kombucha.
Elder flower fairy by Cicely Mary Barker.
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Organic Elder Flowers for Flavoring

Elder flowers have a long history of use in folk medicine for supporting upper respiratory health.   The flowers add a nice floral note to any Kombucha. They may also be drunk as a tisane or made into syrup or cordial. When aged, elder flowers add a dry-champagne flavor to KT.


Recipe Idea:
I often combine with rose petals, lavender, or elderberries for a crisp and refreshing Kombucha. 




  • Certified Organic 
  • Supports upper respiratory health
  • Can be drunk as a tisane for congestion relief
  • .6oz per packet, 30 servings

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie K (Dubuque, IA), 01/29/2018

My only regret with the elderflowers is that I didn't try them sooner. I love the dry taste the give my buch... makes it a nice light drink.

Reviewed by Suzanne Matthews New Port Tichey FL, 10/25/2017

I was thrilled to find these elder flowers. Such a nice light taste, that adds just that something extra to jun or kombucha. 

Reviewed by David Johnson, 06/23/2017

The flavor is incredible and does have that dry champagne taste. My son who doesn't really like Komubucha LOVES it now with elder flower in it. Great stuff!

Reviewed by Dean W., 09/28/2015

The elderflower makes my Jun taste like a great champagne. It's one of our favorites!

Reviewed by Karen, 08/13/2015

Elder flowers makes a great flavor. A nice sweet flavor.

Reviewed by Robert, 07/05/2015

Love this! I've flavored my KT with elder flowers & cucumber. Taste like a fancy cocktail but it's healthy organic kombucha!

Reviewed by Paul Gillette, 05/12/2014

I feel that Elder-flower seems to give the Kombucha a slightly sweet flavor. It's very smooth & kind of reminds me of a dry Champagne aftertaste... I have used the in a recipe Hanna suggested with fresh organic Lemon Juice & it was very refreshing lemonade like champagne taste... really liked it! Give it a try!

Reviewed by Kelly (Corona, CA), 02/17/2014

I love, love, LOVE the elder flowers! It's SO good on it's own or when blended with the organic rose petals. The quality (like everything else Kombucha Kamp sells) is superior to anything out there and a little goes a long way. You can't beat it for the price!

Reviewed by Beverly, Rose Valley, PA, 11/18/2013

While living in England, I was introduced to a lovely liquid called elder flower press. It was slightly sweet and had the wonderful taste of elderflowers. We mixed this drink with fizzy water to make it less sweet. Now I add it to my Kombucha, giving my final product the subtle floral notes that I remember from our time in England. I buy it solely for the flavor and am glad to find that it also has medicinal qualities.