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The Kickstarter Kombucha Mushroom Kit
The Most Powerful Starter Kit Available Anywhere!
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Genuine Kombucha Continuous Brewing Kit for Sale

Live Fresh Kombucha SCOBYs & Kombucha Continuous Brew Kit

Why Buy SCOBYs From
Kombucha Kamp?


Not all SCOBYs are created equal. There are many low quality SCOBYs being sold. 
WARNING: Don't be tricked into ordering these types of inferior cultures...


Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs are not:
Dehydrated, Test Tube Size, Pre-Pacakged,
Backordered, Only For A Pint Jar

Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs ARE: 
100% Organic & Full Size, Shipped With Real Starter Tea,
 Packed The Day Of Your Order For Freshness


The Kickstarter Kombucha Mushroom Kit

This Product Features:


  • 2 SCOBY Kombucha Cultures
  • 2 cups Starter liquid - 16oz
  • Hannah's Special Tea Blend For Perfect Kombucha - 60 servings
  • Stainless steel 3" tea ball
  • Reusable muslin tea bags
  • Organic evaporated cane juice sugar
  • Upcycled Cotton Cloth Cover & Rubber Band
  • Flavoring
  • Kombucha 50x Concentrate - 20 servings
  • Lab Grade pH Strips - 10 strips
  • Short-cut Kombucha Tea Recipe, Tips & DIY Guide
  • e-Guide with Batch Brew and Continuous Brew instructions
  • Web support -Facebook, KommUnity, Forums: pick your favorite way to get answers and I'll be there to provide them!





Quick Culture FAQ


Why does dehydrated matter?

While dehydrated SCOBYs may produce a safe batch of Kombucha, they are VERY SUSCEPTIBLE TO MOLD. The living culture at the center of a dehydrated SCOBY cannot properly protect itself early in the brewing cycle without the full power of the culture and starter liquid (included with your Kombucha Kamp SCOBY). Water is the source of all life on Earth. Why begin your quest for a healthy LIVING beverage with a bone dry culture?


Test tube size? That's a joke right?

Unfortunately, no. There are test tube size SCOBYs and even SCOBYs the size of a half dollar, requiring multiple batches to get up to full brewing potential. Unsuspecting consumers are duped everyday by these sellers. The worst part is that many new brewers give up, thinking they have done something wrong. It's not you, it's your starter culture!


What's a "Fresh Kombucha Culture" mean?

Every Kombucha Kamp culture is grown in it's very own half gallon jar till it's thick and creamy, then harvested to a SCOBY Hotel and shipped out right away to you. There is no wait for a SCOBY to grow, nor has your SCOBY been sealed in plastic for weeks before your order. FRESH MEANS YOU ORDER AND WE PACK AND SHIP RIGHT AWAY. That's the Kombucha Kamp guarantee.




Ask the above questions of any Kombucha culture seller online before investing your money in their product. Or just order high quality Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs and you'll already have the answers! :)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dave W (Berkeley, CA), 05/19/2016

I am very happy with my kit, and the folks at the Kombucha Kamp store have been very helpful in getting started with my home Kombucha brewing adventure. Such great follow up and customer service, I give my highest recommendation. Thanks for such great products and service!

Reviewed by Hollie (Brampton, Canada), 05/13/2016

I ordered this kit and it is GREAT!  You just need to have a jar to brew it in your all set because everything else is in the kit!  I'm a newbie to brewing Kombucha and Hannah and Kombucha Kamp have great information and support to get my starters up and brewing.  Awesome products! Awesome service! And the shipping was fast too!

Reviewed by Carla G (Hudson, IL), 12/30/2015

I knew nothing about fermenting. The instructions were easy for a beginner. I made too big a batch for just me. But the smaller batches work better for just one person. My SCOBY grew and I have been VERY pleased with the product. The quality was everything they said it would be. Thank you Kombucha Mama!

Reviewed by Joanne T (Huntington Beach, CA), 10/26/2015

Super fast delivery. Bought this start kit about 2 months ago.  I'm now on my 4th brew.  Everything you need is in the kit.  After the first batch, I went to the continuous  brew and bought the heating strip even though I live in Southern CA.  It keeps the brew at a consistent temperature and I'm glad I bought it.  I'm now testing different fruits in the second ferment. Fortunately I saved old glass Kombucha bottles and have recycled them for my homemade brew.  I was hooked.  After the first batch, it tasted the same and now after tweaking some, better than store bought brands.  Plus, the cost difference is huge.  Now I drink daily, rather than a twice weekly splurge on 2 bottles.  Thanks Hannah.  Also, the information is easy to follow, videos are a nice touch and the suggested blends are appreciated.

Reviewed by David Hobbs, 08/28/2015

On 8/6 I used the Kit to start my first batch in a 2 gallon container. I was out of town for 11 days and when I got back in town I had my first sip .... IT WAS Great!!! I have topped it off 3 more times with a gallon each time and everything is going as it should. The new SCOBY is on top and about an inch thick and the original two are under neath it.

Reviewed by Marcus (San Antonio TX), 07/02/2015

I purchased this Kombucha kit June 1st it arrived very fast and was easy to set up and use. I have made two continuous batches now and this stuff is GREAT! My son drank it and got a little light headed, but your instruction guide mentioned this and after a few days he was "cleaned out." I drink this everyday sometimes all day because it's so good. This kit was a good buy for me since it was my first time to make this. If anyone needs a first time kit this would be the one to get. I use a 2 gallon container and make 2 gallons every 8-10s.

Reviewed by Gloria Lytton (Union Grove NC), 05/26/2015

I purchased the brew kit with your teas and the kit is great! I like your teas also. We drink it as fast as we make it!

Reviewed by Alyssa (Reno, NV), 03/07/2015

We were given a continuous brewer for Christmas, so this kit was perfect for getting started. The guidebook that Kombucha Mama provides as a download is very informative and helps ease the apprehension of getting started or screwing up. Hannah's special tea blend is amazing, and she has a genuine passion for helping others be successful and confident in brewing their own kombucha. After 9 days our first batch was ready to bottle, and 2 days after topping it off we bottled another gallon of home brewed kt. I was nervous about the investment in starting up a home brew system because I'm not the biggest fan of how store bought kombucha tastes, but the home brew is delicious! And at appx $3.50 per bottle from the store, this kit will have paid for itself in less than a month for us.

Reviewed by Ana and Jason, 03/05/2015

Hannah and the KK Kids are terrific and really care about Kombucha. Their SCOBY's are top notch and very large right out of the box and their tea blends are fantastic. Also, the literature they produce is very helpful.

Reviewed by Bonny. (Cadiz KY), 02/10/2015

I am real happy with the Kombucha kit

Reviewed by Bill K (Houston, TX), 01/12/2015

i ordered the Kickstarter Kit end of NOV14 & currently on 4th Double Batch. so far so good & been able to produce pretty good brews by following all the great info / tips provided by Hannah & Company. great website + products. also highly recommend the heat blanket. my only complaint is i cannot brew fast enough / keep up with demand by batch brew method alone so will be upgrading to continuous system very soon. if you think you will need more then 6-10 btls per week + endure lag between brews then i would seriously consider the continuous method. thanks again for all the good support

Reviewed by Karen, 01/03/2015

I absolutely love this starter kit! It arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I started 2 containers of kombucha right away; one using Hannah's tea blend and one using a blend of organic green and black ginger peach tea. I love them both! I now have 2 SCOBY hotels - one "Plain Jayne" and on "Ginger Peach". Having lots of fun with this, but can't seem to keep it brewed fast enough. Will definitely be looking into a continuous brewer!

Reviewed by Sheila M. (Candor, NC), 11/18/2014

A complete newbie, I purchased this kit not really knowing what I was going to be getting into. I was pleasantly surprised with the entire process from ordering, packaging, and contents. The instructions were easy to understand and I have been brewing KT now for a couple of months! This is a great place to start! The products are top-shelf!

Reviewed by Baley Plascencia .(Lockwood CA), 11/17/2014

Thank you for the starter kit! I'm so thankful for your thorough help step by step. I was so excited to see every last detail in the package (except my bowl) :) i didn't have to go find anything to complete my setup, giving me everything I needed helped me relax and focus on simply how to follow the directions...which your electronic handbook has been so powerfully helpful and a great reference guide! At this point, I have completed one Kombucha process, it was So easy and it was a success so I'm really excited to have seen it work...I was nervous the whole first process of the 7 day waiting period wondering if I messed anything up, but I am delighted with the results!!! Thank you for helping me improve my longterm health!

Reviewed by RObert Warehime, 11/13/2014

Best home Kombucha Brewing kit! Got it quickly and it is brewing the best Kombucha ever! I am recommending your site like crazy! Thank you so much!

Reviewed by shotch, 11/05/2014

For quite some time I had wanted to start brewing kombucha at home in order to save money and to have a higher quality drink. But I was honestly afraid to try. Then I stumbled upon Hannah's site which gave me the courage to move forward. It has been 5 months and I can't believe I was ever scared to do this! It's so easy and I have even had to start giving away SCOBYs. Hannah offers great customer support which has proven invaluable. Her SCOBYs are strong and great producers.

Reviewed by Jeanne M., 10/28/2014

I bought this kit for my first kombucha brewing experience. It has been a breeze, the kombucha is delicious. The instruction book is full of every possible bit of information and then some. Thanks for such a great product!

Reviewed by Lesley M. (College Station, TX), 07/05/2014

I think this is a great starter kit. I love the flavor of the tea, and I appreciated the thorough instructions. I waited the suggested time to mix the scobys and the sweet tea, but I think it was still too warm, and after three weeks the pH is still 3.5, and it looks like my scobys kind of disintegrated. However, I truly attribute that as my fault. After checking the temp of the tea with my finger, I should have waited longer. I say this for others, that they really need to wait for the tea to cool all the way to room temperature!! All the components of the kit are great, and I like that there are pH strips ready to use so that you can check the levels, and learn the "taste" of KT. I'm gonna order a couple of scobys and pH strips and try it again. Another bonus is the kombucha kamp staff are so helpful and enthusiastic to get you started on your way! :)

Reviewed by Claire ( Vancouver Island,BC, 06/16/2014

Product arrived quickly, all in great shape. I was excited to get my pet scoby's out and into their new happy home. They worked perfectly. Instructions both online and the pages that were included were easy to follow, even after a long 12 hour day working in ER. Batch is finally ready and yum. Hanna's special blend is really good.

Reviewed by Rebecca Hibit, 04/21/2014

I am extremely happy with the products I purchased from Kombucha Kamp. I got the starter kit and had everything I need to get started including several very informative emails. I really loved the support and soon (not yet) I will be ready to reap the rewards of my harvest. Thanks Kambucha Momma

Reviewed by Kombucha Vicki, 04/02/2014

Hallelujah! I am so happy I have you for a resource! I almost threw it all out. Your website is such a great resource and your help is so appreciated.
I am feeling the proverbial "lump in my throat" I am so grateful and happy.

Reviewed by Katie M, 02/04/2014

This kit was great. It seemed like I might not need all of the stuff in it, but every single piece was useful. It is great to be able to check pH, temp, etc for first time brewing to get used to it. The 50X concentrate I added to get my first batch going. Really helpful info in the manual too. Would recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by Jeff K (Whiteville, NC), 12/02/2013

Great, personal service. The website was informative and easy to use, and shipping was fast and effective. I found the handbook especially helpful. Thanks! I've had a blast brewing Kombucha, and experimenting with different syrups and herbal tinctures!!

Reviewed by Mary Hunt, 11/13/2013

Great Product, info and delivery. Very happy with all of the above!!

Reviewed by Patience C (Rhode Island), 11/03/2013

The kit was great… the scobys where very thick and healthy looking. Everything I needed to get brewing (except the vessel)… the support from Kombucha Kamp is fantastic, as is the forums on KomMunity. I was extremely happy with the kit.

Reviewed by Wendi (Macungie, PA), 10/29/2013

I'm absolutely THRILLED with my Kickstarter Kit! It was perfect for me to start my continuous brew as I already had a non-leaded crock. Prior to last month I had never even heard of Kombucha. Then I started reading about all it's positive qualities and was intrigued as I was looking for something healthy to replace my consumption of Diet Coke. I read about the differences in buying dehydrated vs. fresh scooby and really wanted this to work so decided to move ahead with the highest quality product I could find. My kit shipped same day and arrived coast to coast within 48 hours. I read the directions numerous times and then just went for it. The brewing process was simple, the waiting - not so simple - and the finished product was delicious! I'm on my third brew now and have added a second vessel using my very own "off-spring". I would highly recommend purchasing Hannah's products. Everything I needed to guarantee success was there right from the start. To eliminate the guesswork I highly recommend Hannah's products. They are well worth the cost! Thanks Hannah!!

Reviewed by Tanya, 10/19/2013

This kit is SO worth what may seem like a hefty price point! The SCOBY's are large, thick, and healthy, the tea delicious, and KK was even nice enough to include a packet of flavoring as a free gift. So far I have used every part of the kit, from the temperature strips on my brewing containers to the concentrate I use as a booster for my brews. The process of making the KT is rather involved but the instructions included, both in the book and the quick starter sheet, were simple, straight forward, and easy to follow. I'm on my 3rd brewing cycle now and can't wait until I've made enough KT to be able to drink as much as I want every day. (I just set up my continuous brew with this batch) The completed Kombucha is delicious and I've already been able to give away a couple of SCOBYs as gifts.

Reviewed by Shelley C (VA), 07/28/2013

Love my new starter kit and heat strip!! I now have three continuous brew crocks brewing the best booch ever. I couldn't have done it without all the wonderful products and support. Thank you so much for all the great DIY info, youtube videos, and of course the best quality scobys!!

Reviewed by Ramon, 07/28/2013

Even though I knew what I ordered I was still impressed and elated when I received my SCOBYs and starter gear. Got to brewing right away and had no problem with my first batch. Tasted great!!! Top notch customer service as well!!

Reviewed by Stacey B, 07/27/2013

Wonderful! The two SCOBYs were very healthy and the kit made getting started very easy. I just bottled my 1st batch 2 days ago. It came out perfect!
Thanks so much Hannah for creating a great web site, for providing excellent support and for giving me a place for "one stop shopping"!

Reviewed by Michele (S.V., AZ), 05/29/2013

Large Healthy SCOBYs. Great delivery time. Well packaged. Have not tried Hanna's Blended tea yet, but have made 2 batches of Kombucha and a SCOBY Hotel since my Purchase.LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU AND YOUR KIT!

Reviewed by Terry Pettie (Moreno Valley, CA.), 05/10/2013

Great product and excellent customer service. My scoby is forming now. Can't wait to enjoy the finished product. The warmer helps to regulate the temperature; nice and worry-free. Thanks a million.

Reviewed by Yvonne P (Newfield, NY), 04/25/2013

Once the crock arrived, all was set up with warmer, have an extra gallon jug going at the same time. Wow, these scobies are growing everywhere. I bottle my kambucha and take with me wherever I go. Love this stuff. You know what, I have scobies growing in my bottles too, scobie city here. If a remnant is in a cup left overnight, there is a scoby beginning in the morning. Am gradually learning to flavor them...still hesitant a little but loving it. Great stuff, so glad to be able to make it myself, the money I saved in purchasing individual bottles has easily paid for the whole Kombucha set up by now.

Reviewed by Tami Jo Eaton, 04/15/2013

I have taken about 6 months to really review my purchase. I initially purchased this kit without the heater, but a week after I ordered the heater. I set mine up in a crock on my counter and it just wasn't warm enough. I love the continuous brew method. I can go pour a glass anytime I want to. The first brew I did was with Hannah's loose leaf tea and it was very mild. My second batch was with regular black tea and my 3rd batch I did half and half. I have poured a 1/4 cup acai juice in. My next batch I will use fresh squeezed blood orange juice. I love the convenience and the variety that I can create. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I love my kombucha! This is the only energy drink that I need! After my next batch I will need to trim my scoby and clean my crock. Kombucha Kamp is my one-stop kombucha making store. Thank you!

Reviewed by Louann W, 03/28/2013

I probably would call this overkill, but I had never tried to ferment ANYTHING so it was a good way for me to get started. Even my daughter agreed with that. The quality was everything they said it would be and the instructions made me feel confident about the process. Thanks, Kombucha Mama for helping me through the process. I really love making my own kombucha tea and my spouse really loves the ability to experiment with all my teas and how they take to fermenting!

Reviewed by Wes P. (TX), 02/07/2013

Hi, Great Kit! Follow directions and you can't go wrong. First batch wasn't to good but the next couple have been great. Adding the fruit when bottling makes a huge difference in the ammount of carbonation it has... Amazing how much and how long it takes for the pressure to bleed off. My wife loves it, her 2 sisters love it.. good stuff. The only thing I have found that I don't like is if I drink it late in the evening or at night I can't sleep. Kinda like an energy drink.
Thanks, Hannah

Reviewed by Kelly H., 01/10/2013

Great products with large healthy scoby. The flavorings were new and something I hadn't tried. Hannah's tea also makes a great KT. I have tried mixing my own flavoring. My girls love the KT bottled with dried blueberies. I just bottled some KT with a cinnamon stick and dried cherries and will taste tomorrow. Thanks Hannah for the great tips!

Reviewed by Veronica Aguirre-Kolb, 12/11/2012

Excellent kickstarter kit! My honey and I are thrilled to be brewing. We are going to be continuous brew masters and although we have just started, we feel incredibly supported by the Kombucha Kamp. We are so happy with our first batch too, we joyfully gulped it down. Thank you so much. 5 stars for an amazing start to a life of kombucha made from home with yours and our love!

Reviewed by G Fleming (Los Angeles), 11/04/2012

I'm loving my kombucha! I no longer wake up at 4 am every morning, unable to go back to sleep. Also, my stomach is in much better shape after many digestive issues. Yay! I am so glad I got the Kickstarter to start me on my kombucha brewing journey. It all seemed a little scary, but the kit took the mystery out of it. It saved me a lot of research time, which made it worth every penny. I also got the ebook guide, which has been a thorough reference resource. Thank you, Hannah!

Reviewed by G Fleming (Los Angeles), 11/03/2012

I am so glad I purchased this kit to get started on my kombucha journey. It gave me the confidence I needed and I had the book to use as a reference. It all seemed so mysterious and a little scary, and you made it very simple. Thanks!

Reviewed by nin, 10/08/2012

This is a wonderful starter kit. I've never brewed before, but have had much delicious success with it! Kombucha Kamp has also been responsive to my questions. I'm very grateful for Kombucha Kamp!

Reviewed by Stephanie, 08/10/2012

I have made several purchases since buying the kick starter brewing kit in May. Each product has exceeded my expectations, and as a result I am now brewing continuously. My whole family enjoys the benefits of this. Hannah's blend of teas are our absolute favorite. I had to speak with customer service about 2 of my orders and both were resolved within an hour or two. One instance was taken care of late on a Sunday night. Basically, I love every product I had tried, this includes; tea, scoby, flavors, thermometer strip, ph testers, cloth covers, videos, and handbook. I will continue to buy from kombucha kamp as long as they are in business. I have never experienced better customer service or product satisfaction! Thank you for all that you do!

Reviewed by Vicki P., Encino CA, 05/14/2012

I recently attended the Kombucha Kamp class, and I was very impressed! I had brewed my own Kombucha tea in the past, but didn't really know that much about it. I really enjoyed Hannah's enthusiasm, as well as being able to taste several of her delicious home brews. The class was informative, Hannah is very knowledgeable and very passionate about the process and its benefits. In addition to learning about the history of the brewing process and the benefits of adopting a "Kombucha Lifestyle", we were able to touch a "SCOBY", a well as watch the process of making the tea. Hannah made it look so easy, and it is! Just taking the class for the knowledge was great, but Hannah also offers a variety of reasonably priced packages. I purchased the "Kickstarter" package for continuous brewing. I have been enjoying my own brews ever since. In addition, the Kickstarter package comes with a very informative e-book about the process, which is interesting and a great reference tool. Hannah is available for questions, and replies in a very prompt manner.
I can't recommend this product highly enough. I also purchased one of Hannah's home brews, "Love Potion Number 9". I wish I had purchased more!

Reviewed by Tim, 04/27/2012

Started my first continuous brewing batch the day I got it, in 9 days it tasted great. I have topped it off 4 times since and it gets better tasting each time!!!! Thanks!!!!

Reviewed by Bert, 03/27/2012

Came as promised. Supplies in order. Fast shipping. Thanks.

Reviewed by David C (MN), 11/27/2011

This kit took my kombucha brewing to a new level. All of the supplies are of the highest quality and made the best tasting KT I ever had. Thank you for the fast delivery too!

Reviewed by Laura - LA, CA, 10/18/2011

Just bought your starter kit! So inspired by your website, support, newletter, info, and simply amazing generosity and commitment! Just downloaded the DIY info. Wow! So super excited. My kids and I just love the booch and we have been wanting to learn how to make our own for...forever! Thk u so much Hannah! You are our new favorite Mama for sure! Huge happy hugs of gratitude!

Reviewed by Debbie D. (Carmel, CA), 10/18/2011

Just wanted you to know that I ordered your special blend tea and a starter kit because my continual brew was awful...and I am so excited to report that my new brew is delicious!!! Best I have ever had.

Reviewed by Josh P (Los Angeles), 10/07/2011

Great starter kit. Large, healthy scobys. Very fast shipping. After adding the sweet tea solution to the CB, distilled water, 2 scobys, starter liquid and about 4 dropper fulls of KT concentrate the pH was already at 3.0! It took about 7 days to ferment. The pH after 7 days was about 2.5. I also used an inexpensive heating pad for the CB along with a basic stick-on, aquarium temperature meter. Hannah's organic tea blend tastes great! I "recycled" the tea from the first batch and immediately made a second batch of tea without sugar just to drink after being chilled and it tastes great! The fruit fly trap worked really well and caught 8 of them the first day! Just pour a bit of KT in a plastic cup (small salsa cup) with a few small drops of dish washing soap and place it near the CB. I could literally see the KT trying to prevent the soap from spreading in the solution. I Almost felt bad for the KT. This was my first time making it at home and it was simple as long as you follow the instructions that are outlined in Hannah's guide book. Remember to disinfect with distilled white vinegar and be very clean throughout the process. I recommend that you read through and understand the entire guide before attempting to brew KT. Thanks, Hannah!