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Continuous Brew EZ UpKeep Videos
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Continuous Brew Kombucha EZ-UpKeep Video Series

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Everything you need to know about maintaining your Continuous Brewer including:

  • When and how often to maintain the brewer
  • How to recognize degrading culture
  • Safety in handling the culture
  • What to do when you go on vacation
  • How to trim the culture with scissors

And many more.

Library updated upon request of current clients.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Frederick Orndorff, 03/04/2018

Frederick (Dumfries, VA)
While pretty straightforward - these videos provide the basic steps necessary to have a safe and great brew, every time!!

Reviewed by Ofelina Gutierrez (Woodstock GA), 12/01/2017

The free set up and maintenance videos for the Modern Porcelain No Frills kit are a great help. Also the customer service people are very quick, nice and patient to respond with any of the questions that I had.

Reviewed by Laura B (Williamsburg, VA), 03/07/2016

If you are a visual learner or an analytical person who knows they need to do everything exactly right or else be displeased, this is perfect for you. I didnt want to spend money only to ruin my booch using the wrong advice. Kombucha mama has not led me astray - she knows what shes doing!!

Reviewed by Allison (Knoxville, TN), 03/03/2015

Watching this video before starting my continuous brew was invaluable in helping me understand the whole process better. Between the videos and the Complete Handbook, I cannot imagine any issue not covered.

Reviewed by Nancy Cobb, 12/01/2014

I started reading your info and watching the videos you have done to educate myself on this process and they are SO helpful!

Reviewed by Erin Haug (Lake City, FL), 09/08/2014

These videos were very informative. I love the way they are broken up into different sections so I can go to what I need. I watched them all and they were short and to the point. These are great videos for anyone looking to learn more about continuous brewing.

Reviewed by Clint (Gillette, WY), 08/07/2014

Great videos

Reviewed by Tracy K, 05/16/2014

Great videos! These are so helpful! Thanks, Hannah! You're the best!

Reviewed by Lily Shanks (Okla city, Okla, 08/19/2013

For me being a beginner. These videos are a must. I love Hanna how you did them in short videos on each section. So easy and helpful to look down thru to find what I need Or use them to refresh my mine before going to do another step.

Reviewed by Robin, 08/06/2013

Very informative videos! The only confusion I ever had about brewing was how to use the CB the way it is intended. After viewing these videos, I don't think I'm going to go into the feast or famine mode with my brews!

Reviewed by Linda - Virginia Beach, VA, 06/05/2013

I like having this video available to view more than once. I don't always remember what I am to do so I go back and rewatch the video. It is setup in a way that is very organized and to the point. VERY HELPFUL ☺

Reviewed by Sharon Fan, 05/17/2013

Very easy to follow. It put me at ease. Really helpful for newbies like me. :)

Reviewed by Stephanie Blackton (Charlottesville, VA), 02/08/2013

These videos were really helpful to have too. I have the page bookmarked so I can review when it's time to clean my continuous brewer. Simple, easy steps. Well done!

Reviewed by Regina from Kansas, 02/04/2013

The upkeep videos were very informative and easy to understand. They gave me the confidence I needed as a new brewer to see this process is not rocket scientist material, but is something I'm very capable of doing. Everyone that brews with continuous brewing needs Hannah's knowledge. :-)

Reviewed by nancy de groote(Belgium), 01/20/2013

Hey, hannah. I buyd al two of the video and i realy love it

Reviewed by Jessica Draper, 01/17/2013

These videos are so helpful! I really need visuals for learning so I highly recommend! :)

Reviewed by Thomas Presley, 10/01/2012

I am a SHOW ME type of guy, not a tell me. For me, a picture/video is often worth a lot more than a thousand words. Once again, you have rung the bell. I chose You (Kombucha Kamp) because you leave nothing to guess work. See you at the next Farm to Fermentation Festival.

Reviewed by Anna Strathman (Lee Vining, CA), 07/24/2012

Yours is definitely one of the best websites ever! Reread the guide and watched the video - extremely helpful. New batch starting today, Lots of yeastie biits which I imagine might have been part of the change in taste. Layers beginning to form on the original babies I got from you.

I really do believe in this stuff. As someone with ms I am pretty obsessive about what I put into my body. Don't know if it's luck, meds., lots of exercise or the kombuch, but I have managed pretty well. Probably a combo of all thing,s yet I do know that kombucha does play a big role in my healing process. Thanks again!

Reviewed by Kirk Hayes (Houston, TX), 02/13/2012

Thank you for such a good course in your online videos. It made all the set-up great. Thanks alot.

Reviewed by Barbara in S Oregon, 02/06/2012

The book and the videos have been a great combination in my learning process about making and enjoying Kambucha. Videos show so much. I can see that so much care has been taken to create informative videos that are divided up so that a viewer can find exactly the desired topic. I watch them all!

Reviewed by Brenda (United Kingdom), 02/01/2012

The videos are very clear and easy to follow. Like the other reviewer I found it really helpful to see Hannah cutting the scobies - I will definitely be re-watching these sections when I come to clean out my brewer.

Reviewed by Susan Reed, 10/15/2011

I love the Upkeep videos! They are enjoyable to watch and they explain everything perfectly! I was wondering how I was going to keep making Kombucha without taking out my scoby and I am very excited that it is so simple! Thank you for making this so easy!

Reviewed by Michael Anderson (Altanta, GA), 10/13/2011

Same as with the Set Up videos, these are short and sweet and to the point. Lots of good information, not a lot of extra stuff. I did watch these a few times to get the hang of cutting the scobies the first time. It was nice to be able to come back to them.