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Brewer Tee Set - Gallon Jar Size
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Cloth Cover & Cozy for Kombucha Brewing Jars

Jazz up your brewing vessel with the Kombucha Kamp EXCLUSIVE Brewer Tee. Specially designed to fit snugly around a standard glass Gallon Jar, this stretchy tee not only prevents over exposure to light but also keeps your boochie babies hidden from view. Also has a slit for your thermometer strip to monitor the temp of your brew. 


Keep all of your ferments happy & healthy! Topping off or checking on them is a breeze with the easy to remove cap, featuring gripper elastic for an easy & tight fit.


Available in 8 fun colors to color coordinate your ferments - mix & match!





  • Stretchy cotton designed to fit perfectly on standard glass gallon jars 

  • Thermometer strip slit allows easy visibilty to check the temperature of your brew

  • Cap is frilled for designer touch, or tuck in for neater look

  • Made in the USA


Machine washable. Handmade in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by drusilla amos, 07/31/2019

This set is so cute. It is also a very practical way to hide your kombucha from the sun. The top piece is so much easier to handle than a piece of cloth and rubber band. D.Amos Grand Prairie, TX

Reviewed by Susie (Indianapolis, Indiana), 01/14/2019

I purchased the beautiful, red,perfect fitting,gallon size lid covers with the cute ruffle and jar t shirt cover. I love the deco look on my counter. I can peek into the side slot at the temperature gage on the side of my jar, with ease.I also purchased the root beer package. To my delight, I Did create the perfect root beer flavored kombucha ! Hanna was prompt at returning my phone calls and placing my order over the phone! Thank you Hanna for all your knowledge ! I praised Hanna and her kombucha knowledge to my brother , and he purchased her book for me! Great gift! Keep spreading the good health rewards of making kombucha at home!

Reviewed by Kristin R, Ocean Isle Beach NC, 04/20/2018

I sew and had the idea to make something similar then I saw yours. They are perfect. Love the slot to view the thermometer. I've ordered a second set now that I've got a good scoby to start a second gallon brew.

Reviewed by Lisa Dessenberger, 12/13/2017

These tea sets are perfect for my gallon jars and I love them. A definite must have and a great conversation starter! Excellent quality and a good price. I'm very pleased with this purchase!

Reviewed by sheri falcon, co 10/25/17, 10/25/2017

This fits the jar so perfect, and I feel good knowing the sun is kept off my brew, they are well made, thanks

Reviewed by Darlene, 07/28/2017

These are sooo cute!! Well made. I ordered the black one. Returned it because didn't fit my 2 gallon vessel.

Reviewed by Tracie (Tomahawk, WI), 04/17/2017

This works wonderfully on the gallon jar. It looks good while keeping the tea in the dark!

Reviewed by Noelle Tirapelli (Valley Springs CA), 08/08/2016

purchased the cap and jar cover. I'm thrilled with them. I
have not used the jar cover yet because of our temperatures here I don't feel I need it yet. However come winter I know I will! I like the feel of the material, I'm happy with the color.

Reviewed by Kerryanne Mathews (Litchfield, CT), 07/04/2016

The brewer tee set is a must have for gallon size batch brews. Because it is so important to maintain the proper temperature when brewing Kombucha, this tee set is perfect for holding a heat mat in place around the vessel. I can't imagine brewing without one! Plus is it machine washable and comes in a variety of beautiful color choices. I chose "olive" and it looks great on my kitchen counter!

Reviewed by Jacqueline Morimoto (Prosser WA), 06/23/2016

I brew my kombucha in our motorhome. My one gallon jar sits up front on the platform between seats in its cute t-shirt and cap. I'm so glad that I got the brew belt with dimmer. It's much easier to maintain a constant 80 degrees while dealing with Washington's varying temperatures in a tin can.

Reviewed by Cheryl Plute (Laurium MI), 08/10/2015

I received my order and have my cozies on my jars which work very well. Great quality, great price, fast service. I also used the Special Kombucha tea but waiting for it to ferment. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks for your products.

Reviewed by Natasha M (Metaline Falls, WA), 03/03/2015

Perfect fit and well made.

Reviewed by Loren Pombo (Summerland Key FL), 11/13/2013

These tee sets are perfect! I loved mine so much I bought one for my friend! I also love this website! Very informative?

Reviewed by Sannylou (Germantown, OH), 11/01/2013

I am very new at Kombucha. They have been so helpful to me.
When I did have a question, she answered very quickly.
I ordered one of the kits and it did make things so much simplier.
I also ordered the tee outfit and love it. I don't worry about too much
light getting to the tea, plus it just looks pretty.
I am so happy that I found this site. It has been so informative and encouraging.
Thank you!

Reviewed by Linda in Bama, 01/19/2013

I adore these Tee sets. They fit your gallon glass jars just perfect and the top is so much nicer and neater to use than a cloth and rubber band. They are so attractive on and make my jar a conversation piece as well as provide privacy for my scobys and Kombucha brew. I have just ordered another one. :) I really like all the color choices too.