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Brewer Tee Set - 3 pack
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Cloth Covers & Cozies for Kombucha Brewing Vessels

Now your favorite Kombucha Kamp Brewer Tee comes in a handy 3 pack. Mix and match the colors to identify your different brewers or coordinate your brewing vessels with your kitchen decor!


Specially designed to fit snugly around our 2.5 gallon Modern Porcelain Continuous Brewers, this stretchy tee not only holds your heat strip in place but also keeps it discreetly out of sight. Plus the cap has a designer frill for a cute touch. Tuck in or out based on your preference.


The T-shirt set also comes in slightly smaller size to fit the Stainless Steel vessels (2.2. gallon). Select "Stainless Steel Size" from the dropdown menu to select the smaller size.

Modern Porcelain Brewer Tee Dimensions: 10" (H) x 12" (W)

Stainless Steel Brewer Tee Dimensions: 9-1/2" (H) x 10" (W)



  • Stretchy cotton designed to fit perfectly on KK's Continuous Brew Crocks

  • The TOP fits ANY vessel with an opening 5.75" - 8" in diameter

  • Thermometer strip slit allows easy visibilty to check the temperature of your brew

  • Cap is frilled for designer touch, or tuck in for neater look

  • Made in the USA


Machine wash cold. Hang dry. Handmade in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rachel Knott, 11/13/2021

Great find! They wash and wear well and give the whole brew process a more attractive style :) Thank you!

Reviewed by Jackie H. (Oregon), 04/01/2017

I LOVE this product. It keeps all the dust and bugs out of the brew and also keeps the temp in the crock at a more constant temp.

Reviewed by Loren Laughlin (Parker CO), 01/05/2016

This t-shirt material set (top and bottom) makes your Kombucha crock look neat and attractive, rather than some weird science experiment. Of course with the batch brews, you do get more questions from guests when they visit, wondering what is that strange looking stuff in the jars, but I think I prefer it this way instead. I am quite happy with this purchase!