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The Kombucha Mamma Essential Heating Strip for perfect Kombucha


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Kombucha Heating Mat with Full Thermostat Control The Kombucha Mamma Ferment Friend Heating System from Kombucha Kamp
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The Kombucha Mamma Year Round Heating System with Dimmer is the most efficient fermentation heater available.



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UPDATE - We are already improving up this product based on feedback. Instead of being a double strip, it is now constructed of a single piece but is the same width. The material used for this specific Heating System is surplus from a special order and was indeed MADE IN THE USA!! 

It is a common homebrewers refrain: How can I keep my Kombucha brew warm, especially in Spring, Fall and Winter? Let the brew get too cold and the cycle slows down, reducing the healthy stuff in your brew and even exposing it to a potential mold infestation. Not good! Until now, standard beer heating belts and weakly powered seedling mats were the only choices available. If you're house is cold, they won't help!

As a long time brewer, I was frustrated. Even in Southern California, it gets cold at night and in the Winter. Some of my Continuous Brewers are near the back door and can catch a draft. Seedling mats offer very little power and are run through with wires. There had to be a better way. So I went out and found it!

The Kombucha Mamma Heating Systems are designed by Kombucha Kamp with the help of a thermodynamics engineer. Designed for ALL COLD CLIMATES, utilizing brand new technology perfected and patented only recently, these heating systems are not only the perfect size to fit our Continuous Brewers but will keep your brew at the optimum temperature you desire all year long. Plus you can use these heating systems with a gallon jar or almost any sized vessel too. No wires so it's perfectly safe with glass! The only heating mats on the market specifically designed for Kombucha, COMPLETE WITH A DIMMER!

Ultra-thin construction & patented heating technology make for more uniform heat distribution which helps to maintain the ideal temperature for Kombucha fermentation. Finally, you'll be in control of your ferment cycle all year round.


  • Warms the brewer area by 10-20˚F over ambient temperature to maintain the ideal temperature for Kombucha fermentation
  • No heat wires or thick pad, so heat is always dissipated evenly over the whole mat
  • Almost the entire surface of the mat is covered by the heat strips creating an even heat distribution
  • Moisture sealed electrical connections (Do not submerse in water)
  • Ultra-thin Super durable construction (No Multiple Plys, just one solid extra tough mat)
  • Heat Strip, power cord, & dimmer are all UL Listed Components
  • 110-120V AC Power
  • Assembled in USA and all components made in the USA (except power cord) which means your friends and neighbors have a job!