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Brewer Tee Set - Gallon Jar Size 3pack
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Cloth Covers & Cozies for Kombucha Brewing Jars

Jazz up your brewing vessel with the Kombucha Kamp EXCLUSIVE Brewer Tee. Specially designed to fit snugly around a standard glass Gallon Jar, this stretchy tee not only prevents over exposure to light but also keeps your boochie babies hidden from view. Also has a slit for your thermometer strip to monitor the temp of your brew. 


Keep all of your ferments happy & healthy! Topping off or checking on them is a breeze with the easy to remove cap, featuring gripper elastic for an easy & tight fit.


Available in 8 fun colors to color coordinate your ferments - mix & match!





  • Stretchy cotton designed to fit perfectly on standard glass gallon jars 

  • Thermometer strip slit allows easy visibilty to check the temperature of your brew

  • Cap is frilled for designer touch, or tuck in for neater look

  • Made in the USA


Machine wash cold. Hang dry. Handmade in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Holly Muise, 09/27/2019

I have just started using the 1 gallon pickle jars and they are so much easier to simply pour the Kombucha from that directly into my 1.9 L mason jars. I love that these fit perfectly on the bottles and so more wrapping towels to help keep the brew warm with the help of heating pads. They are a wonderful product and so happy to have found them. Thank you once again for a wonderful product at reasonable prices.
Holly M
Nova Scotia, Canada

Reviewed by Beth Bois, 09/07/2019

Beth Bois (Fairfield, ME). I have had a hard time deciding where to brew my Kombucha due to the configuration of my kitchen. When I found these cute covers I knew they were for me. I only have an available spot near a window so hopefully brewing will be successful.

Reviewed by Andrea Bogaty, 09/12/2018

These are great; they keep light away from your brew, look attractive and help keep the kombucha at the optimum temperature.

Reviewed by Trudy M (Ridgefield,WA), 11/03/2017

I love these covers. We keep our house fairly cool all year and along with a heat band the covers keep the kombucha at the temperature it needs to be. I would recommend these as well as buy again.

Reviewed by Jan W (Napa CA), 06/08/2015

The Jar Tee and Cap set is quite cleverly designed! There is a slit in the Tee to allow for the adhesive thermometer to be visible. It also blocks the light when the brewing jar is placed in an area that may not be dark enough. The cap slips on and off with ease.