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Brewer Cap 3-pack
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Cloth Covers for Kombucha Brewing Vessels

Tired of wrestling with rubber bands? Frustrated by fruit flies getting into your brew? Then check out the Kombucha Kamp Brewer Cap!  We invented these stylish yet functional caps with grippy elastic to hold the cap snugly to the brewer. This prevents fruit flies, dust or other debris from getting in your brew yet makes topping off your Continuous Brew (or any other ferment) a breeze!

Mix & Match or grab 3 of the same color. Lots of fun color choices!


  • Stretchy cotton designed to fit perfectly on KK's Continuous Brew Crocks

  • Fits other wide mouth vessels (5.75" - 8" diameter)

  • Cap is frilled for designer touch

  • Made in the USA


Machine wash cold. Hang dry. Handmade in the USA.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tamera Kosa, 07/01/2020

I love these caps! They are so cute and are a perfect fit for my gallon size jars! I will probably order the two gallon size as I am thinking of starting a continuous brew! The customer service is awesome as well! Very friendly and got right back to me when I couldn’t find an email from them regarding the shipping if my product! (Tamera Kosa from Garden City, Michigan)

Reviewed by Collin Hart, 03/26/2019

A nice addition to my brewing vessels. I was using a cloth with a rubber band but these are a nice addition. I have two different bottle sizes and it fits one perfectly and the other I just add a rubber band. A nice product that should last forever!

Reviewed by Debra E Mercer, 03/08/2019

Brewing Caps fit perfectly and are nice and snug, keeping out any unwanted pests. Recommend and also look great!!

Reviewed by Teresa Moland, 02/20/2019

I love these so much I ordered another set so I have extras to use while one set is being washed! They are so much easier than using coffee filters with rubber bands. And the assortment of colors is nice!

Reviewed by Holly (Nova Scotia, Canada), 01/14/2019

From the first day of setting up my Kombucha Tea for brewing I have always struggled with napkins and elastics to protect my brew! Since finding Kombucha Kamp and the fermentation life has been much easier! Thank you for such a wonderful product that will last a very long time! Since receiving the first three I have since ordered three more along with two sets of the stainless steel straws. I am a very happy customer from Nova Scotia, Canada :)

Reviewed by LeeAnn in Las Cruces, NM, 08/20/2018

I tried making these myself and had trouble stretching the elastic and decided for the effort that I would just order three. I am very pleased with my brewer caps. They fit nicely and dress up the pottery continuous brewers my husband made for me. They are easy to get on and off and keep the fruit flies out of my brew. I had trouble with one of the caps being much too small, but the excellent customer service remedied the problem and sent a replacement cap right away for no charge.

Reviewed by Rose Mary Sheldon (Buena Vista VA), 02/27/2018

The biggest problem with my brewing was the mold. Once I started using the brewer caps, that stopped. Great quality, great price. A must for serious brewers.

Reviewed by Jinita Hayes (Lovington, NM), 11/28/2017

The brewing caps fit the brewing vessels perfectly.  They definitly keep fruit flies out as it has been tested greatly!  The pesky little flies are so serious about my brew that I change the caps every few days.  I have washed the brew caps repeatedly and they still look and function like new.  Definitly necessary to have several on hand to keep your brew safe and clean.

Reviewed by Ronda Burwell, Wyoming MI, 11/15/2017

I love the 3 caps value pack. I was using cloth squares and rubber bands but the band would slide up or snap and try to fall in my brewer when I open the top. These caps totally solved my problem. They work great and fit whichever brewer I am using -2 gallon, 1 1/2 gallon or my gallon jug. They stay in place. I have hand washed them and they still look like new.

Reviewed by Lewis Hopper, 05/02/2017

I ordered these in the 3-pack. They work well, are nice looking, and easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Leslie, Massachusetts, 02/23/2017

I would give 6 stars if I could. Their products are excellent. It's very rare for an owner of a company to take such an interest in people and call you back to personally answer your question. I'm sure that is why (besides her excellent products) her company is a success. Customer Service is great also. I will be ordering more from them in the future.

Reviewed by Nancy Ross (Gering, NE), 02/09/2017

I really love your three pack deal. They fit amazingly well on a variety of jar sizes. One I shrunk up a bit in the dryer to fit a little better. I have been starting some batches for friends and having a cover to send with them is a great way to get them started right. Will definitely be ordering another set soon.

Reviewed by Sari Duncan, WA, 01/04/2017

I love my Brewer's Caps! These are so much easier than cloth and rubber bands. I have my brew jars on my kitchen counter so these are great because they look good, a big plus!

Reviewed by Diane Sylvia (Liverpool NY), 01/03/2017

I love them! I was frustrated with my rubber band and cloth method. These are cute, well made and hold well on my brewer. The colors brighten up my counter too!

Reviewed by Sarah (Veazie, ME), 07/01/2016

The caps fit great on my 2 gallon brew vessels, and it is a great improvement from my prior washcloth / rubber band method. I got the 3-pack so I could have a back up if needed.

Reviewed by Stacy Lundquist (Henderson NV), 06/29/2016

These caps are a god send. I bought one at first just to see, and immediately came back and bought the 3 pack. I cannot tell you how wonderfully clingy these are. No chance of fruit flies or anything getting into your booch.

Reviewed by Amy Harbison (Cocoa, FL), 06/15/2016

These caps are so awesome and well made. I use them for kombucha, ginger bug, sourdough starter, natural fruit sodas...basically any ferment! They fit vessels of different sizes which is extra handy. The elastic is genius and bug proof!

Reviewed by Brenda Robinson, 03/16/2016

Wonderful! These caps work better than anything else I have tried. I like that the 3 pack saves money and that I have an extra cap in case of mishaps. Definitely a great purchase in my books!

Reviewed by Denise, 03/05/2016

Perfect fit and so much easier than dealing with rubber bands and paper towel/coffee filter combinations!  Preeeeettty!

Reviewed by Bradley Johnson (Gilmer, TX), 01/11/2016

These caps have made my brewing experience so much more fun and rewarding. I spend less time fiddling with coffee filers and rubber bands (ugh). This kit is great especially for someone with a brewing more than one vessel of KT at a time. Fit was great on my jars. My buddies vessel had a much larger mouth but the cap was still able to fit just right. Love the rich colors!

Reviewed by Jana from Atlanta, GA, 06/03/2015

I ordered the 3 pack because I was 'teaching' some friends how to brew for themselves (after they tried mine and loved it so much!). I let them pick the color and then placed the order all together under my name -- the discount offered for 3 of these PERFECTLY FITTING toppers is fabulous. If you need an extra, want to share your scoby with someone else or just want to change up the color variety every once in a while, this is a great value for a fantastic product!

Reviewed by Stephanie Durfee (Cape Cod, MA), 12/26/2014

Loves these caps! So much easier than struggling with cloth and rubber band. I had a fruit fly infestation because of a lumpy cloth that let the buggers in. These are great because the rubber really grips the glass. I did have to modify my caps because my jar openings were much smaller than the cap was designed for, but I was able to stitch it so there is no gap. I was aware from the dimensions in the description that I might have to modify them. I do wish there were smaller sizes available.

Reviewed by Tnbeelady, 11/17/2014

Great product, keep in it my kombucha box, along with all the flavorings. Tried to use the plastic insert with it because I thought it might fly off--it didn't and I am real happy with all three.

Reviewed by Rene L Kohler, (Kansas City MO), 07/29/2014

Enjoy changing out the dress (shirt) each week. I call the red - Happy. The purple - Majestic and the black- Darth Vader!

Reviewed by Molly O'Rear(Chula Vista, CA), 11/04/2013

I love the brewer caps! I started out with old t-shirt material and rubber bands but have finally splurged to the respectable look of the brewer caps, I don't feel like such a hillbilly (no disrepect intended - it is just an old saying that people understand...) I keep starting batches for friends and need to keep the bugs OUT! Love em!

Reviewed by Bonnie H, 07/29/2013

Looks great. Keeps the fruit flies away from the scoby but still allows it to breathe.

Reviewed by Rosalie Almas, 07/02/2013

I love my new caps. They fit snuggly. I also have a spare one which I like...

Reviewed by Candace VG (Sarasota, FL), 06/02/2013

The Brewer Cap 3-pack was a great value and fits perfectly. It's nice to have back-ups so you always have a clean one or extras if you want to do more than one continuous brew set-up.

Reviewed by Mike Warwick Belton SC, 05/19/2013

As other have said under the single cap reviews these are great covers. What I will add is the three pack is important, because you need to have more on hand in case of mishaps. When I got mine the first one i opened snapped out of my hands like a rubber band and of course landed on the floor. I was lucky I had the three pack and was able to open the second package and being more careful this time got the cap installed with no more problems. Its important to have extras on hand.

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