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Continuous Brew Set-Up Videos
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Continuous Brew Kombucha Set-Up Video Series

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The Kombucha Mamma guides you through the entire process of setting up your Continuous Brew System. Video library includes:

  • Unboxing the Brewer
  • Assembling the Spigot to the Brewer
  • Making your first batch of Kombucha

And much, much more! 

New videos will be added from time to time and upon current client request.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Christine (Southern Oregon), 05/31/2019

Everything you need to know to be confident about brewing your own KT! I was a complete amateur but now I feel very comfortable with all parts of the process.

Reviewed by Frederick Orndorff, 03/04/2018

Frederick (Dumfries, VA)
If you have any reservations on attempting to start brewing - then these videos will take any stress away. Paired with the book - you cannot go wrong.

Reviewed by John Chandler, 02/19/2018

(Carthage Texas)
I am a first time brewer and have had great results, the step-by-step videos are very easy to understand and answered all my questions.

Reviewed by Ofelina Gutierrez (Woodstock GA), 12/01/2017

The free set up and maintenance videos for the Modern Porcelain No Frills kit are a great help. Also the customer service people are very quick, nice and patient to respond with any of the questions that I had.

Reviewed by Joyce L, 10/09/2017

The on-line video instructions that came with my purchase were easy to follow and answered all my questions. I liked that they were all less than 5 minutes and titled so that if I needed to listen to a certain step of the process as I was going along, that video vignette was easily locatable.

Reviewed by Reviewed by Eleni San Mateo, CA 5/25/2017, 05/25/2017

Very informative videos!

Reviewed by Laura B (Williamsburg, VA), 03/07/2016

If you are a visual learner or an analytical person who knows they need to do everything exactly right or else be displeased, this is perfect for you. I didnt want to spend money only to ruin my booch using the wrong advice. Kombucha mama has not led me astray - she knows what shes doing!!

Reviewed by Robbie (Chehalis, WA), 11/08/2015

The Demo Videos were helpful & easy to understand. I appreciate seeing in real life how it's supposed to look & happen.  Thanks to Hannah for her thoughtfulness in producing these & understanding the simple things count.  Great Job, Hannah!  See more of my review in the Continuous Brew section.

Reviewed by Allison (Knoxville, TN), 03/03/2015

Continuous brew is the way to go! I am a first-time brewer and have had wonderful results ever since starting the continuous brew two months ago. The step-by-step video shows you everything you need to know - I had no questions at all after watching it. My brew got off to a great start and is still going strong!

Reviewed by Meghan, 01/31/2015

The videos were not just helpful but, for me, critical in understanding what parts of the setup and maintenance required special attention. They also reassured me that making kombucha is easy and can be done with very little time investment. By the time I got my supplies, the bullet list included in the shipment was sufficient. Thanks!

Reviewed by Nancy Bothur, 01/05/2015

Thanks again, I learned how to brew kombucha from your videos and haven’t turned back- bummer when I am on vacation and have to spend $3.00 + for what I drink (almost) freely at home.

Reviewed by Margy, 12/02/2014

I think the set up videos really helped me set up my Kombucha brew correctly. I'm not one to read all the directioins, so watching the videos was perfect for me. I would still like to attend one of Hannah's live classes when I'm in her area. She explains it all so simply!

Reviewed by Jen Jensen (Fergus Falls, MN), 09/30/2014

I watched these before my Brewer arrived, and they covered everything I needed to know to start my own system. Very thorough!

Reviewed by Erin Haug (Lake City, FL), 09/08/2014

Great videos, especially if you are new to kombucha brewing. I loved the way it was broken up so I could go straight to the one I needed. Very informative.

Reviewed by Clint (Gillette, WY), 08/07/2014

Great videos

Reviewed by Stephanie B (Savannah GA), 04/15/2014

The videos were fantastic! Not only were they broken down into "bite size" pieces but they were well shot and organized. I have gone back to the videos at least once a week in the past two weeks my brew has been going. Because they are short I could navigate the topic I wanted easily.

Reviewed by Tammy Henderson (WI), 03/07/2014

Very nice visuals for a first timer. Some of the content could have been combined though rather than spreading it out into so many separate videos. Overall very helpful

Reviewed by Donna Payne (Fort Myers, FL), 12/29/2013

I loved the videos!!! I was so scared to do this. I got the videos and no joke she walks you through every step. Took the fear right away. You have no questions because she covers everything. If you just follow the videos then you will make perfect Kombucha. They are awesome and a must for any brewer. They are a fail safe way to achieve great Kombucha. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so why read when you can do it along with Hannah. Buy them you won't regret it. :-)

Reviewed by K. Naquin (Port Orange, FL), 12/17/2013

This video or I should say videos were great! I watched them prior to my supplies arriving and found them to be thorough and easy to understand. They are divided up in sections so you don't have to go searching through the entire video if you need a refresher on a certain part. Or, as in our case, we aren't using the stand so we just skipped that section. After watching these videos, I didn't have to revisit them during set up. I was able to do it all by memory. Perfect for visual learners!

Reviewed by Pam B, 09/07/2013

Each video segment was short and to the point. It provided a great overview and supplement to the booklet instructions. I will definitely review the appropriate segments when it is time to clean out my brewer for the first time. Great support product.

Reviewed by Esther Johnson (Lexington, KY), 08/20/2013

I have never attempted to make my own kombucha before, but after reading a little about it, I thought I would give it a try. These videos were so helpful in getting started. I watched some of them several times just to make sure I was doing it right. For a perfectionist like me, it was nice to have someone walking me through each step. And the kombucha that I am now enjoying is a bonus. :)

Reviewed by NIna P (Birmingham), 06/12/2013

Step by step detailed instructions makes life a little easier. Thanks K.K

Reviewed by Linda - Virginia Beach, VA, 06/05/2013

This video was such a help! I watched it while setting up my CB, paused it until I completed the step and continued. I now have confidence that my CB will be exactly as it should be and my brew will be better than the store bought stuff! ☺

Reviewed by Danielle Denhardt, 05/31/2013

I love that I got to watch the videos while I was waiting for my order to arrive! I watched all of the set-up videos and the up-keep videos and I knew exactly what to do when my order arrived! These short, easy to follow videos made me feel like a pro!

Reviewed by Sharon Fan, 05/17/2013

The video instructions are so clear and detailed. And I like how they are in short segments and I can stop and pick up anywhere easily.

Reviewed by Melanie Comito (Mineola, NY), 02/19/2013

This video was invaluable in helping me set up my Continuous-Brew system. Hanna shows you with step-by-step instructions how to set it up, brew the tea -everything you need to know to get started. As a newbie kombucha brewer I was afraid I might do something wrong. This video enabled me to do it all right! Very thorough, highly recommended.

Reviewed by Stephanie Blackton (Charlottesville, VA), 02/08/2013

The videos were a great introduction. Helpful hints, clear instructions and broken into segments so I could go back and review if needed. So worthwhile. Thank you.

Reviewed by Regina in Kansas, 02/04/2013

I was such a newb and very much needed these set up videos. I was highly impressed that these videos were so to the point and in portions that were so easy to understand and digest. They are to the point! The demonstrations leave nothing to be questioned. These videos make you feel like you are there with Hannah in your very own Kombucha Kamp School. Bravo!

Reviewed by Pamela, 01/22/2013

Lots of awesome insights into the process - thank you for making it so easy!

Reviewed by Jessica Draper, 01/17/2013

I don't think I could have set my brewer up without these videos! They are so helpful! Thank you! :)

Reviewed by Roger Bissell, 01/14/2013

The set-up video made it really easy to get started. Hannah has a great sense of humor.
Hardest part was waiting a week for my brew!

Reviewed by Ronda, 11/28/2012

I was so nervous before getting my continuous brew setup.
These videos are perfect, they explained everything just as if Hannah
was standing right here guiding me through the process.
After watching it the first time, my nervous feeling went away and I felt at ease when my products arrived.

The videos are so well explained anyone can do this...really it's that easy

Reviewed by Chris Salbego, 07/30/2012

The set-up and up-keep videos were awesome and extremly easy to follow. My first cont. brew batch is about done and ready to be bottled! Thanks for the awesome site Hannah!

Reviewed by NWHD, 05/29/2012

They were very helpful. Just like having personal instruction. So thankful for this!

Reviewed by Jami (WI), 05/29/2012

These videos are GREAT! They walk you right through the whole process.

Reviewed by Kiki White, 04/21/2012

This video really helped me feel REALLY comfortable with what I was doing.I've never brewed Kombucha beore and it was all so new.
I reviewed the videos and felt quite comfortable starting things up.All the basic concepts of what it was all about and why I was doing what I was doing were touched upon.My firstbatch of brew was delicious and I can certainly thank Hannah's thoughtful information for this!So, thank-you Hannah!

Reviewed by Kirk Hayes (Houston, TX), 02/13/2012

Thank you for such a good course in your online videos. It made all the set-up great. Thanks alot.

Reviewed by Brenda (United Kingdom), 02/01/2012

I was very nervous about starting Continuous Brewing but the videos set out the information really clearly and I liked being able to see an actual demonstration rather than trying to follow instructions from a book. Been brewing for a couple of months now and it's great!

Reviewed by Michelle Orange County, CA, 12/13/2011

If you were like me when I first started totally clueless about making Kombucha and just wanted someone to hold my hand through the process then this is the video for you. Hannah teaches you step by step on how to start your continuous brew. It's very easy, even a first grader can do this with the video!

Reviewed by Kristie Frank, 10/18/2011

These videos are great! They give you easy step by step instructions to set up your continuous brewing system. It made the continuous brewing a no brainer! Hannah is also very entertaining!
Thank you!

Reviewed by Susan Reed, 10/15/2011

I love the Set Up videos! I watched them before I received my Continous Brewing system in the mail and I watched them again while I was setting it up. It made everything SO easy! They were thorough and fun to watch!

Reviewed by Michael Anderson (Altanta, GA), 10/13/2011

These videos aren't long but they covered everything I needed to know quickly. I'd rather not waste time with a lot of extras so I appreciated that. Well done.

Reviewed by Dana P. (Utah), 10/10/2011

I watched the Demo Videos while I was waiting for my products to arrive. They were short and gave me all the confidence I needed. When my stuff came, you'd have thought I was a pro...;)